Proposal for Symposium Plenary Lecturer Satellite Symposium by ancientbabylon


									Proposal for Symposium/ Plenary Lecturer/ Satellite Symposium (please delete as appropriate). Topic (max 2 lines): Organizer(s) and their affiliation(s): Proposed Speaker(s) (up to 4 for a symposium and 25 for a satellite meeting) and tentative titles to indicate the coverage from each speaker. It is vital to indicate that the listed speakers have confirmed their intent to participate.

(attach separate page(s) as necessary) Summarize (in <200 words) the topic(s) to be covered, why this person/ group is the best to present it and how the presentation will help the broader neuroscience community to understand the topic and its current and potential significance.

Indicate how this speaker/ combination of speakers will bring novelty and diversity to the discussion of this topic (<100 words)

How many countries are represented in your choice of speakers? Justify if there is more than one speaker from a single country.

How do you propose to fund the speakers’ airfares and expenses?

Please return all submissions to: Professor Elspeth M. McLachlan, D.Sc., F.A.A. Co-Director, Spinal Injuries Research Centre, Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, Gate 1 Barker Street Randwick, NSW 2031 Australia Phone 61 2 9399 1031

Fax 61 2 9399 1034 Mobile 61 404 000 722 email

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