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									Centerfold: WRA Maintenence Department
Keeping campus beautiful, p. 4-5
                                                         News: New Director of Security
                                                         Officer Bernabei, p. 2                                  The longest-running
                                                                                                                 newspaper in historic
Western Reserve Academy
                                                                                                                       Hudson, Ohio
                                                                                                                       Volume 96, No. 3 February 25, 2010

   Morgan Leaders travel to capital, interview
  prominent alumni as part of leadership forum
by Max Rosenwasser and Peter Suwondo
  Have you ever heard of Lieutenant General
Daniel Christman, former superintendent of
West Point Military Academy? How about
Dr. Theodore Moran, a leading professor at
Georgetown University’s School of Foreign
Service? Both were among the 13 prominent
Western Reserve Academy graduates in the
Washington, D.C., area recently interviewed
by this year’s Burton D. Morgan Leaders. Se-
niors Karan Bains, Emily Depew, Nick Hobbs,
Henry Peller and Ceara O’Sullivan constitute
the five Morgan Leaders for the 2009-2010
school year. The group traveled to the capital
in early October to discuss the importance of
educational opportunities and leadership with
Reserve alumni. The students’ interviewees
included a senior CIA intelligence officer, a
Brookings Institute Fellow and an attorney
working in the office of Chief Justice Sonia
Sotomayor. The Morgan Leaders plan to
share the results of their discussions with the
Reserve student body later this winter in the
form of a short book on leadership.
  The Morgan Leaders Program began four
years ago at Reserve with a pledged annual
grant of $50,000 from The Burton D. Morgan
Foundation. The Foundation, established by
a successful local entrepreneur in 1967, seeks
to promote leadership and entrepreneurial
spirit within the local community. The Mor-
gan Leaders Program recognizes five students
at WRA each year, each of whom excel in
academics, extracurricular activities, char-
acter and leadership skills, and assists them          Top: from left, Morgan Leaders Peller, Bains, Hobbs, Depew and O’Sullivan in Washington, D.C.
in paying one year’s tuition. Since 2006, the          Bottom: the Morgan Leaders meet with Jude Kearney ’76 in his law office
program has continued each year, promoting
entrepreneurial thinking at WRA and grant-             WRA and beyond.” Bugg adds, “We are                  volved in planning renovations of the WRAp
ing students exceptional leadership opportu-           incredibly fortunate to count The Burton D.          in conjunction with the Pioneer Women
nities. Deborah Hoover, President and CEO of           Morgan Foundation as a strong supporter of           and Dads Club. Last year’s Morgan Leaders
The Burton D. Morgan Foundation, states that           our school and our students. The generosity of       worked to construct a gazebo near the hockey
“through the Morgan Leadership Program,                the foundation is readily seen around campus         pond, drawing blueprints, engineering site
students are exploring the concept of leader-          in the bricks and mortar of Burton D. Morgan         work, earning zoning approval from the City
ship and creating a leadership legacy to share         Hall and in the many leadership contributions        of Hudson and obtaining a building permit
with the rest of the WRA community.” WRA’s             of our five Morgan Leaders.”                         from Summit County. Construction work was
Assistant Head of School William Bugg agrees             This year’s five Morgan Leaders noted that         delayed due to the uncertainty of the recent

that the enthusiasm of the Morgan Leaders              being a part of the program has given them a         financial crisis but will commence as soon as
group is “compelling” and that their leader-           unique opportunity to work “collaboratively          funds become available.
ship “has had a high impact on the myriad              and creatively” as leaders within the WRA
activities in which they participate, both at          community. The five students are currently in-

                                                                             Jude Kearney ‘76                                  Lieutenant General (Ret.)
                                                                             A partner in the Patton                           Daniel Christman ’61
                                                                             Boggs law firm based in                           A retired lieutenant general
    Through the Morgan Lead-

                                                                             Washington, Kearney is a                          and former West Point super-
     ership Program this year,                                               specialist in international                       intendent, Christman currently
                                                                             finance. He counsels both
     students are exploring the                                              public and private sector
                                                                                                                               serves as a senior advisor
                                                                                                                               to the president of the U.S.
     concept of leadership and                                               clients on the structure                          Chamber of Commerce (and
    creating a leadership legacy                                             and terms of foreign busi-                        WRA trustee). He also served
                                                                             ness relationships. Kear-                         as the Chamber’s senior vice
    to share with the rest of the                                            ney is featured in Chamber                        president for International Af-
         WRA Community.                                                      Global’s list of top lawyers                      fairs. Christman is also a four
                                                                             and has served as the U.S.                        time recipient of the Army and
                                                                             Department of Commerce                            Defense Distinguished Service
                     Deborah Hoover
                     The Burton D. Morgan Foundation
                                                                             Deputy Assistant Secre-                           Medal, the highest peacetime
                     President & CEO                                         tary for Service Industries                       award issued by the Depart-
                                                                             and Finance.                                      ment of Defense.
2      Reserve Record                                                    NEWS                                                           February 24, 2010
                  News Briefs

       Notes from Student Council:
                                                           Reserve hires Director of Security
      Sadie Hawkins Dance and the                         by Jessika Parry

                                                                                                                                                       photo courtsey Doe
                                                            As returning students have noted, the
                 WRAve                                    2009-2010 school year has brought many
                                                          changes to Western Reserve Academy.
By Megan Barsella                                         One of the most visible is the addition of a
  Because of the addition of Homecoming this              Department of Security and a Director of
fall, the annual Sadie Hawkins dance is sched-            Security, Joe Bernabei, to the WRA commu-
uled to take place Sat., March 6.                         nity.
  The dance will feature an elegant, formal red             Joe Bernabei was a natural choice to pio-
carpet theme and will most likely be held in              neer the program. Raised in Hudson from a
the Wilson Reading Room.                                  very young age, Bernabei attended Hudson
  In addition to Sadies, a WRAve was also                 High School and later went on to work in
planned for February in the spirit of true,               Hudson as a juvenile officer for more than
techno-driven raves and featuring black-lit,              16 years. Bernabei dealt with young adults
techno music and neon-colored attire.                     (18 and under) that had minor infractions
Student body officers work with the current               with the law. Through this position, he
student concil in planning mixers and other               became familiar working with high school
events.                                                   students, which prepared him well for his
                                                          position as Director of Security at WRA.
                                          photo by Durr
                                                             Due to the large size of the school’s
                                                          campus (190 acres), Bernabei’s job is often
                                                          challenging, as keeping every part of such
                                                          an expanse of land under surveylance is no
                                                          small task. Bernabei, however, is not alone
                                                                                                       Officer Bernabei and school security vehicle
                                                          in this endeavor; he is assisted by seven
                                                          employees who make up the new security         Another measure the security department
      Marticke Speaker: Sonia Shah                        department. These security officers are all  introduced was the “emergency mass no-
                                                          qualified as well for their positions; three tification system” and system of lockdown
 Student body co-presidents, L-R, Will Mason ‘10 and
                                                          are police officers, two have a fire safety  drills. In this situation, each student po-
 Emily Numbers ‘10 with class officer Jack Hoover ‘11     and prevention background and one has        tentially receives a text message to inform
                                                          worked at WRA for about nine years. Com- them when there is a threat on campus, and
                                                          munity members should certainly feel safe. allowing the students to proceed to a desig-
By Hannah Lugg                                              According to Bernabei, the security        nated safe haven.
  An increasingly prevalent topic, oil has at-            department is here to “make people feel        Even though the procedures have only
tracted both attention and debate. Despite its            safe.” More than reacting to possible cam-   been used as drills, the intent is for them to
limited supply and pervasiveness in developed             pus threats, the security team is here to    function as an invaluable method of mass
countries all across the globe, there is no plan          provide a sense of safety for the students   notification and protection in case of a
for how people are to become less dependent               through practices such as the implemen-      major emergency or identified intruder on
on it. This year’s Marticke speaker, Sonia Shah,          tation of 24-hour security seven days per    campus.
shared her own thoughts on oil Jan. 8.                    week. Alternating throughout the week, the     Thanks to Joe Bernabei and his security
  Shah, an investigative journalist and author,           security department has a member present     team, WRA is now more prepared to han-
spoke in the Chapel to the school community               somewhere on the campus at all hours, no     dle a variety of dangerous situations.
about her book, Crude: The Story of Oil. Shah’s           matter the time or weather conditions.          The security department’s main objective
book addresses the story of oil from its creation           In addition to keeping WRA secure, Ber-    is to make the campus safer by having “a
to its development as a crucial resource.                 nabei and his team ensure that all the me-   visual presence on campus,” a plan which
  Anne Schiciano ‘11 said of the learning expe-           chanical equipment on campus is function- creates security for students and commu-
rience, “I did not know the lengths that people           ing correctly. This equipment includes the   nity members and serves as a deterrent to
went through to try and find oil.”                        keypads present on every student’s room      potential threats.
  The Marticke speakers can represent a broad             and exterior doors for each dormitory. This    Certainly Bernabei and his team offer a
spectrum of disciplines and backgrounds                   prevents strangers or other unauthorized     reassuring layer of security for all members
including but not limited to literature, science,         persons from entering the residential build- of the WRA community.
politics, environemtal studies, and athletics.            ings. Although the dormitory doors have        While he hopes to “develop a rapport
The format of the program can include indi-               always been equipped with locks, some        with [the students] and build a strong rela-
vidual presentations, debates, or panel discus-           students often left their rooms unlocked,    tionship with faculty and staff,” Bernabei
sions, and one or more events in any given                creating safety hazards. The keypads on      says WRA’s safety is his top priority.
year.                                                     the doors, which automatically lock when
  The Marticke speaker series was created in              doors close, allow students to easily keep
2005 in memory of Keir Vivienne Marticke ‘02.             their rooms secure, which effectively ad-
                                                          dresses any concerns.

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February 25, 2010                                                       OPINION                                             Reserve Record              3

         Students speak out on Haitian crisis
  On Jan. 12, 2010, the ground shook as a 7.0 earthquake hit less than 10 miles from Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital city, causing mass despair
and destruction. Hundreds of miles away, Western Reserve Academy students, faculty and staff moved into action. Dr. Lisabeth Robinson
began sending out school-wide emails with information and links to news stories to keep community members up to date on breaking news.
Six days later on Martin Luther King Day, a school-wide community service day, a group of students topped off the day’s efforts with an
infomative presentation in the Chapel. Many members of the school community were also prompted to attend the American Red Cross Blood
Drive being held on campus the same day to donate much needed blood in honor of the suffering country. The following Saturday, a
GCAT-sponsored Mixer for Haiti took place. For this event, students, dressed in all red, purchased a $3 admission bracelet and then danced
from 9 p.m. to midnight in the WRAp. Between bracelet sales and open donations, nearly $875 was raised for the Red Cross International
Relief Fund. A student versus faculty basketball game took place on the last day of January in the Murdough Athletic Center (MAC), where
a $1 donation per person was accepted from spectators and participants, an event that added to GCAT’s total for the Relief Fund. Updates on
the crisis continues to dominate the media daily. Two members of the Class of 2010 express their views on the situation below.

                                        Disaster doesn’t live here
by Chris May                                                                                               graves is the only way to prevent disease
  A 6.5 magnitude earthquake rumbled                                                                       from spreading to the lucky ones who sur-
through northern California. Americans                                                                     vived. The astronomical death toll has left
were frightened, but not overwhelmed.                                                                      many lives in pieces. We may have heard
Small cracks were found in the foundation                                                                  of children being rescued from the rubble.
of homes, and televisions were knocked off                                                                 These are very inspiring stories, but many of
of their platforms. A few days later, a 7.0                                                                these children have been orphaned due to the
earthquake shattered the lives of millions of                                                              deaths of their parents, grandparents, aunts,
Haitians. Grim images and clips of the bod-                                                                uncles and many others who could possibly
ies in the streets and the collapsed buildings                                                             be considered guardians.
have been plaguing our media ever since.                                                                     We sit at the television, staring in awe at
Although the public will get bored of the                                                                  something that is happening somewhere
situation on Hispaniola, as they did with                                                                  else. We see the suffering of people we do
Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in South-                                                                not even know. We are spectators to great
east Asia, there will still be lasting effects on                                                          tragedies brought to us by our news stations
Haiti for many years to come.                                                                              and newspapers, but does it really matter
  Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western                                                               to us? As Americans, we can look at many
Hemisphere. When watching “60 Minutes,”                                                                    injustices and disasters in the world (or even
their 10-minute bit on the disaster made                                                                   in our own nation) with sympathy rather
these claims of poverty real to me. The vol-                                                               than empathy. We do not see ourselves in
unteer surgeons were reduced to using Civil                                                                the shoes of a mother who has lost her child
War-like operations. The bones and limbs                                                   photo by Durr   to falling concrete. We think it is sad, and
of the victims had been crushed by falling            May dances at the Mixer for Haiti
                                                                                                           for the most part, we do not do a thing but
buildings. The surgeons were reduced to                                                                    talk. For the most part, we look at a problem
amputating limbs with tools resembling the            time.                                                and think it is up to someone else to solve it.
titular object [from] the movie Saw. At the             There are estimated to be more than 200,000        I commend those who take matters in their
time of filming [the “60 Minutes” segment],           deaths in Haiti at press time. The ceremonial        own hands like the American Red Cross and
the team of doctors had a short supply of             burial has been thrown out the window. Bull-         the U.S. Armed Forces. Most importantly, I
alcohol and asked someone if they could get           dozers have come in to pick up the dead bod-         commemorate those who were directly af-
some vodka from a demolished liquor store.            ies in the streets and dump them in trenches         fected by the earthquake in Haiti.
These images stuck with me for quite some             serving as graves. Burying their dead in mass

    Compassion is all around--seek There are estimated to be MORE THAN
                                             200,000 deaths in Haiti at press time.
    what you’re passionate about.                  We are spectators to great trag-
      The urgency for aid will not cease and there edies brought to us by our news
      are countless ways for people to aid Haiti. stations and newspapers, but
                                                   does it really matter to us?

                                               Act with compassion
by Lindsay Hanz                                       to obscure the region as buildings collapsed         sity for years to come. The urgency for aid
  On Tuesday,                                         to the ground, sending clouds of smoke into          will not cease and there are countless ways
Jan. 12, 2010, at                                     the air and giving a dim, gray look to a de-         for people to aid Haiti.
04:53:10 p.m., a                                      pressive sight of destruction. While calamity          It is my hope that the Haitian earthquake
7.0 magnitude                                         strikes Haiti, compassion finds its way into         and aftermath will motivate others to seek
earthquake hit                                        other nations around the world. Countries            their passion in life. For many, passion
Haiti, followed                                       have come together to aid Haiti and give the         is found in helping those in need like the
by 33 aftershocks                                     people hope, despite their tragic losses.            people of Haiti.
ranging in mag-                                         People have been inspired everywhere to              Acknowledge the good that is being done
nitude from 4.2                                       ease the distress Haiti is experiencing. Al-         for Haiti and let it inspire you to pursue what
to 5.9, leaving the                                   though the grief of the disaster is evident, the     you’re passionate about whether it is to do
poorest country                                       earthquake has given people the opportunity          your part in helping Haiti or in another area
of the western                                        to demonstrate the compassion of which the           that touches you personally. Compassion
hemisphere                                            world is capable.                                    is all around--seek what you’re passionate
devastated. In a                                        Nearly $1 million has been given collective-       about.
matter of sec-                                        ly by nations as of Jan. 22, only 10 days after
onds, dust began                      photo by Durr
                                                      the earthquake hit, but Haiti will face adver-
4   Reserve Record                                CENTERFOLD                                                             February 25, 2010                  February 25, 2010                                               CENTERFOLD                                              Reserve Record                5

                                                                     Keeping our campus clean and beautiful
                        Grounds Crew: the inside story                                                                                                                                                                            Autumn
                        By Josh Ly and Joe Marmerstein                                                                                                                                                              In the fall, one of the main problems to deal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  with are the leaves. In addition to cleaning out
                           Working behind the scenes, the grounds crew is a                                                                                                                                       the gutters of faculty homes as well as school
                        slightly anonymous yet essential part of the beauty of                                                                                                                                    buildings, the leaves must be dealt with so they
                        Western Reserve Academy. With only four full time                                                                                                                                         don’t kill the grass. However, none of the leaves
                        workers, they tackle a workload worthy of an army of                                                                                                                                      from around campus go to a landfill. Some of
                        landscapers, maintainance men and project managers.                                                                                                                                       them are ground up by the mowers, and help to
                        In charge of not only the main campus, but also the                                                                                                                                       fertilize the grass. Most of the leaves, however,
                        landscaping of faculty homes and the maintenance of                                                                                                                                       are transported around campus and placed
                        athletic fields, the crew, consisting of Jeff Arnold, Jes-                                                                                                                                under trees as fertilizer.
                        se Nehez, Bill Breedon, and Curt Van Blarcum, works
                        year round to keep WRA’s campus beautiful.
                           Van Blarcum, who has worked at Western Reserve
                        Academy for 11 years, says that the biggest challenge
                        so far is maintaining the extensive grounds especial-                                                                                                                                                       Winter
                        ly throughout the spring when the grass and plants                                                                                                                                          As we all know, winter in Ohio means a signifi-
                        are growing at such a rapid rate. Though it’s hard to                                                                                                                                     cant amount of snow and cold weather remains
                        imagine trying to maintain such a large campus with                                                                                                                                       constant. In addition to cleaning off the icicles
                        such a small work force, its apparent that they enjoy                                                                                                                                     from buildings and faculty homes, the main-
                        working outside. Breedon said, “Humans were not                                                                                                                                           tenance staff oftentimes has to come in to work
                        made to work in small gray cubicles.” Another part                                                                                                                                        around 5 a.m. to hand shovel all the stairs and
                        of their job they find enjoyable is the lack of a routine;                                                                                                                                landings around campus, use the “powerbrush-
                        every day is different and they never know what to                                                                                                                                        ers” to clean off the sidewalks and manually
                        expect. Van Blarcum said, “One of the most reward-                                                                                                                                        sprinkle salt on the approximately 15,000 linear
                        ing parts [of my job] is planting something here and                                                                                                                                      feet of sidewalk on campus. According to Van
                        then watching it become a part of this campus.”                                                                                                                                           Blarcum and Breedon, “The best part of being
                           Breedon and Van Blarcum also commented on the                                                                                                                                          on campus at 5 a.m. is getting breakfast at Ells-
                        trees that were cut down earlier this year. According                                                                                                                                     worth.”
                        to them , these trees were “on their way out” and were
                        a safety issue. Nonetheless, they appreciate the stu-
                        dents’ concerns and want the student body to know
                        that those trees were made into mulch and used to
                        grow plants and trees all around campus (the WRA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Spring is a tough time of year for the WRA
                        grounds crew uses only mulch made on campus—by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  grounds crew. As the snow begins to melt, the
                        doing so they save money and “recycle” the shrubs).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  damage to the fields and grass quickly becomes
                          Although the grounds crew continues to do a magnif-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  evident. And with many spring sports already
                        icent job of maintaining WRA’s campus, they would
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  trying to practice, the fields must be over-seeded
                        like the students to contribute in keeping the campus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  with new grass. Additionally, areas near side-
                        clean and looking nice. They work all year round for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  walks must often be completely re-soiled and re-
                        the students and faculty members with little acknowl-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  planted. Along with spring comes moist air and
                        edgment. However, each individual doing their own
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  the growing season. During April and May, the
                        part can make an immense difference. As a word of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  grounds crew is working full-tilt to keep all of
                        advice, Breedon said, “You wouldn’t throw a milk
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  the lawns on campus under control, sometimes
                        carton in your front yard. It’s your home. Respect it. ”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  having to mow them as much as twice a week.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               About the artist:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Watercolor courtesy Bill Breedon

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Grounds crew member Bill
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Breedon started painting in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               watercolor when he was 10. An
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               art major from Kent State Uni-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               versity, he was a self-employed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               gallery artist for 20 years. In
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hudson, he worked as a senior
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               designer for American Greetings.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Breedon continues working on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               freelance art for greeting card
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               companies and collectors. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               school has commisioned at least
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               eight of Breedon’s paintings. He
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               enjoys using “artistic license” to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               add subtle changes in the land-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               scape in order to create a slightly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               idealized scene. A print of one of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             photos by Clark
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               his watercolors of Brick Row can
                     Grounds crew and maintenence staff at work. From left: Van Blarcum, Arnold and Kris McKenzie (sorting mail) maintain our campus and manage the details that daily contribute to our lives.                                                                be found in the Campus Store.
6       Reserve Record                                                         ARTS                                                                February 25, 2010

                 Art club hosts first gallery show
by Eun Cho                                               cused art students like David Eppig ’10, who               students who aren’t necessarily in art classes
  The Western Reserve Academy Art Club                   will attend University of Michigan’s School                here an opportunity to showcase their work.”
hosted its own show at the Moos Gallery in               of Art and Design next fall, but also many                   There were no limitations on submissions,
the Knight Fine Arts Center (KFAC) in Janu-              other students who just have “a desire to cre-             because “there is no ‘good or bad’ in art”
ary. Head of the club, Emily Numbers ’10,                ate art,” said Dunne. Additionally, Numbers                and without any barrier, the “real creativity
emphasized the importance of the event as                said, “Art Club hosted an opening night for                begins to show,” said Dunne. Consequently,
“the first time ever” that the school art club           the studio art exhibit last year as a way to               the show exhibited a variety of creations of
sponsored its own gallery show. Reserve’s                bring more students out to the Moos Gallery.               varying sizes and subjects, including water-
art club was revived by Numbers and Ken-                 It was really successful, so we decided to do              color, photography, etchings, mixed media,
neth Dunne ’10 last year to encourage visual             that again this year for the Art Club exhibit              giant charcoal sketches, stone carving and
art activities. Art club includes not only fo-           in the gallery. We wanted to give artistic                 ceramic sculpture.                photos by Hulver

Various student work displayed in the Moos Gallery as part of the Art Club show

    Artist Spotlight: Laurie Coffin                                                                       Colgate a capella group
by Jessika Parry                                                                                        by Tracy Tien
  Although Laurie Coffin ‘10 is viewed                                                                    Colgate 13, a group of vocally endowed men led by
as a confident performer, her theatri-                                                                  Steve Naidu ‘06, arrived on campus in January for a
cal life is relatively new. Before coming                                                               remarkable performance. This a capella group, initial-
to Western Reserve Academy, Coffin                                                                      ly an offshoot of Colgate College’s glee club, originat-
had never tried out for any plays or                                                                    ed in 1942, with most performances in nearby bars.
musicals and her only artistic outlet                                                                     Since its conception, audiences have been wowed
was her middle school choir. That all                                                                   by their prowess, as well as puzzled by the group’s
changed when she came to WRA . Her                                                                      name. Why 13? Tradition holds that Colgate was
first role in a WRA production was as a                                                                 “founded by 13 men with $13 and 13 prayers,” said
chorus member in The Scarlet Pimpernel,
a production role for which she says

                                                              image courtesy WRA Fine Arts Department
                                                    and most recently Dancing at Lughnasa,
                                                    which featured a small cast of only five
                                                    female and three male roles.
                                                                                                                                                    photo courtesy Daddio
                                                      Dancing at Lughnasa, which also fea-
                                                                                                        The group performs at a benefit concert
                                                    tured seniors Ceara O’Sullivan, Kevin
                                                    Thomas and Cameron Neckers, provid-
                                                    ed Coffin with the opportunity to play              one of the members, so the original group decided to
                                                    a stern matriarchal figure. Coffin, often           honor such history and named itself the Colgate 13. In
                                                    cast in carefree and comedic roles, says            reality, there are officially 23 members.
                                                    that she really enjoys “playing a more                During tours, senior members remain the majority,
                                                    dramatic role as opposed to a comedic               while freshman members are rotated in for training.
                                                    one, because it’s more of a challenge.”             The group defines themselves more as “engaged” in
                                  photo by Hulver
                                                       Out of all her performances, Dancing             singing than “competitive,” as many television view-
Coffin puts on a stern look as Kate in Dancing
at Lughnasa                                         at Lughnasa has been her favorite, Coffin           ers witnessed on NBC’s “Singoff 2009.” Most mem-
                                                    said.                                               bers have been dedicated to singing since youth, with
                                                       Drama teacher Donalee Ong con-                   their interest and talent notably blossoming in high
she didn’t even try out. Before actually            firmed the number of times Coffin has               school choirs. Certain members were even involved in
trying out, she says she wanted to make             graced the stage in KFAC, noting the                the entertainment business at one point or another.
sure she was good enough so she signed              significance of the range that Coffin’s tal-          Some of the group’s favorite songs are “Carolina”
up for private voice lessons with Fine              ent offers. “Laurie has been in four musi-          and “So Hard to Say,” which they gladly perform to
Arts Department Chair Midge Karam                   cals and two plays,” said Ong. “As an               either “tears of horror to tears of joy,” as one mem-
‘79. After “bursting into tears the first           actress she brings a lot to the table. Not          ber jokingly said. These talented individuals were
few lessons,” Coffin admits she was                 only does she possess excellent comedic             attracted to the four a capella groups on campus by
finally able to make it through a full les-         timing but she also has great depth of              fascinating performances, following urges afterwards
son and was subsequently cast in a mu-              character. I love an actress that can have          to audition for parts. Though membership varies from
sical. Since then, Coffin has appeared in           the audience weeping in the palm of her             year to year, alumni members connect during regional
five other WRA productions, including               hand one moment and laughing a big                  gatherings. Colgate 13 plans to continue their musical
all of the musicals and the plays Rumors            belly laugh the next … that is Laurie.”             legacy, as well as future visits to WRA.
February, 25, 2010                                              COMMUNITY                                                Reserve Record                   7

        WRA graduate offers students trips of a lifetime
by Megan Barsella and Mehar Bains                 organizing enjoyable activities for the visiting      On his way to Asia, O’Brien said he will
  For the last 27 years, Rustic Pathways has      group. Schumacher, who is 5’ 1” tall, said she      escort 15 students on their international flight
offered travel programs for schools, clubs and    also learned something else during her trip: “I     to Thailand. When asked what he is most
students. The organization was started by a       learned to accept other cultures and that only      enthused about, O’Brien said, “I’m excited
former Western Reserve Academy student,           in Peru will I be the tallest person around.”       to experience a different culture and to make
David Venning ’78, who conceived the idea as      All in all, Schumacher confirmed that she en-       a difference.” He said that he is also excited
a stydent at WRA in 1976 at age 16.               joyed her trip, and she wasn’t alone with such      about connecting with other people in their
  Rustic Pathway’s motto is “Creating Posi-       thinking.                                           own culture in way that would be nearly im-
tive Energy” and they rely on that axiom as         Julia Ferguson ‘12 traveled to Northeast          possible in the course of a leisurely vacation.
their premise when developing the trips they      Thailand to participate in the Ricefields,            After graduating from Western Reserve
currently offer to 19 countries and spanning      Monks and Smiling Children program. There           Academy, Venning continued organizing
more than six continents.                         she contributed to the community, by work-          trips at Georgetown University, and eventu-
  A variety of programs are available in all of   ing in local health clinics and volunteering        ally he realized that his purpose in life was to
the countries in which programs are estab-        in orphanages. She says of the Thai people,         help students around the country learn about
lished, featuring four catagories: adventure,     “They are kind regardless of any predica-           other cultures.
community service, life skills, and language.     ment,” a trait she said she greatly admires.
   “I have never wanted to give more than I       She added, “I recommend it for other WRA
did in Peru,” Molly Schumacher ’12 said of        students because it gives us a look outside of
the service trip to Peru that she says brought    our four walls, to a place halfway around the
out the best in her. Schumacher said that she     world from us.”
had such an enriching experience that she          Robert Vail ’11 and Emily Clark ‘11 both
would recommend it to any member of the           particpated in Rustic Pathways programs
WRA community. She credits the program            in Costa Rica. When asked what he enjoyed
                                                  most during his trip, Vail responded, “The
                                                  people--we had an amazing group which
                                                  made the trip that much more enjoyable.”
                                                   The program focuses on the whole scope
                                                  of cultural immersion, from native food to
                                                  observing traditions and interacting with the
                                                  locals. Vail’s program was called                   Schumacher during her service trip to Peru
                                                  “Costa Rica--Heart of the Jungle” and it
                                                  offered firsthand experiences as he hiked             He welcomes anyone from the WRA com-
                                                  through the jungle of the Osa Pennisula.            munity to take part in visiting other places in
                                                    Rustic Pathways offers trips not only to          the world, and he is offering a 25 percent dis-
Photo of Ferguson courtesy Rustic Pathways        students, but also to teachers: “It’s my own        count to WRA students for any of the offered
                                                  Odyssey adventure, and I feel like Odysseus,”       programs.
with helping her step out of her comfort          said English teacher Kevin O’Brien, who said          Venning said he hopes that the program will
zone to experience the Peruvian culture and       he is looking forward to his upcoming Rustic        continue to grow through WRA, where it was
communicate, even without the benefit of a        Pathways trip to Thailand, where he will be         conceived, allowing even more students and
common language. She credits the counselors       providing community service, learning about         adults to benefit from its positive energy.
for their kindness and their contributions in     Buddhism, and teaching students yoga.

    Bicknell Bonanza draws near                                     Model U.N. competes
 by Caila Quinn                                   by Sarah Puffer

                                                                                                                                                      photo courtsey Smith
   The school event deemed the most fun              Model United Nations challenges young
 and exciting of all events planned for the       minds to think outside their personal sphere
 year is the Bicknell Bonanza, which is           and debate world issues at formal confer-
 sponsored each year by the Pioneer Wom-          ences. Western Reserve Academy is fortunate
 en of Reserve.                                   enough to have its own chapter, led this year
  An evening event that typically serves as       by Rachel Smith ‘10, Emily Depew ‘10, Jack
 a hallmark memory for Western Reserve            Hoover ‘11 and Lindsay Hanz ‘10. Relatively
 Academy students, it is an indoor treasure       new to the school following its inaugural
 trove of games and activities, including         meeting in 2008, the Model U.N. club now
 such past hits as inflatables, themed races,     boasts growing participation and successes.          Members of Model U.N. before the fall tournament
 photo booths, mazes, and more. Themes               This past fall, the club traveled to Cleveland
 in the recent past include the Olympics,         State University and attended a conference
 WRA Superstars, Mardi Gras, Night of the         with roughly 350 other high school students.         Working through such interactions is a crucial
 Golden Dragon, Bicknell Beach, and last          There, Hoover and Smith were recognized for          part of the Model U.N. experience, as students
 year’s football motif.                           excellent delegation. Marisa Rosenberg ‘11           learn how to maintain poise when confronted
   While past themes were typically kept          and Oliver Curtis ‘11 received honorable men-        with unusual circumstances, and developing
 secret until the time for the events arrived,    tions for their efforts on the Human Rights          such poise is an essential skill when it comes
                                                  Council. While winning prizes is comforting,         to diplomacy.
 the organizing parents this year have
                                                  what is more important is the experience stu-          At conferences, students are divided into
 shared the theme of “Wild, Wild West” in
                                                  dents derive from attending such a conference.       various committees and countries, and they
 advance of the event.
                                                    For Alex Blue ‘10, Model U.N. has helped           are assigned current global issues to debate,
    The bonanza will run--Yee-Ha!--from
                                                  her “understand the process the actual U.N.          the ultimate of which is to arrive at a solution.
 8–11 p.m. Wed., March 3, in the Mur-
                                                  goes through and [it has helped] shed light          To prep for the conference, WRA’s Model
 dough Athletic Center (MAC). This eve-
                                                  on how the diplomatic process goes.” Such            U.N. club has meetings that include tutori-
 ning event is full of entertaining activities
                                                  necessary understanding is vital to Blue, who        als on how to write papers, as well as mock
 and has students laughing with friends                                                                debates.
                                                  says she aspires to be a member of the foreign
 and reluctant to leave.                          service.                                               Earlier this month, Model U.N. took part in
                                                    To be a member of Model U.N., political            a conference in Boston. There, WRA students
                                                  goals certainly are not necessary; however, a        encountered more than 1,000 high school
                                                  passion for global cultures or a healthy sense       students, a sizeable leap from their last con-
                                                  of curiosity is important.                           ference at C.S.U. However, Smith, the main
                                                    Alida Fausnight ‘10 said she looks forward         coordinator for the group, prepared for such
                                                  to the conferences because she learned about         a challenge. She said the group “scoped it [the
                                                  the benefits of working alongside those whose        Boston conference] out and made plans for
                                                  ideas and visions are different from her own.        growing attendance at later conferences.”
8      Reserve Record                                                      SPORTS                                                            February 25, 2010

           Tiger Woods:                                                    Divers return with new coach
    from people’s choice to pariah                       by Sam Clark                                       sport.”
                                                           For the past three years, the diving well at       “Every person on this team has improved
                                                         the Murdough Athletic Center (MAC) has re-         tremendously,” said Yorkievitz. Indeed, the
by Aaron Segal
                                                         mained unused. However, with the return of         divers have performed especially well for a
                                                         the Western Reserve Academy diving team,           first-year team, compiling points to help the
   I never thought
                                                         led by Glen Yorkievitz, the well is again fully    swim team. In particular, Annie Forhan ‘10 has
the day would
                                                         utilized. Yorkievitz was a successful diver in     performed exceptionally well, winning first
come when I
                                                         both high school and college, where he was         place in the season opener. With the possibility
would struggle
                                                         a four-year varsity diver for Cleveland State      of an Eastern Championship appearance from
with writing a
                                                         University. So far, he said that he has been       Feb. 26-27, if a diver qualifies, Yorkievitz said
non-explicit article
                                                         impressed by the high participation rate and       he hopes that by next year WRA will send mul-
about the world’s
                                                         the boundless enthusiasm of his divers. The        tiple qualifiers to the tournament. Certainly,
first billion-dollar
                                                         feeling is obviously reciprocal, as Kristina       as the program develops, it could grow into a
athlete. Yet here
                                                         Crowder ‘13 describes diving as “the best          strength of WRA swimming.
I sit, befuddled
                                      photo by Hulver
at how one man can come                                                 photo by Hulver                                    photos by Durr
crashing down from the top
of the world with the help of one Escalade,
one fire hydrant, one tree and a running tally
of “mistresses.” I am, or was, a huge Tiger
fan, until that tragic day when I witnessed
the breaking news story alerting the world
that Tiger Woods allegedly crashed his Esca-
lade into a fire hydrant and a tree at 2:30 in
the morning outside his Florida home. Cue
the rumors, the mistresses, the Tiger hiber-
nation, and the obliteration of Tiger Wood’s
image. Tiger’s once spotless record has now
been stomped on, spit on, and torn apart,
emblematic of nothing more than a memory.
At the moment, there are allegedly 14 mis-
tresses [that] Tiger has had sexual relations           (L-R) Wrestlers in the WRA invitational, Yorkievitz and diver Emmy Rabe ‘12, Athlete Spotlight
with, ranging from porn stars to pancake                Hannah Dietrich ‘10
waitresses. Where did Tiger vanish to after
the scandal? In any case, right now he re-
portedly is in sex rehab in Pine Grove, MS,                         Wrestlers work through adversity
for “an addiction to sexual relations.”                  by Mehar Bains                                     ington D.C. , where they will meet some of the
   People, particularly the rich and the fa-               The Western Reserve Academy wrestling            nation’s best wrestlers. One of the ultimate
mous, have some commitment issues when                   team has only 15 members, but their demand-        goals for the team and its members is to make
it comes to dating. I get it. But everything             ing coach Richard Eicheldinger is unfazed.         sure that St. Albans tournament won’t be their
aside, one entity of this scandal rubs me the            “Give me 15 dedicated guys over 20 slack-          last; if they fare well at this competition, the
wrong way more than anything else: the fact              ers any day,” said Eicheldinger. Much of the       team can look forward to sending many of its
that Tiger Woods has not summoned the                    necessary dedication comes from senior cap-        members to Nationals Feb. 26-27, which would
courage and bravery that helped him make a               tains Henry Peller and Caler Crowder, both of      be a positive end to a great season.
name for himself on the golf course to utter a           whom are great leaders and set prime ex-
single word to the public about this incident.          amples in practice. But there are others on the      Athlete Spotlight: Hannah Dietrich
Not only would a public statement take the              team who are getting the job done on the mats
oxygen out of the raging fire that is burning           as well. Tashan Mitchell ’11 has had a standout     by Steve Eneme
his life to ashes, but his loyal fans deserve           season, headlined by a first place performance        Hannah Dietrich ‘10 has been a member of
better. It is hard to be a fan of someone who           at the WRA Invitational. Scott Oldfield ‘10 has     the Western Reserve Academy varsity swim
never wins, but many times it is harder to be           also had a solid season, showing admirable          team for the past four years. Now embarking
a fan of someone who never loses.                       toughness in all of his matches, a trait shared     on her senior season as co-captain, her perfor-
   Tiger Woods is the first billion-dollar              by Chris May ’10 and Quentin Boyer ‘10. These       mances are regularly a vital part of the team’s
athlete, well on his way to becoming the                seniors will be missed next year, but the future    success. While she can (and does) swim nearly
greatest golfer in history. With that title, he         remains bright for the program. There are           anything on the meet lineup, her specialty
bears the responsibility to provide a positive,         some young, talented wrestlers on the team,         includes freestyle sprints, especially the 50
inspirational image to the public. The public           like “Big” John Waldon ‘13, “Big Bad” Bob           free, where she holds a personal record of 25.7
needs transparency; he needs to let us into             Wen ‘13, and Caleb Brown ‘12, all who look          seconds. “It’s fun because it’s over so quickly,”
his life. I’m not suggesting Tiger should go            forward to becoming future team leaders.            she said, “and you have to get pumped and
on Twitter every time he goes to the super-                The remainder of the season looks bright as      ready to go or you’ll miss the opportunity to
market, but he needs to give us something               well because the team is finally healing from a     go fast!” Teammates love her as well. Megan
substantial about his life that we can wrap             plethora of injuries that have hurt the already     Barsella ‘13 said, “Hannah is very inspir-
our minds around. Tiger, if you’re sorry,               thin wrestling ranks. Crowder and Henry             ing; she makes me want to perform to my
say so. If you would do it all over again, tell         Hamlin ‘11 have both sustained some                 maximum potential every time I dive into the
us. Anything is better than nothing. As for             significant injuries recently, but May remains      pool.” Dietrich’s goal for the end of the season
his grand return to golf, whenever that may             optimistic, saying, “When we get Cale and           is to make it to the “A finals” at the Eastern
be, do not call it a comeback. A comeback               Hank back into commission, we will effectively      Championships in late February. “I would
implies that his game was once gone, which              assault our opponents with their years of expe-     love to make it there with one of our freestyle
it most certainly is not. The only thing Tiger          rience.”                                            relays and get to stand up there with my
Woods lost during this fiasco was his mind.                The team is looking forward to a fun but chal-   friends,” she said, of what could be the perfect
                                                        lenging trip this month to St. Albans in Wash-      finale of her WRA swimming career.

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