Course Proposal for a Journalism Course in FIMS by ancientbabylon


									Proposal / Documentation for an MA in Journalism Course in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies When documenting an existing graduate journalism course or proposing a new graduate journalism course, please include the following items and use the format outlined below. A sample submission follows.
COURSE TITLE YOUR NAME DATE SUBMITTED (Month, Year) RELATIONSHIP TO THE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE GRADUATE PROGRAM IN JOURNALISM Please provide a numbered list indicating how the course relates to the goals and objectives of the MA in Journalism program (see The list should begin similarly to “Students who complete this course will be able to” and must make specific reference to particular goals and objectives (these should be indicated in brackets following the statement). Students who complete this course will be able to: 1. etc. COURSE DESCRIPTION Please provide a course description of no more than 50 words. PREREQUISITE / CO-REQUISITE Please list any suggested prerequisite or co-requisite courses, if applicable. COURSE OBJECTIVES Please provide a list of course objectives. 1. etc. SAMPLE CONTENT (FOR INFORMATION ONLY) Please provide a list of sample topics (not a detailed course outline!) covering a 13-week course. ANTICIPATED LAB / HARDWARE / SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS If your class requires a lab or hardware or software not typically found in a general use classroom, please indicate below. To view a list of software installed on classroom computers, please visit the Classroom Management Group Web site at

Sample Journalism Course Proposal / Documentation WRITING FOR MAGAZINES April 2003 RELATIONSHIP TO THE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE GRADUATE PROGRAM IN JOURNALISM Students who complete this course will be able to: 1. understand the development of the magazine market in Canada and the current landscape of magazine publishing (Goal 2, Obj. 2) 2. generate ideas, pitch stories, research, report and write articles suitable for publication in a magazine (Goal 1, Obj. 2, 3) 3. initiate and complete the feature or long-form article for magazines, newspapers or other markets (Goal 2, Obj. 1, 6) COURSE DESCRIPTION The course will introduce students to the craft of writing for the magazine market. Evaluating the marketplace, preparing queries and story pitches, and developing the story will be covered. Story formats will be examined including the profile, the narrative, the issue story and the investigative piece. Emphasis will be placed on planning, developing and writing the long feature. COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To introduce the student to journalistic long-form writing; 2. To expose the student to techniques for generating story ideas, writing queries and pitches, researching, reporting and writing the magazine story; 3. To prepare the student to function effectively and successfully as a freelance magazine journalist. SAMPLE CONTENT (FOR INFORMATION ONLY) The Canadian Magazine Marketplace Evaluating the Market What do Editors Want? Finding and Developing Story Ideas Preparing the Query or Story Pitch Preparation, Outline and Planning Case Studies: The Best Magazine Stories Story Structure and Form Developing Writing Style Writing the Business Feature Investigative Reporting Writing the Issue Article The Magazine Profile Rules and Ethics of Freelancing The Business of Freelance Magazine Writing ANTICIPATED LA B / HARDWARE / SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS None


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