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					The Restaurant World of New York

Whether you would like to have a taste of New York dining or build your
own swanky restaurant, one fact remains: New York City is the place to be
if you desire gastronomical pleasure.
New York is a lot of things to a lot of people. Some consider New York,
albeit a bit ethnocentrically, as the center of the world. To others,
however, New York is just one of the most expensive cities to live in.
For some, New York would always be a tragic reminder of the September 11
tragedy. But to food connoisseurs, New York would no doubt claim a place
in their hearts forever.

Whether you find yourself downtown or in one of the small unknown streets
of New York City, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find whatever
it is that you’re looking for, may it be Japanese sashimi, Italian
risotto, English pudding, Spanish paella, genuine larger than life
American burgers…you name it, at least one restaurant in New York would
definitely have it. The only worry you’d problem yourself with is which
restaurant you think would best cater to your taste buds and of course,
which restaurant can your pockets afford.

But fortunately for you, New York truly has just about everything under
the sun. From the amazingly cheap value meals to the downright expensive
gourmet dishes, New York restaurants certainly can boast to have it all.

But enough with the claims; this article aims to back up everything with
proof. We’ve recently read reviews about the New York restaurant scene
and came across with several delightful restaurant finds. So read on and
we hope that you encounter a restaurant to your liking!

Harlem Grill : this restaurant consistently grabs a spot in any Top 10
New York Restaurants survey. And certainly there’d be no doubts in your
minds why the moment you a) catch a glimpse of the place and b) take a
bite of any of the sumptuous feasts they offer. Owned by Tony Nominee and
actor Keith David, Harlem Grill is making great waves in the restaurant
scene and would no doubt continue to do so. The Harlem Grill is located
at 2247 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, incidentally also where another
famous restaurant, Wells, once stood.

Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse NYC : If you’re a great fan of the
basketball legend then you surely must have heard of this place. And if
you had but you still haven’t taken time to check it out then you are
certainly no fan of Michael Jordan. With an interior that practically has
Michael Jordan’s sense of style stamped all over it and a menu that could
please even the snobbiest of food critics, a visit to New York wouldn’t
be complete without grabbing a bite in this restaurant. The Steakhouse
NYC can be found on the North and West balconies of the Grand Central

Teodora : If you’re out to impress your date with a beautiful romantic
dinner in New York then you must be looking for a place exactly like
Teodora. After all, Italians are renowned for their passion, ardor and
pasta so it’s no surprise that when it comes to building restaurants with
heartbreakingly romantic ambience, it’s also Italian restaurants that set
the bar. Teodora is located at 141 East 57th Street, New York City.