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					Transition Regions: Green
 Innovation & Economic
         Philip Cooke
 Centre for Advanced Studies
      Cardiff University
 1. Paradigm Shift: Industrial/Fossil

                       Industrial Paradigm                    Knowledge Paradigm
        Fossil Fuels Regime                      Renewable Energy/CleanTech Regime

   Industry Policy - Sectors, Clusters               Knowledge Policy- Networks, Platforms
    Closed Innovation (General Electric)              Open Innovation (Procter & Gamble)
             Closed Source (Microsoft)                         Open Source (Linux)
Disciplinary Science (e.g. chemistry [Mode 1])    Inter-Disciplinary (e.g. biochemistry [Mode 2])
        Silo Government                                   Joined-up Governance
        Regime/Paradigm Governance                        Transition Governance
    State De-regulating (e.g. utilities)              State Re-regulating (e.g. banks)
Co-evolutionary (Aspatial) Transition Model:
 Niche>Regime>Landscape     (Source: Geels, 2006)
      2. Transition Region Model:
      Renewable Energy Systems
• Knowledge-based production & consumption (i.e.
  regional community long informed and responsive to
  sustainability issues)
• Decentralised, demanding customers for non-fossil fuel
  energy (municipalities own CHP stations)
• Related variety in low energy, high efficiency engineering
  (Pipework, wind turbine, photovoltaics, biogas, biomass,
  specialised KIBS consultancies etc.)
• ‘Aggregator’ capabilities (i.e. ‘orchestration leadership’ –
  Wohlin) to systems-integrate producers to meet orders
• Reflexivity, i.e. regional consciousness and ‘branding’ as
  network: ‘Innovative Network: Flexible District Heating’
Transition Regions
   Connectivity to other Transition
• Aalborg Energie Technik
• Supplies & services
  complete biomass fired
  boilers, CHP and power
  plants in the 25-125
  MWH range
• Built for & financed by
  ECO2, Cardiff renewable
                            • Western Wood Energy Plant,
  energy company. Big       Wales
  push on renewables (see   • 47 MWH
  slide 16)                 • 160,000 tons of forestry wood
                            • 47,000 tonnes per year of carbon
                            dioxide from fossil fuel saved
2. Transition Region Model : West Midlands Automotive
    Socio-technical Landscape: Green Production-Consumption System

                             Entrepreneurship              Regional Innovation
                               Technology,                            Support
          Customers                    Skills
                              Transition Regional Space
     Regulation                                                        New Potentials

     Socio-technical Regime: Green Automotive Innovation & Market
                                                            Morgan: Dominant Design


                                                 AML                   Competition

                                                                               Green Cars
                                                                         Light Weight Materials
     Radshape                                          Superform
                                                                              New Engine
     Niche Automotive Innovations                                            Aerodynamics
         Morgan-Hublot: Lateral Inter-
           industry ‘branding flow’
•   UK Green sports car attracts Swiss luxury
    watch firm for joint-marketing

•   12.02.09, 08:00

•   HUBLOT: Aero Bang Morgan

•   Morgan, the automobile manufacturer,
    and Hublot, the watchmaker, combine
    their technologies

•   Press release - 02/2009

•   Credit Hublot

•   On the anniversary of the first century of the
    Morgan company, Hublot has produced a
    special Big Bang whose design has been
    inspired by the AeroMax car: the Aero Bang
    Aston Martin – Jaeger Le Coultre
•   Not for the first time! A further West
    Midlands-Jura regional marketing tie-

•   ‘Jaeger-Le Coultre and Aston Martin,
    two marques bound together for
    several years in a similar spirit of
    innovation and an ongoing quest for
    perfection, are now shifting their
    cooperation up another gear.
•   Jaeger-Le Coultre is extending its
    relationship with Aston Martin by
    becoming the official Watch Partner of
    Aston Martin Racing within a three
    year technical partnership.
•   This association between two worlds
    with shared values reinforces the
    strong ties between fine watchmaking
    and fine mechanical engineering’.
3. Leading Hydrogen Fuel Cells Regions in Europe
               (Source: Nygaard, 2008)
Hydrogen Fuel Cells Production: Leading
  European Regions (Source: Nygaard, 2008)
Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicle Firms and Infrastructure: Wales

            Connaught Engineering
                                       Tribrid Bus

                 Baglan Energy Park

                                           The Narrow Car Company
         HFC Inventor Sir William Grove,
         born Swansea, 11th July, 1811
         Fisker, Th!nk & Finland
• Fisker Karma
• Fisker Automotive has signed a contract with Valmet
  Automotive to build the Karma in Finland.
• Valmet also has €3m. contract with Th!nk (Norway) to
  assemble Ox EV
• Fisker Automotive Inc. is a green American premium car
  company and Valmet Automotive is experienced in building
  high-quality vehicles (Porsche Boxter)
• Valmet automotive built a new body welding line for Fisker
  Karma production. Painting and assembly processes will also
  be adaptable for the production of electric and hybrid cars.
• The Fisker Karma is a new four-door hybrid sports car. The
  hybrid model can run up to 50 miles of full electric travel at
  maximum speed of 125 mph.
• Estimated to release for sale in late 2009, with an annual
  production projected to reach 15,000 vehicles, at a price of
  around $80,000
 Renewable Energy Vehicles 2009-2012
Year   Battery Electric        Hybrid Electric         Plug-in Hybrid       Fuel Cell Electric
2009   Subaru 4 seat           Mercedes S400 HEV       Fisker Karma S PHV   Honda FCX Clarity
       Chrysler EV                                                          GM HydroGen3 FCEV
       Smart for Two EV                                                     Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell
       ZENN cityZENN BEV                                                    Ford Fuel Cell EV
2010   Chevy Volt Extended     Ford Fusion HEV         Saturn VUE PHV
       Range BEV
       Chrysler EV             Honda Insight HEV       Toyota PHV
       Miles EV                Hyundai-Kia HEV
       Mitsubishi iMiEV BEV    Lexus HS 250h HEV
       Nissan BEV              Mercedes E Class HEV
       Ford Battery Electric   Porsche Cayenne S HEV
       Tesla Roadster Sport    Prius HEV
2011   BYD e6 Ford BEV                                 BYD F3DM PHV
       Small Car
       Opel Ampera Extended                            Chevy Volt PHV
       Range BEV (Europe)
2012                                                   Ford PHV
                                                       Volvo PHV
     Green Cars in China; Related
        Variety & Case of BYD

• E6 shown at Shanghai and US motor shows – 2009
• 2010 intended for Chinese market
• BYD became (in 10 years) world’s largest producer
  of lithium-ion batteries (Nokia, Motorola)
• 2003 acquired Quinchan Motors
• 2008 acquired SinoMOS semiconductors
• 2025 sales of 9 million electric vehicles planned
Green Cars in China
Hybrid surge <20% for 2009-2012?
Battery Issues
   Key challenges & challenger
• Lithium ion batteries have much higher energy density
  (150-250 Wh kg-1) than conventional batteries
• Challenge – to replace (1) graphite with alternative,
  higher capacity anode materials; (2) lithium cobalt oxide
  with lower cost and more environmentally benign
  cathode materials; (3) organic liquid electrolyte with a
  more reliable polymer electrolyte
• Global market for automotive Li-ion batteries is growing,
  set to reach $30-40 billion by 2020 (Deutsche Bank
• LG Chem of S. Korea is fast becoming one of the world's
  leaders in the production of lithium-ion batteries for
  automotive use
Obama Stimulus Bill Breakdown - $14.4B for
       Plug-Ins, $2B for batteries
• Green Car Market tiny but on the edge of
• Competing technologies
• Hybrids hotter than Hydrogen
• Asia awoke early to opportunities
• Battery technology key for EVs
• Asia moves fast…..for Europe ‘make or
  buy’ batteries looks like ‘buy, buy’ if not
  Bye Bye