Title 19th Century Charting in the 21st Century Record by dux15396


									Miami Valley
                                Outreach Task Force
                           October 21, 2005 – 9:00-10:30 am
Attendees: Kay Parent, CHC; Amy Boyle, Sunrise Center; Stephanie Szymanowski, Unified
Health Solutions; Marcia Miller, Sinclair; Tim Gardner, Foodbank; Valencia Merril, Reach Out
of Montgomery County; Mary Crimmins, CHC; Kate Cauley, CHC;

Assign Roles:
Facilitator – Kay
Recorder – Kate
Timekeeper – Tim

Welcome to Valencia Merrill who has joined the Task Force from Reach Out. She is replacing
John who is in Hospice and not doing well

September 27 Seminar Evaluation
Evaluation comments seemed accurate in terms of stronger and one weaker speaker. Participants
indicated a need for more information related to Medicare Part D. Discussion among TF
members revolved around potential resources: Senior Resource Connection, Health Policy
Institute of Ohio for suggestions, finding out who in town will be providing the service and
calling on them, Ohio Senior Health Insurance Program (OSHIP), Area Agency on Aging.

Dec. 6 – Seminar Electronic Health Record. (EHR)

Title: “19th Century Charting in the 21st Century: Record Keeping in the Electronic Age”
Participants reviewed the skit Carl Clasen had created and agreed it would be an excellent
introduction to the topic and opportunity to demonstrate the HIEx™ system, a local resource
available to everyone. Stephanie agreed to be the client when we do the skit and Mary agreed to
get two CHAs to participate as well as to narrate the skit. We will provide a sign that reads
“WIC” on one side, “Job and Family Services” on the other. Mary will mock up a powerpoint so
group can see CHA entering data. Skit attached.

Mary reviewed the lesson plan for the session. Suggestions included starting out with a “did you
know” session to set the stage for what the future holds by identifying what is already happening
in the present. We decided the scenarios would be a great exercise, and that the TF members
should model how to walk through the scenarios exercise in front of the whole group and then
have them divide up into small groups to do scenarios of their own. Each table will respond to a
different scenario, with each participant receiving a written copy. Following the scenarios we
will have a large group discussion where we ask for people comments, reactions, what they
learned, etc. Mary will complete some additional scenarios. It was suggested that one include
mental health issues. Final discussion will include what elements will be needed as part of
patient education. TF members agreed on the content, plan for the session, and Mary and Kate
will work out who will cover which sections of the didactic, and discussion aspects of the

2006 Topics
TF members discussed future topics by first reviewing the information collected at the last
session from participants and then discussing among themselves. Ideas with support included
Medicare Part D., Ethics, and the change to mandatory Medicaid managed care in Ohio as of
January 6, 2006

Update from HL Network
Mary reported on grants being submitted through HLMV to continue to support HIEx™
development including a proposal to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, one to the Tech
Transfer initiative at WSU and two under development. 18,000 people are currently registered in
the HIEx™ system. This will increase with HEAP startup. CSB is entering on to the HIEx™
system. Kettering Medical Center contacted the CHC to establish an advocate to work directly
with their patients for Medicaid funding and other resources.

Stephanie reported that UHS had been one of the finalists for the Health Care Heroes awards at
the DBJ Luncheon.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Tasks: Amy will contact Madison Lakes to get the next four seminars scheduled for 2006,
utilizing similar dates to 2005. The TF will finalize decisions for topics at the next meetings.
Kate and Mary will continue to develop workshop content. Mary to write additional scenarios.

The next meeting will be November 18 at 9:00 a.m. There will be no meeting in December.

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