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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               July 2009

Smart Green Loans
Good for the environment. Even better for you.
We care for the environment as much as you do. That’s why our Smart Green Car Loans and Personal Loans
reward you with a better deal if you’re buying an environmentally friendly car or doing a ‘green’ project
around the house.

Smart Green Car Loans
Just visit If the car you are planning to purchase
has a Greenhouse Rating of 6 or higher, we’ll do a special loan deal for you:
             1% pa off our normal Car Loan standard variable interest rate
             A part of the Establishment Fee will be donated to an
             organisation that is working to better the environment
             $100 fuel voucher to get you started*
                    A mystery pack of useful giveaways

Smart Green Personal Loans
If you are looking at solar hot water, a rainwater tank or a similarly
environmentally friendly project, we’ll do a special loan deal for you:
                    1% pa off our normal Personal Loan standard variable interest rate
              A part of the Establishment Fee will be donated to a local
             organisation that is working to better the environment
                    A mystery pack of useful giveaways

                                                                                        So if you’re going green, make sure you get
                                                                                        a smarter loan. Call 1300 13 1964, drop into
                                                                                        a branch or visit
                                                                                       Terms and conditions, fees and charges and approval conditions apply. *Only until 30 July 2009.

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First Home Buyers Loan
For you or anyone you know
Finding out about eligibility for the Government’s
first home owner’s grant (FHOG), may be the
first step towards making your dreams come true.
As Manly Warringah Credit Union is a registered
agent for the FHOG, you can apply for your grant
when you apply for a loan to buy or build your                               Manly Warringah Credit Union has a range of home
first home.                                                                  loans offering useful features to save you money,
                                                                             backed by really competitive interest rates.
With the Federal Government currently offering up
to $14,000, and the NSW Government chipping in                               You could have a Minimiser Home Loan that gives you
a further $7,000 plus generous duty exemptions,                              the lowest possible interest rates, or consider the All in
there are literally thousands of dollars to be saved                         One Home Loan, a fully optioned package that offers
on the purchase of your first home or land.                                  useful features like a Mortgage Offset Account.

A great range of home loans too                                              Whatever your needs, come in and talk to us and we’ll
                                                                             help you with it all … help you get everything you are
All the FHOG incentives will certainly help you                              entitled to on the FHOG and package a Home Loan
save upfront, but you need the right home loan to                            that takes advantage of you being a first home buyer!
complete the picture.

                       To make the most of your FHOG eligibility, call us
                       today on 1300 13 1964, visit
                       or drop in at your nearest branch.
                       Terms and conditions, fees and charges and approval conditions apply.

                                                                                    IF YOU ARE A
                                                                                    NETTELLER USER
                                                                                    YOU MUST READ THIS
                                                                                    Please take careful note of the following
                                                                                    It is an immediate requirement that all NetTeller
                                                                                    users also have a separate password for Pay
                                                                                    Anyone funds transfers.
                                                                                    Pay Anyone is the quickest and securest way
                                                                                    to make internet funds transfers whenever you
                                                                                    need to. You can make transfers to other Manly
                                                                                    Warringah Credit Union memberships as well as
                                                                                    to other financial institutions’ accounts.
A number of members who use NetTeller are not yet registered for the password protected version of the
Pay Anyone facility. Previously this was only necessary for members who needed to set up details of a new
payment and those who more recently registered for NetTeller.
However in the interest of better security, we now require all NetTeller users to separately register for Pay
Anyone before the 31st August 2009. We will be writing to all Netteller users who don’t have Pay Anyone
requiring them to register for the service.
If you are not registered for Pay Anyone, you should either call us on 1300 13 1964 or visit a Manly
Warringah Credit Union branch at your earliest convenience.
Practical Guides to Car Buying & Buying Property
Buying a car is a big financial decision. For younger people, it can be the first significant
purchase you make and the first time you seek a loan. There are some basic steps you can
follow so that you can take control and be confident that you’ve bought the car that’s
right for you. Manly Warringah Credit Union has a booklet that has been put together
to help you through the different stages of buying a car and to make the whole process
simple and straightforward.
Buying a property will probably be the largest financial decision you’ll ever make, so
it’s important to do your research and planning. Manly Warringah Credit Union has a
booklet that outlines the basic steps of buying residential property and will help you to
work out what you can afford, the best way to finance your purchase and what upfront
costs you’ll need to cover. This booklet also contains a separate section tailored to the
specific needs of property investors.
Get your copy from our website, you’ll find pdf copies at, go to Products
and Services   Take Control Booklets. Or call 1300 13 1964 and we’ll mail you a copy.

Smarter Direct Debits
Many members who have regular Direct Debits have chosen to give their Visa Debit
Card details to the organisation who is being paid.
A much more convenient alternative is to set up these payments directly from your
account. To do this, you need only give the other organisation our BSB Number,
802-147 and your Member Number.
This is a far more reliable method of setting up Direct Debits, as it is really ‘set and
forget’. You’ll never need to provide new card details when your card expires or is
lost. It’s also much easier to cancel a payment if you ever need to.

It’s easy to make the change, just call 1300 13 1964 for assistance.

Our Member Survey is now completed
                                Our recent member survey has been completed, and the results have been
                                analysed. We’d like to thank all members who completed and submitted
                                Overall, Manly Warringah Credit Union was seen in a very positive light by
                                the members.
                                Respondents were mostly satisfied overall with Manly Warringah Credit
                                Union, and also indicated satisfaction with branch service, the member
                                service centre and our NetTeller internet banking service. In fact, eight out
                                of ten members indicated that they would recommend Manly Warringah
                                Credit Union to friends.
                                Members felt that Manly Warringah Credit Union is an efficient organisation
                                that provided the best branch experience. Most nominated it as their
                                preferred financial institution, and as their main financial institution for
                                transactions on account of our fairer fee structure.
                                A large percentage of respondents pay their bills by internet, and mostly
                                rely on internet banking. Most prefer to draw money from ATMs and only
                                visit a branch to invest money, apply for a loan or open new accounts.
                                Expectedly, there was a huge amount of data and detail, and the
                                management team at Manly Warringah Credit Union is working their way
                                through the results and developing strategies to address some areas that
                                need improvement, notably member communication.
      What the New Mutual Banking Code of Practice
      means for you
      Manly Warringah Credit Union has signed the Mutual
      Banking Code of Practice which becomes effective on
      1 July 2009. It replaces the previous code which was
      introduced in 1996.
      The new Code expresses our commitment to member
      benefit, community involvement, fairer fees and customer
      service. It sets out ten key promises and specific ways we
      will deliver on those promises.
      The 10 Key Promises of the new Code are:
      1. We will be fair and ethical in our dealings with you
      2. We will focus on our members
      3. We will give you clear information about our
                                                                                                                  The Code includes detailed provisions on how
         products and services
                                                                                                                  we will handle fees and rates, responsible
      4. We will be responsible lenders                                                                           lending, guarantees, account statements,
      5. We will deliver high customer service and standards                                                      chargebacks, members in financial difficulty,
      6. We will deal fairly with any complaints                                                                  debt recovery, and complaints.
      7. We will recognise member rights as owners
      8. We will comply with our legal and industry obligations                                                   You can get a full copy of the
      9. We will recognise our impact on the wider community                                                      Code at any of our branches or
      10. We will support and promote this Code of Practice.                                                      by visiting

     BPAY Changes for Better Security
      Like all banking institutions, Manly Warringah Credit Union takes online security very seriously. Recent
      evidence suggests that as online security is being tightened, criminals are targeting other areas that
      they see as vulnerable. One of these is BPAY.
      To offer you better protection, we have decided to lower the daily limit for BPAY transactions
      to $5,000 per membership. This lower daily limit will become effective from 1 August 2009.
      However in the event that you need a temporary increase in the daily limit to make payments,
      just call 1300 13 1964 and a staff member will increase the limit for you. Note though that
      the limit increase is only temporary, and will expire on the day after it is requested.

                                                    Get rediATM locations by SMS
           There are over 1,300 rediATMs and the network is poised for rapid expansion.
            Now you can find your nearest rediATM by SMS! Just send an SMS with your
                               Suburb/Postcode and State to 199 55 ATM (199 55 286).
   For example Dee Why NSW. Within seconds you will receive a return SMS with details.
                       Note: SMS costs 55c including GST. You must have premium phone line SMS enabled on your phone.

All products issued by Manly Warringah Credit Union Limited ABN 81 087 650 299 AFSL No 239074. All information in this newsletter was correct at time of printing and subject to change.
For all loans, terms and conditions, fees and charges and approval conditions apply. Details such as current interest rates, comparison rates, fees and charges, etc are available on our website or by contacting any branch.
These articles do not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances and therefore you should consider whether the product is appropriate for you. Manly Warringah Credit Union
recommends that you read the Product Disclosure Statement, available to you, prior to acquiring the products.

                                                                           ■   Member Service Centre:                    1300 13 1964
                                                                           ■   Email:                          
                                                                           ■   RediPhone Account Enquiry Service         (02) 9971 1964
                                                                           ■   Web-site/NetTeller:             
                                                                           ■   Administration:                           17-19 Oaks Avenue, Dee Why
                 Manly Warringah Credit Union Ltd
                       ABN 81 087 650 299 AFSL No 239074                   ■   Branches:                                 Dee Why, Manly, Mona Vale, Warringah Mall

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