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					INTERNSHIP Trade, Development and Integration (TDI) Programme

Background and Introduction The Trade, Development and Integration (TDI) Programme in summary is primarily aimed at fostering and enhancing a people-centred regional development and integration within the SADC region. The direct participation and through their representatives, namely parliamentarians and their beneficiation from regional integration is therefore central to the implementation of the Programme. This Programme in terms of the Vision and Mission of the SADC Parliamentary Forum as expressed in its Strategic Plan (2006-2010) is core to the realisation of the Forum Vision and Mission.1 The Programme focus may be divided into four core areas, namely;i. ii. iii. Trade and Economic Development Development, Governance and Poverty Reduction Environmental Governance and Transboundary Natural Resources Management (TBNRM) iv. Integration and the cross cutting/sectoral issues

The Programme which is funded by ACBF under PLC since the arrival of the Regional Integration Officer (RIO) has managed to deal with critical thematic areas such as those related to trade and trade negotiations, the Debt issue, AntiCorruption, the environment and natural resources management, poverty eradication, SADC Protocols, and many more. Although these important topics were dealt with, they are yet to be transformed into sustainable components of the TDI Programme for which resources would be mobilized. The Programme also takes cognizance of other cross-cutting programmes and themes such as

Vision: - A delivery-focused, people-cantered institution that accelerates and promotes parliamentary participation in regional decision making for the benefit of the citizens of SADC Mission:- To facilitate strategic partnerships within the SADC region, promote information sharing, initiate and implement projects that enhance regional integration and promote effective and professional parliamentary practice.


gender, HIV and AIDS, ICT which were implemented but which compliments the goal of this Programme.

The Case for an Intern Now that the PLC is in full swing in terms of implementing its mission as outlined in the PLC and also notwithstanding that the current contract which has provided seed resources to PLC is nearing its mid term, there is greater need for accelerating Programme implementation. The multi-disciplinary nature of the TDI Programme requires not only the collaboration with other Programmes and projects but more importantly a variety of skills and knowledge. The incumbent Programme Officer therefore cannot claim total expertise in all the different Programme dimensions highlighted above. Trade and the economic dimensions in particular are areas for which additional human resources would be needed. The ongoing complex trade negotiations between the European Union and the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries under the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) which has a completion deadline of 31 December 2007 has dire consequences for SADC’s integration process. Following in-depth presentations and discussions at the 21 Plenary Assembly it was recommended that the Forum follow the negotiations closely and ensure the inclusion of parliamentarians in the EPA negotiations and debate. Additional human resource capacity to spearhead this dimension of the Programme is therefore indispensable.

Proposed Framework for Internship The Intern is expected to assist in; i. constantly follow the EPAs negotiations with a particular focus on the SADC region; ii. Follow the trade negotiations at the level of the WTO and in particular the stalled Doha Trade Round; iii. Follow the parliamentary trade debate at the level of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly as well as the ACP Parliamentary Assembly;



The intern would be required to constantly engage the SADC secretariat, the Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU), Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA);


The intern would also be expected to follow trade negotiations and development within the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA), emerging trade with China and India;


Briefing papers for parliamentary action on what is happening all the different above-mentioned levels would be required;


Most importantly, the intern would be required to assist with project proposals for fund raising for the Trade and Economic programme;


He would also be expected to assist in the development of the Trade programme with a particular focus on the compilation of the CIP’s trade module and other relevant training material on trade and WTO issues;


In addition, the intern would be required to steer the remainder half of his internship to matters related to the development, governance and poverty reduction sub programme;


With regard to ix above, the Intern in consultation with RIO would be required to assist in the Programme’s engagement with the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Programme (RISDP), the Strategic Indicative Programme of the Organ (SIPO), NEPAD including AWEPA’s Mobilizing Parliaments for NEPAD (MPN) initiative, SADC’s Anti-corruption Protocol and other instruments, and other development, governance and poverty eradication related initiatives.

A weekly work schedule would be prior agreed after which the intern would submit a summary report of accomplishments of the week. Intern’s report would be included into the RIO report to the ASG. It is proposed that the internship be agreed on a three monthly basis with renewal option upon the end of each period. The intended length of this internship is June to November 2008. Although the remuneration would initially be drawn from the ACBF budgets, efforts geared to raising resources through the TDI Programme to pay the intern


and ultimately to upgrade the internship position into a Programme Assistant post would vigorously undertaken.


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