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					Athlon Green Car Solution
 Employees without a lease vehicle can lease a super efficient vehicle at a low price.

 This helps companies to reduce considerably the overall CO2 footprint of their organisation.

 Athlon Green Car Solution is a system that leases a    Because the employee’s contribution for this vehicle
 vehicle to an employee who does not qualify for a      is higher than the addition to the taxable income,
 lease vehicle. The employee replaces his/her private   the employee has no net tax addition.
 vehicle by a super efficient lease vehicle that will
 consequently have a strong positive effect on CO2      Guaranteed environmental benefit
 emission and air quality. Athlon Green Car Solution    58% of all business kilometres are travelled in private
 is part of the Sustainable Mobility Plan of Athlon     vehicles with relatively high pollution levels. In this
 Car Lease. We offer time-saving and more efficient     respect, the Athlon Green Car Solution will benefit
 alternatives for vehicle usage and thus reduce the     the environment considerably. An employee with an
 CO2 emission.                                          average vehicle could prevent 800 kilogram CO2 each
                                                        year by choosing the Athlon Green Car Solution. The
 Low costs for employer and employee                    employer asks in return that the new lease driver
 On average, you as an employer pay about € 80 in       provides a warranty against liability for the sold
 travelling expenses per employee. Those expenses       vehicle. This way we can be sure that the employee
 are ended when the Athlon Green Car Solution is        is really replacing a less energy-efficient vehicle.
 implemented. Both you and your employees pay           Besides, Athlon Green Car Solution not only provides
 € 150 per month. The price includes:                   a super efficient vehicle, but also an NS Business
 • interest and repayment                               Card and agreements to prevent more kilometres and
 • replacement transport                                vehicles.
 • motor vehicle tax
 • insurance
 • fuel
 • repair, maintenance and tyres
Athlon Green Car Solution has a number of
• Reducing the CO2 footprint of all employees
• A clean leasing vehicle at low costs for every
• Saving on travelling expenses
• Saving on the use of rental vehicles

Which vehicles come under the
Athlon Green Car Solution?
The vehicles which Athlon Car Lease offers in this
scheme are for instance Citroën C1, Peugeot 107
and Toyota Aygo. These models only have a 14%
tax addition, because the CO2 emission is less than
110 gram. We can also apply the scheme to more
expensive models in this tax addition class, but the
employee then pays a higher amount. For a complete
list of the available models, we refer you to our

Proof of participation                                   More information
This initiative of Athlon Car Lease has been developed   Would you like more information about Athlon Green
with the organisation Natuur en Milieu. You will         Car Solution? Please contact your account manager
receive a Green Certificate from Natuur en Milieu        or see Products & services on
when you join the Athlon Green Car Solution.

  Calculation example

  36 months/15,000 kilometre per year
  All-inclusive monthly price: € 300 per month
  • Basic monthly amount employer: € 150
  • Contribution from employee: € 150
  Reduction CO2 emission average: (180 -/- 110 gram) x15,000 km = 1,050,000 gram CO2/year

  For instance:
  Company with 1,000 employees, with 20% of the employees joining
  200 employees * 1,050,000 gram CO2/year = 210,000,000 gram CO2 reduction/year

  Net costs (average):
  200 employees * 12 mths * (€ 150 - € 80) = € 168,000 (+ € 51,000 VAT for private use)

Athlon Car Lease Nederland B.V.
Veluwezoom 4                   P.O. Box 60250               T + 31 36 547 11 00 
1327 AG Almere                 1320 AH Almere               F + 31 36 547 11 01 
The Netherlands                The Netherlands

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