Business Card Exercise by lht19038


									Business Card Exercise
Creating a business card in Publisher using the wizards

Belfast Metropolitan College
Kelly Connaghan

Clait Unit 4

       Topics Covered:

              Using a wizard
              Changing margins
              Changing business information
              Inserting picture frames
              Inserting clip art
              Inserting text boxes
              Adding and editing text
              Formatting backgrounds
              Working with colour schemes
              Working in Master view
Belfast Metropolitan College                            Clait Desktop Publishing

Exercise 1

Using the wizards

   1. Open up the Desktop Publishing application

   2. In the Blank Page sizes option, select Business Cards (you can scroll
      down for this or click the link along the top)

   3. From the different options that appear on the right, select the accessory
      bar business card

   4. Double click this option

   5. Go to Insert and select Business Information

   6. At the bottom of the page on the left, select Change Business Information

   7. Fill in the Following fields:

          a.   My Name
          b.   Job or position title
          c.   Address
          d.   Phone

   You can delete lines such as Fax number if you do not have a fax no

   8. Delete the information in the fields you do not fill in

   9. Click on Save and then Update Information

   10.Go to Format and select Colour Scheme

   11.Select the Lilac colour scheme

   12.Click Ok and your business card will change

   13.Save this card to your DTP folder as business card with wizard

We are now going to make some changes to the card so that it will look the way
we want it to look.

DTP                            Tutor: Kelly Connaghan                              2
Belfast Metropolitan College                            Clait Desktop Publishing

Exercise 2

Editing a publication

   1. Delete the Organisation Tag by highlighting it, right clicking over the
      highlighted object and selecting delete object (if a box appears asking if
      you want to change to another design publication, select No)

   2. Now we are going to insert a new picture from the clip art gallery

          a. From the Object toolbar along the left hand side, select Picture
             Frame, and then select Empty Picture Frame
          b. Position your mouse to where the organisation tab was, and it will
             turn into a cross type pointer
          c. Click and drag until the frame appears in the blank spot
          d. Adjust the size of the frame until it covers all the blank area

   3. Select the clip art icon from the Object toolbar and then select clip art

   4. Select any picture you want (for example, if you put homemaker as your
      occupation, then search for pictures of houses)

   5. Insert the image into the document and it will appear where the picture
      frame was. Resize if necessary

Exercise 3

Changing the background colour of the card

    Select the View menu

    From the drop down menu, select master page (it may also be called
     Master View). The master view allows you to make changes to the
     overall card appearance behind the text that is on it

    Go to Format, Background

    From the left hand menu, select a gradient fill

DTP                            Tutor: Kelly Connaghan                              3
Belfast Metropolitan College                             Clait Desktop Publishing

     You can change the colour at this stage if you want by choosing more
      colours and then selecting the gradient fill in the colour you have chosen.

     Close the master view window. You can see the new colour appears
      behind the information on your card

     Save your changes either by using the save icon on the toolbar, or using
      File, Save

Exercise 4
Setting the print out options

You can choose to print out 1 or 10 cards per page. To do this:

       Go to the Print setup option in the file menue

     Select the number of copies you want from the dialogue box

     Save your changes

Don’t print out anything

Exercise 5

Now we are going to make changes to the text in the card, so that it looks better.

       Highlight your name as it appears on the card

       Make the following changes
          o Centre the text
          o Change it to font size 16
          o Select any font style from the drop down menu
          o Make the text bold

       Now resize the box with your occupation in it so that the text box just fits
        around the text and it is sitting in a better position

DTP                            Tutor: Kelly Connaghan                                  4
Belfast Metropolitan College                            Clait Desktop Publishing
Save your work

Now we are going to format the address and phone number information

    Highlight your address

    When the text is highlighted, centre the text in the box and change the
     font size to 10

    Next highlight the word Phone in the box below and make it bold and

    Do the same to any other titles you have in this box, such as Email and

Save your changes

DTP                            Tutor: Kelly Connaghan                              5

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