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Site Proposal for Celtic Films Site
The Strategy
Celtic Films Company Description and Goals Celtic Films has been one of the oldest independent films companies in London. They produced films and television series that have gained both ratings success and artistic applause. Their mission is to bring laughter to the audience as well as a great story. They wish to keep you on your toes and entertained. Celtic Films Site Objective Celtic Films wants to be able to expand their company. They want to conquer new territory and feel the best way to do that is through the net. Celtic Films Competition Site The first website that I chose as a comparison was Their website is very plain and boring. I has very little color and takes up a small space on the page. The links are very plain, they go from Italic to regular font when you roll over them. There are also very little pictures.

The second website that I chose was There website is also very small. They do have a good color scheme. They use grays with some pinks and greens. They lay it out

in an organized manor, yet it still seems boring. The third website that I chose was This website again lacks color. They use a black background with white letters. They throw in red every once in a while. The website is large in size. They have a picture gallery, yet it is still boring.

The next website I chose was This website is a little more vibrant then the others. The links are just basic roll over text. They use passionate colors like red. They have a very wide website, which in video I think is a plus.

The last website I found was This website is not centered. It is a very plain box with grey and white colors. It has no roll over links at all. The sit eover all is the worst out of the five.

Summary of Competition I think that I will not incorporate any ideas from the other websites. None of them really impressed me. I am going to use bright colors and a lot of graphics. I will make it easy and fun to navigate through the pages. The users will come to the Celtic Films site because it will be different and eye catching. Celtic Films Target Audience Celtic Films will have one ideal user. Their ideal user would be a writer. A writer could come to their site and learn about the company. If the writer likes what the company is about then they can supply the company their scripts for movies and television. This will allow Celtic Films to gain more clients and maybe some new outlooks on film. And the writer would get his script put on film. The age for writers can be anything. Their income would probably be around the thirty to forty thousand range. They would be the middle class. The writers will be located most likely located in the United Kingdom. Males and females will submit scripts to the company. As I mentioned the occupation for the ideal user will be a writer. They will have different cultures and life stiles. One writer might be Buddhist and life with the monks, while another will be Catholic and live with his family. The common writer probably has a normal internet connection, nothing too fast and nothing too slow. They also spend most of their time writing and very little time on the internet, I’m sure they use the internet often but it depends on the life stile of the writer. They most likely don’t have the best computer equipment, all they need is a computer that will surf the net and operate Microsoft Word (for writing there script). An example of an ideal user would be Bob. Bob is a 30 year old male writer. He works at a newspaper company making a decent forty grand a year. He is located in the heart of London England. He uses the internet a few times a week to keep up to date with the world and has a 3 year old computer. He spends most of his time writing scripts for sitcoms and trying to get them produced.

The Look of the Site Descriptive words- Three words that I would use to describe the Site are: unique, energetic, and vibrant. Use of color- I will be using a fire engine red with some hints of midnight black and warm blue. The kind of graphics- The site will have good quality graphics, but they will be small in size just incase the user has slow internet.

Brand identity- The Celtic Film Company has there own logo, and this will be the basic for the site. Typography- For the body of the site I will use Comic Sans Bold. For the headings I will use Bradley Hand ITC Bold.

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