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									Following is a list to guide authors in selecting keywords to use when writing ASABE publications. This is
a list under development and is not intended to be a complete list of every possible keyword an author
might use. Authors are not restricted to keywords matching this list but are encouraged to use them when
appropriate. ASABE members use this same list for the automatic alert system related to the new ASABE
Online Technical Library. Using these keywords will increase the chances that members interested in your
topic will be made aware that it is included in the web-based collection.

Please send comments and suggestions for additions to Sandy Rutter at The list will be
updated periodically.
January 2008

4-H                                                      agricultural management
abatement                                                agricultural pollution
abrasion                                                 agricultural products
absorbance                                               agricultural robot
absorption                                               agricultural runoff
accelerated testing                                      agricultural wastes
accelerometer                                            agricultural workers
accident prevention                                      agriculture
accidents                                                agrochemical
accuracy                                                 agro-industrial
acetaldehyde                                             air
acid                                                     air approach velocity
acidity                                                  air assisted sprayers
acoustic                                                 air blast
acoustic profiling                                       air conditioners
acoustic properties                                      air conditioning
acquisition                                              air dispersion modeling
acru2000                                                 air drying
activated carbon                                         air filters
active                                                   air flow
activity                                                 air ionization
adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference                           air jet
additives                                                air pollution
adhesion                                                 air quality
adhesive                                                 air sparging
adjustable                                               air speed
adjuvants                                                air stream
advance                                                  air temperature
aeration                                                 air-blast chilling
aerator                                                  airborne
aerial                                                   airborne imagery
aerial application                                       air-carrier sprayer
aerial photography                                       aircraft
aerial sprayers                                          alabama
aerial spraying                                          alaska
aerobic                                                  alcohol
aerobic treatment                                        alfalfa
aerodynamic properties                                   algae
aerodynamics                                             algae culture
aeroponics                                               algorithms
aerosol sprayers                                         allocation
aerosols                                                 almonds
aflatoxin                                                alternate
africa                                                   alternative
aggregate                                                alternative substrates
agricultural                                             aluminium
agricultural aviation                                    ammonia
agricultural chemicals                                   ammonia emission
agricultural engineering                                 anaerobic
agricultural machinery industry                          anaerobic digesters
anaerobic digestion         automated harvesting
anaerobic treatment         automated sampling
analog                      automatic
analysis                    automatic cluster removal
anchor                      automatic control
anemometers                 automatic feed dispensers
angle                       automatic guidance
angle of incidence          automatic steering
animal                      automation
animal behavior             automobile
animal breeding             autonomous navigation
animal health               autoregressive model
animal housing              availability
animal husbandry            average air temperature
animal power                avocados
animal wastes               axial
animal welfare              axles
anthropometric dimensions   bacillus thuringensis
antioxidant                 bacteria
apex model                  bacterial detection
apparatus                   bag silo
apple juice                 bagasse
apples                      balance
application                 balers
application equipment       bales
application rates           baling
application to land         ballast
applicators                 bamboo shoots
approach                    bananas
appropriate technology      band placement
apricots                    bangladesh
aquaculture                 bark
aquatic                     barking
arabica                     barley
area                        barn drying
arid                        barns
Arizona                     barrier
Arkansas                    basin
arrhenius type equation     basin irrigation
articulated                 batch
artificial                  batch driers
artificial neural network   battery cages
ASABE                       beam
ASAE                        beam slenderness ratio
Asia                        beans
asparagus                   bearing capacity
asphalt                     bearings
assay                       bed
assessment                  bedders
atlantic salmon             bedding
atmosphere                  beds
atmospheric stability       beef
atomization                 beef cattle manure
atomizers                   beetroots
atrazine                    behavior
attachment                  beliefs
attenuation                 belt
aubergines                  belt conveyors
augers                      bench
Australia                   bending
automated                   benefit
benthic macroinvertebrates   breadfruits
berry                        breakage
best management practices    breakdown
bezier curve                 briquettes
bifidobacterium longum       briquetting
bin wall                     broadleaf
bins                         broccoli
bioassessment                broiler
biodegradable                broiler houses
biodegradation               broilers
biodeterioration             brooding
biodiesel                    brown rice
bioenergy                    bruises
bioengineering               bruising
biofilter                    brush control
biofuels                     brush cutters
biogas                       brushes
biogas potential             brushing
biokinetics                  brussels sprouts
biological                   bt
biological control           bt corn
biological filtration        bubble
biological indicator         bucket
biological treatment         buckets
biology                      buckwheat
biomass                      buffalo
biomaterial                  buffer
bioreactors                  buffer strip
biosensor                    buffers
biosolids                    building
biotechnology                building construction
bivalvia                     building materials
black currants               bulbs
black pepper                 bulk
blackberries                 bulk density
blades                       bulk solids
blanching                    bulk storage
blankets                     bulldozers
blend                        bullock
blockage                     bunker
blowers                      burners
blueberries                  burning
BMPS                         button mushroom
boats                        buyers’ guides
body temperature             bypass
boiler                       byproducts
boll                         cab
bone                         cabbage
books                        cabbages
booms                        cable
border                       cable methods
border irrigation            cableways
bowen ratio                  cabs
boxes                        cad
boysenberries                cages
brain tumors                 calculation
brakes                       calf
braking                      calibration
bran                         California
Brazil                       calipers
brazil nuts                  calorimeters
calorimetry                       certification
CALPUFF                           CFD
calyx                             CFD simulation
canada                            chaff
canal                             chains
candida rugosa lipase             chainsaws
cann                              chamber
canola                            change
canola                            channel erosion
canola oil                        channels
canopy                            characteristics
canopy volume reduction           characterization
capacitance                       charge
capacity                          charging
capillary                         cheese
capsicum                          cheese whey
carambolas                        chemical
caraway                           chemical degradation
carbon                            chemical pollution
carbon dioxide                    chemical preservation
carbon dioxide enrichment         chemical properties
carcass disposal                  chemical treatment
carcasses                         chemigation
carcinogenic problems             chemiluminescence
cardamoms                         cherimoyas
carnations                        cherries
carobs                            chestnuts
carrier                           chick
carrots                           chicken
case studies                      chickpeas
case-control study                chicory
cashews                           child labor
cassava                           childhood cancer
catalytic                         children
catching frames                   Chile
catfish                           chilis
cattle                            chilling
cattle housing                    chinese cabbage
cattle manure                     chinese rice wine
cattle production                 chip
cattle slurry                     chipping
cauliflowers                      chiseling
cause                             chisels
caves                             chitting
cavitation                        chives
ceilings                          chloride mass balance
celeriac                          chlorophyll
celery                            chop
cell                              chop length
cellulose                         chopped
cellulose acetate                 choppers
cement                            chopping
center of gravity                 chromatography
center pivot irrigation           chromium
centralized anaerobic digestion   chrysanthemums
centrifugal                       chutes
centrifuges                       cinnamon
ceramics                          circuit
cereals                           citrumelos
ceres-maize                       citrus
ceres-wheat                       citrus fruits
cladding                   combing
clamps                     combustion
classification             comfort
clay                       communication
clay liner                 community
cleaner waste              community development
cleaners                   compaction
cleaning                   comparison
cleaning and sterilizing   compasses
clearance zone             competition
clementines                complementary relationship
climate                    complex permittivity
climate change             component
climate models             composite sampling
climate variability        composite wood i-joist
climatic change            composition
climatology                composting
climatology                composts
climbing devices           compounds
clod crushers              compressibility
clods                      compression
clogging                   computation
closed systems             computational fluid dynamics
clothing                   computational methods
clovers                    computed tomography
clusters                   computer aided design
clutches                   computer model
coagulation                computer simulation
coarse fragment            computer software
coastal areas              computer techniques
coatings                   computer vision
cob                        computerization
cocoa                      computers
cocoa beans                concaves
coconuts                   concentrates
code                       concentration
codling moth               conceptual
coefficient of variation   concrete
coffee                     concurrent flow driers
coffee industry            condensation
cogeneration               condensers
cognitive                  condition
cohesion                   condition-based monitoring
coir                       conditioner
coix                       conditioning
cokriging                  conduction
cold                       cone
cold storage               cone index
cold weather               conferences
cold zones                 confined animal
collection                 confined
collection efficiency      confinement
collectors                 conical
color                      conifers
colorado                   connecticut
colorimetry                connection
column                     connectors
combination                conservation
combine drills             conservation tillage
combine harvesters         construction
combined heat and power    consulting
consumption                      cotton ginning
contact                          cotton gins
container                        cottonseed
container grown plants           cottonseed oil
containers                       coulters
containment                      count
contaminated                     counterflow driers
contamination                    counters
content                          couplings
content                          course
continuous driers                cover crop
continuous roll                  coverage
continuous-flow reactor          covering
contraction                      covers
contractors                      cow trainers
control                          cowpeas
controlled                       cows
controlled aeration              cracking
controlled atmosphere            cracks
controlled atmosphere storage    crambe oil
controlled droplet application   cranberry
controlled environment           cranes
controlled traffic               crashes
controllers                      crates
controlling                      crawler
controls                         crayfish
convection                       creep
convection driers                cress
convective                       criterion
conversion                       critical
converter                        critical buckling load
conveyor driers                  critical buckling moment
conveyors                        critical height of rops
cook                             critical shear stress
cooked                           crop
cooked ham                       crop evaporation
cooked meats                     crop husbandry
cooking                          crop management
cool climate                     crop models
coolers                          crop production
cooling                          crop residues
cooling systems                  crop simulation
cooperation                      crop water requirements
cooperative                      crop water stress index
cooperatives                     crop water use
coppicing                        CROPGRO
copra                            cropgro soybean
core samplers                    cropping
cork                             crops
corn                             crop simulation model
corolla                          cross flow
correlation                      cross flow driers
corrosion                        cross-learning
corrosion protection             crushers
corrosion resistance             crushing
corrugated                       crust
cost analysis                    cube
cost benefit analysis            cubes
cost minimization                cubicles
costs                            cucumbers
cotton                           cucurbitaceae
culinary herbs                 degree day
cultivation                    dehumidification
cultivators                    dehydration
culture                        deisopropylatrazine
cuphea                         delaware
curing                         delimbing
current                        demand
curriculum                     dendrometers
curtain                        denitrification
cushioning                     density
cut flowers                    density grids
cut foliage                    deposit
cutter bars                    deposition
cutters                        depreciation
cutting                        depth
cuttings                       dermatology
cycle                          desalinization
cyclones                       descriptors
cylinder                       deserts
daily                          desiccants
dairies                        design
dairy equipment                design calculations
dairy farming                  desorption
dairy farms                    detachment
dairy wastes                   detection
damage                         detector
damping                        detention
dams                           deterioration
damsons                        determination
data                           develop
data acquisition and control   developing
data analysis                  development
data collection                device
data communication             dewatering
data processing                dexterity
databases                      diagnosis
dataloggers                    diameter
datalogging                    diaphragm
date palm                      dibbers
dates                          dibble
decanter                       dielectric constant
decision making                dielectric loss factor
decision support               dielectric properties
decision trees                 diesel emission
deck size                      diesel engines
decomposition                  diesel fuel
decontamination                diesel oil
decorticators                  differential pressure tank
deep bed driers                differential scanning calorimetry
deep litter housing            differentiation
deep percolation               diffusion
deep tillage                   diffusivity
deer                           digesters
deethylatrazine                digestibility
defect detection               digestion
defects                        digger
deflection                     digital
deflector                      digital elevation model
defoliation                    dilatancy
deformation                    dill
degradation                    dimensional
dimensions                        drying air
direct sowing                     drying schedules
direction                         dryland
directories                       DSSAT
dirt tare                         dual fuel
discharge                         dual wavelength
discolored                        dual-wavelength sorting
discrete fourier transform        ducks
discrete wavelet transform,       duckweed
discriminate                      ducts
discs                             durability
disease control                   duration
diseases                          durians
disinfectants                     durum
disinfection                      dust
disk                              dust control
dispensers                        dust extractors
dispersion                        dusting
displacement                      dye plants
disposal                          dynamic air velocity
dissolved oxygen                  dynamic analysis
distances                         dynamic flux chamber
distillation                      dynamics
distillers dried grain solubles   dynamometers
distributed generation            e. coli
distribution                      e. coli O157:H7
distributors                      earth
ditches                           earth moving equipment
domestic                          earth tube
double                            earthworms
draft                             eco-friendly
draft animal                      ecology
draft control                     economic analysis
drag                              economic evaluation
drain layers                      economics
drain pipes                       economy
drainage                          ecosystem
drainage channels                 eddy correlation
drainage systems                  edible fungi
drainage water                    education
drainmod                          EFDC
drains                            effect
drawbar power                     effective thermal conductivity
drawbars                          effectiveness
driers                            effects
drift                             efficiency
drilling                          effluents
drills                            egg production
drinkers                          egg shape
drinking water                    eggs
drip                              eggshell
driver                            Egypt
drives                            el niño southern oscillation
droplet size                      elastic
droplet studies                   elasticity
droplets                          electric current
drought                           electric fences
drums                             electric motors
dry feeding                       electric power
dryer                             electrical conductivity
drying                            electrical equipment
electrical safety                erosion control
electricity                      error
electricity generators           erucic acid
electricity supplies             escherichia coli
electrification                  essential oil plants
electro hydraulic                ester
electrochemical sensor           esterification
electrokinetics                  esters
electromagnetic field            estimating
electromigration                 estimation
electronic nose                  estrus
electronics                      ET estimation methods
electroplasmolysis               ethanol
electrostatic charging           ethylene
elevators                        Europe
emblems                          European
emergence                        eutrophication
emergency                        evaluation
emission                         evaporation
emissions                        evaporative
emitter                          evaporative cooling
emitters                         evapotranspiration
employment                       excavators
end effector                     exchange
endives                          exclusion
energy                           exhaust
energy balance                   exhaust gases
energy budget                    expander
energy conservation              expansion
energy consumption               experience
energy conversion                experiment
energy recovery                  expert systems
energy requirements              exploratory
energy resources                 explosion
energy sources                   exposure
engineer                         extended kalman filter
engineering                      extension
engines                          extra
enhanced morris method           extraction
enrichment                       extractors
ENSO                             extraneous matter
entanglement                     extruder
environment                      extrusion
environmental                    faba beans
environmental control            facility
environmental impact             factories
environmental protection         factors
environmental sampling           failure
enzymatic dry-grind processing   fallow
enzymatic process                family
enzyme                           fans
epic model                       farm
equation                         farm buildings
equilibrium                      farm dairy
equine                           farm equipment
equipment                        farm machinery
equipment performance            farm management
equity                           farm model
ergonomics                       farm roads
erodibility                      farm safety
erosion                          farm size
farm workers               finite element analysis
farmers                    finland
farmers’ attitudes         fire fighting
farming                    fire prevention
farming systems            firebreaks
farms                      fires
farmstead                  firmness
farmyard manure            first-order mass transfer
farrowing                  fish
farrowing room             fish farming
fatalities                 fish farms
fatigue                    fish ponds
fats                       fishes
fattening                  flail
fatty acid                 flame cultivators
fatty acid methyl esters   flap
fault detection            flax
feasibility studies        flexible
feature                    floating cover
fecal bacteria             flood
fecal coliform             flood control
fecal contamination        flood irrigation
feces                      flooding
feed additives             floor cooling
feed dispensers            floors
feed intake                florida
feed mechanisms            flour
feed troughs               flow
feeder mixer wagons        flow index
feeding                    flow meters
feedlot emissions          flowers
feedlot surface            flowing
feedlots                   flue-cured
feeds                      fluent
felling                    fluid mechanics
fences                     fluidized bed drying
fennel                     fluidized beds
fenugreek                  flume
fermentation               fluorescence
fertigation                fluorescent lamps
fertility                  fluorinated phenols
fertilization              fluorometry
fertilizer distributors    fluxes
fertilizers                flys
fiber                      foam
fiber optic                fodder
fiber plants               fodder crops
fiber quality              fogging
field crops                foliar spraying
field drying               food
field experimentation      food matrices
fields                     food pathogens
figs                       food safety
filling                    food safety inspection
film                       footing
filter strips              forage
filters                    forage blowers
filtration                 forage conditioners
fine                       forced air drying
finite difference          forced-air cooling
finite element             forces
force-to-weight ratio     fuzzy logic
forecast                  FWA
forest outflow            FWD
forest roads              FYM
forest trees              gabor energy
forestry                  gabor wavelets
forestry machinery        gamma radiation
forestry workers          gantries
forests                   gardens
forging                   garlic
fork lifts                gas chromatography
forming                   gas exchange
formula                   gases
forward speed             gasification
foundation                gates
four wheel                gauges
Four-H                    gears
foxes                     generation
frame                     generators
frames                    genetic
free                      genetic programming
free stall                geographical distribution
free-space transmission   geographical information systems
freeze                    geometric
freezing                  geometry
frequency                 Georgia
fresh                     geostatistics
friction                  geothermal energy
front                     gerbera
front mounting            germany
frost                     germination
frost protection          gin
frozen conditions         ginger
fruit                     ginning
fruit crops               GIS
fruit harvesting          glass
fruit trees               glazing
fruits                    GLEAMS
fruit-set                 glioma
FTIR spectroscopy         global positioning systems
fuel consumption          globe artichokes
fuel crops                glossaries
fuel injection            glycerin
fuel oils                 goat housing
fuels                     goats
fuelwood                  gooseberries
fumigate                  GPS
fumigation                grabs
function                  graders
fungi                     gradient
fungicides                grading
fungus                    grafting
furbearing animals        grain
furnaces                  grain bin
furnished cages           grain legumes
furrow irrigation         grain storage
furrow openers            granular
furrows                   granules
fusarium                  grapefruits
future                    grapes
fuzzy c-means             graphic
grasses               haulm strippers
grassland yield       Hawaii
grasslands            hay
gravity               hay bale
grazing               haymaking
green                 hazard abatement
green AMPT            hazards
green manures         hazelnuts
greenhouse crops      header
greenhouses           health
grind                 health hazards
grinders              health protection
gripper               health screenings
gross traction        hearing
ground                heat
ground drive          heat and mass transfer
ground pressure       heat balance
grounding             heat conservation
groundnuts            heat consumption
groundwater           heat exchangers
grousers              heat flow
growing media         heat lamps
growth                heat loss
growth chambers       heat production
growth rate           heat pumps
growth stage          heat recovery
guards                heat stress
guavas                heat transfer
guidance              heat transfer model
gully                 heat treatment
H2O                   heaters
H2S                   heating
hail                  heating systems
hail protection       height
haircoat              helicopters
hairs                 hemp
half-cooling time     herbicides
ham                   hermetic
hammer                heterogeneous
hammermill            high
hand                  high resolution
hand tools            high temperature driers
handbooks             hillside
handicapped persons   hiring
handles               hispanic
handling              history
handling machinery    hitches
hardening             hoeing
hardness              hoes
harrowing             hog
harrows               holly
harvest               home
harvest timing        homogeneous
harvester             honey
harvesters            honeydew melons
harvesting            hoppers
harvesting date       hops
harvesting losses     horizontal
harvesting robot      horse
hatcheries            horseradish
haulm destruction     horses
horticultural crops       implement carriers
horticulture              implements
house                     improvement
housing                   incinerator
housing systems           inclined
HSPF                      incorporation
human                     increment
human power               incubators
humid                     index
humid                     India
humidifiers               Indian mustard
humidity                  Indiana
humidity gauges           indicator
husking                   Indonesia
husks                     induction
hyacinths                 industrial
hybrid variability        industry
hydraulic                 infestation
hydraulic conductivity    infiltration
hydraulic design          infiltrometers
hydraulic engineering     inflation pressure
hydraulic equipment       information
hydraulic performance     information systems
hydraulic power systems   infrared driers
hydraulic vane pump       infrared radiation
hydraulics                infusion
hydrogen                  ingestion
hydrogen sulfide          injection
hydrologic                injectors
hydrologic cycle          injury
hydrologic model          inlet
hydrologic modeling       innovation adoption
hydrology                 inoculation
hydrolysis                inoculum
hydroponics               insect control
hydrostatic               insect pests
hydrothermal              insect traps
hydrothermal process      insecticides
hydroxyatrazine           insects
hygrometers               inspection
hyperspectral             installation
hyperspectral imagery     instrumentation
hysteresis                instruments
ice cream                 insulating materials
Idaho                     insulation
identification            intake
illinois                  integrated
Illness                   intensity
illumination              interaction
image                     interception
image classification      intercropping
image processing          interest
image processors          interface
image segmentation        interior
image texture             intermittent
imagery                   internal
imaging                   internal object
imaging spectroscopy      international
impact                    internet
impedance                 interrill erosion
impeller                  intervention
intrafarm transport        lagrangian
inverse modeling           lake
inversion                  lakes
investment                 lakeshore
ionization                 lambs
Iowa                       laminar entrained flow reactor
iron                       laminated
irradiation                lamps
IRRI                       land
irrigation                 land clearance
irrigation channels        land improvement
irrigation equipment       land levelers
irrigation requirements    landsat
irrigation scheduling      landscape
irrigation systems         land-use
irrigation water           lasers
irrigation water balance   latching valve
ISO Standard               latent heat
isolation                  lateral
isotherms                  lateral stability
isotopes                   Latin
issues                     Latin America
jackfruits                 latino
janssen's equation         lawns and turf
japan                      layer
japanese quails            laying hens
Java                       L-dopa
jerusalem artichokes       leachate
jet                        leaching
job                        leaf
joint                      leaf area
jojoba                     leafy vegetables
juice                      leakage
jute                       lean NOx trap
kale                       least squares
Kansas                     least-squares support vector machines
kenaf                      leaves
Kentucky                   leeks
Kenya                      legislation
kernels                    legumes
kidney beans               leisure
kilns                      lemons
kinematic                  length
kinetic energy             lentils
kinetics                   lettuces
kiwifruits                 leveling
knapsack sprayers          levers
kneeload                   LIDAR
knives                     life
kohlrabi                   life support
kriging                    lifting
kumquats                   light
labor                      light emitting diodes
labor requirements         light intensity
laboratory                 light transmission
lactic acid                lighting
lactose                    lima beans
ladders                    limb
lagoon effluent            lime
lagoon leachate            limes
lagoons                    line
linear                         machine milking
linear classifier              machine vision
linear discrimination          machinery
liners                         machinery cooperatives
linings                        machinery requirements
linkages                       magnesium
linseed                        magnetic field
lint                           magnetic properties
lint cleaner                   magnetic resonance imaging
lint value                     Maine
liquid                         maintenance
liquid fertilizers             maize
liquid manures                 maize canopy
liquid swine manure            maize pathogens
litchi                         Malaysia
litter                         management
litter treatment               mandarins
litter-based manure            mangoes
livestock                      mangosteens
livestock farming              manipulability
load management                manual operation
loaders                        manufacture
loading                        manure ammonia volatilization and
loads                          incorporation system
location                       manure management
lodging                        manure spreaders
loganberries                   manure transport
logging                        manures
logic                          mapping
logs                           maps
long term                      markers
longans                        market
longitudinal                   marketing
long-term waste applications   marrows
long-wave radiation            maryland
loosening                      mass
loquats                        mass flow
loss factor                    mass spectrometer
losses                         mass transfer
lotus                          massachusetts
Louisiana                      mastitis
low cost                       materials
low pressure                   mathematical modeling
low temperature drying         mathematical models
low volume sprayers            mathematical simulation
low volume spraying            mathematics
LSPIV                          mats
lubricants                     maturity
lubrication                    MAVIS
lucerne                        mealiness
lucerne pellets                measurement
lugs                           measuring
lumber                         meat
lupins                         mechanical
lycium chinense mill           mechanical harvest
lying behavior                 mechanical properties
lysimeters                     mechanics
macadamia                      mechanisim
mace                           mechanization
macerators                     mechanized
machine                        media
medicinal plants                  mink
mediterranean                     Minnesota
melons                            minority
membranes                         miscanthus
metabolism                        Mississippi
metabolites                       Missouri
metals                            mist application
meteorological modeling           mist blowers
meteorology                       mist irrigation
metering                          misting
meters                            mists
methane                           mixed
methane production                mixed flow
methanol                          mixers
method                            mixing
methodology                       mixture
methyl                            mobile units
methyl                            mobility
metolachlor                       mobility number
metric                            model
Mexico                            model calibration
Michigan                          model performance
microbeads                        model validation
microbial                         modeling
microchannel                      models
microclimate                      modernization
microcomputer                     modification
microfluidic                      modified
microirrigation                   modified atmosphere storage
micronization                     modulus of elasticity
microorganisms                    moisture
microprocessors                   moisture absorption
micropropagation                  moisture content
microrelief                       moisture density
microscopy                        moisture meters
microsprinkler                    moisture movement
microstrip patch array antenna    moisture specific volume
microwave                         mold
microwave dielectric properties   moldboard
microwave driers                  mole
microwave radiation               mole drainage
microwave sensing                 monitoring
middle east                       monitors
migrant                           Montana
milk                              morphology
milk cooling                      mortality
milk meters                       motion
milk pipelines                    motion resistance
milk production                   motors
milk sampling                     mountain areas
milking                           mounted implements
milking machines                  movement
milking parlors                   moving
milking robots                    mower conditioners
mill                              mowers
milled rice                       mowing
millets                           mucuna
milling                           muffler
mine spoil                        mulberries
minimum tillage                   mulch layers
mining                            mulches
mulching                                 non-composted substrate
multicrop                                nondestructive
multipass                                non-immobilized cells
multiphase contaminant transport         nonlinear
multiple                                 nonlinear regression
multiple substrates                      nonpoint
multiresolution representation           nonpoint-source pollution
multi-span                               noodles
multi-spectral                           North America
multispectral imagery                    North Carolina
municipal                                North Dakota
mushroom houses                          NOx emissions
mushroom production                      nozzles
mushrooms                                NPS
mustard                                  nuclear
nail                                     nuclear magnetic resonance
nailed                                   numerical
nanoparticle measurement                 numerical modeling
nanoparticles                            nurseries
narrow row                               nursery production
natural                                  nut
near-infrared                            nut crops
near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy   nutria
near-infrared spectroscopy               nutrient film techniques
Nebraska                                 nutrient solutions
nectarines                               nutrient transport
need                                     nutrients
nematicides                              nutrition
nematodes                                nuts
Nepal                                    oats
net traction                             object-oriented
nets                                     obstacle avoidance
netting                                  obstructions
network                                  occupational
neural networks                          occupational disorders
Nevada                                   occupational health
new                                      octanol-water partition coefficient
New Hampshire                            odor
New Jersey                               odor abatement
New Mexico                               odor dispersion
New York                                 odor emission
NH3 concentration                        odors
Nigeria                                  off road vehicles
NIR                                      off-flavors
NIR spectroscopy                         Ohio
NIRS                                     oil palms
nitrate                                  oil plants
nitrate control                          oil stability index
nitrate pollution                        oils
nitrification                            oilseeds
nitrogen                                 Oklahoma
nitrogen content                         okras
nitrogen loss                            olfactometers
nitrogen uptake                          olives
nitrous oxide                            onions
no till                                  online
no tillage                               onset temperature
NO3-N                                    OPE3
noise                                    operation
noise abatement                          operation on slopes
noise pollution                          operator comfort
operators                 particles
optic                     passion fruits
optical                   pasture legumes
optical properties        pastures
optimal                   patents
optimization              pathogens
optimization models       pattern testing
oranges                   patterns
orchard sprayers          pavement
orchards                  pawpaws
orchidaceae               peaches
order                     peak flow
Oregon                    peanut
organic                   peanut pods
organic farming           pears
organic matter            peas
organic soils             peat
organization              pecans
orientation               pectins
orifice                   peeling
ornamental bulbs          pelleting
ornamental plants         pellets
ornamental woody plants   penetration
oscillating               penetrometers
osmosis                   penman-monteith
outdoor                   Pennsylvania
outlet                    pens
outlier                   pepper
oven                      perches
overland                  perforated
overload protection       performance
overseas                  performance testing
overturning               performance tests
oxidation                 periphyton
oxygen                    perlite
oysters                   permeability
ozone                     permittivity
package                   persimmons
packaging                 personal protective equipment
packaging materials       perturbation
packing                   pest
pad                       pest control
paints                    pest control equipment
Pakistan                  pesticides
pallets                   ph
PAM                       phase
panax                     phase angle
panel                     phase shift
papaya                    Philippine
paper                     phosphates
parallel                  phospholipid
parallel model            phosphorous
parameters                phosphorus
paraplow                  phosphorus leaching
parboiled                 photo
parlor                    photocatalytic reaction
parsley                   photoelectric cells
parsnips                  photography
partial least squares     photosynthesis
particle counts           photovoltaic cells
particle size             physical
physical models              pod
physical properties          pod brightness
physicochemical properties   poinsettias
physiological                poisson's ratio
physiology                   pole
phytotron                    pole frame
picker                       policy
picking                      pollination
picking platforms            pollinator
pickup                       pollution
piezometers                  pollution allocation
pig farming                  pollution control
pig housing                  pollutograph
pig manure                   poly
pig slurry                   polyacrylamide
pigeon peas                  polyethylene
piglet                       polyethylene film
pigmentation                 polymer
pigs                         polypropylenes
pineapples                   polyurethanes
pines                        pome fruits
pinus taeda l.               pomegranates
pipe bend                    ponds
pipe drainage                popcorn
pipeline economics           poplars
pipelines                    population
piper                        pork
pipes                        porosity
pistachio nuts               porous
pistachios                   porous media
piston                       porous medium
placement                    portable
planning                     position
plant diseases               positioning
plant growth                 post-frame
plant growth modeling        postharvest treatment
plant oils                   posts
plant pathogens              pot plants
plant protection             potatoes
plant residues               potential
plantations                  pothole
planters                     pots
planting                     poultry
plants                       poultry housing
plasma                       poultry manure
plastic cladding             powder
plastic film                 power
plastic tunnels              power requirement
plastics                     power steering
plate                        power takeoffs
plate count                  power tiller
plot                         power use
plowing                      powered
plows                        practices
PLS                          prawns
PLS regression               precipitation
plume dispersion             precision
plums                        precision agriculture
plywood                      precision farming
pneumatic                    precleaners
pneumatic power              precooling
predatory mites                quality
prediction                     quality controls
predictive microbiology        quality sensing
preliminary settling           quantification
preservation                   questionnaires
preservatives                  quick
presses                        quickbird imagery
pressing                       quinces
pressure                       rabbit housing
pressure gauges                rabbits
prices                         radar
principal component analysis   radial
principle                      radiation
prisms                         radiators
probabilistic neural network   radio
probability                    radio frequency
probes                         radioactive
problems                       radiometers
process                        radishes
processing                     rain
produce simulator              rain gages
producing                      rain shelters
product                        raindrop
production                     rainfall
productivity                   rainfall simulators
profession                     raisin
program                        rakes
progress                       rambutans
propagation                    random
properties                     rangeland
proportion                     rape
protected cultivation          rapeseed
protective clothing            rapeseed oil
protective coatings            rapid
protective structure           raspberries
protein                        rates
protein modification           ratio
proximal sensing               reactive distillation
proxy                          real time
prunes                         real-time sensors
pruning                        reaper
pruning implements             receiving water
pruning trash                  recharge
psychological                  recirculation
psychrometers                  reclamation
PTO                            recognition
public                         reconditioning
puddling                       recorder
pulps                          recording instruments
pulsation                      recovery
pulsators                      recycling
pulse irrigation               red currants
pummelos                       reduction
pumping                        reels
pumpkins                       reference crop evaporation
pumps                          reflectance
punch                          reflectance spectra
puncture                       reflection
purification                   reflective
pyrolysis                      reflectometry
QUAL2E                         refrigeration
region                      ring
regional                    riparian
regression                  riparian buffer system
regression analysis         ripeness
regulation                  ripening
rehabilitation              ripping
reinforcement               riprap
relative humidity           risk
relaxation                  risk assessment
release                     river
reliability                 roads
remote control              roadside
remote sensing              robot analysis
removal                     robot navigation
renewable                   robot synthesis
repairing                   robotic
replacement                 robotic weeding
reports                     robots
requirement                 rock bed
research                    rocks
reservoirs                  rockwool
residential floors          roll
residue                     roller
resistance                  rollers
resistance to air flow      rolling resistance
resistance to penetration   rollover protective structures
resistivity                 roofs
resonance                   roost
resource                    root crops
respiration                 root growth
respiratory                 root vegetables
respiratory diseases        root zone
response                    root zone water quality model
restoration                 roots
restraint of animals        ROPS
retardant                   rose hips
retention                   rosemary
retrofit                    roses
retting                     rotary
reversible                  rotary tillers
reviews                     rotating
rewetting                   rotational speed
rheological properties      rotors
rheology                    rough rice
rhizomucor miehei lipase    roughness
rhode island                round
rhododendron                row covers
rhubarb                     rowcrops
rice                        rubber
rice hill                   rubber tracks
rice husks                  rubberized roller
rice mill                   rumen
rice seed                   runoff
rice straw                  rural
ride                        rural health
ridgers                     rusle
ridges                      rye
ridging                     RZWQM
rigid                       safety
rigid wheel                 safety at work
rill                        safety cabs
safety day camp           semi arid
safety devices            semiconducting polymer sensor
safety education          sensing
safflower                 sensitivity
saffron                   sensitivity analysis
sage                      sensor fusion
saline                    sensors
salinity                  separation
salmonella                separation efficiency
salt                      separators
sample                    septic
samplers                  sericulture
sampling                  series
sampling technique        series model
sand                      service life
sap flow                  servicing
satellite imagery         sesame
satellites                settling
satsumas                  sewage sludge
Saudi Arabia              shade
saving                    shading
sawdust                   shafts
saws                      shaker
SBSE                      shaking
scab                      shallots
scale                     shallow
scanners                  shallow groundwater
scarifiers                shape
scattering                shares
scheduling                shear
SCN                       shearing
scrapers                  shearing machines
screening                 shears
screens                   sheds
screw                     sheep
scrubber                  sheep housing
sealing                   shelf life
seasonal                  shelled peanuts
seasonal variation        shellers
seats                     shellfish
seaweed                   shelling
sediment                  shelters
sediment oxygen demand    ship
sedimentation             shipping
seed broadcasters         shock absorbers
seed cleaners             short-wave radiation
seed collection           shredding
seed dressers             shrimp
seed drills               shutters
seed germination          sickness
seed treatment            sieves
seedbed preparation       signals
seedling emergence        silage
seedling production       silage additives
seedlings                 silage making
seeds                     silhouette value
seepage                   silkworms
selection                 silo bag
selective                 silos
self propelled machines   silt
self-organizing map       simulated rainfall
simulation                 soil water potential
simulation models          soilless culture
single                     soils
sinkage                    solar collectors
sisal                      solar drying
site preparation           solar energy
site specific              solar heating
sitophilus oryzae          solar radiation
size                       solid
sizer                      solubility
sizing                     soluble solids content
skidders                   solute
skidding                   solution
skin                       somatic cell
slatted                    sonic
slaughter                  sorghum
slip                       sorghum stalks
slopes                     sorption
sloping land               sorters
slot                       sorting
sludges                    sound
slurries                   source
slurry separation          South Africa
slurry spreaders           south carolina
slurry tankers             south dakota
small                      sowing
small farms                sowing depth
small scale                soy protein
snow                       soy sauce
snowmelt                   soybean oil
social                     soybeans
society                    space science
soft                       spacing
software                   spades
soil                       spare parts
soil amendments            spatial variability
soil bins                  spatial yield variability
soil compaction            spatially variable
soil conservation          specific
soil erosion               specifications
soil erosion modeling      spectral analysis
soil frost                 spectral bands
soil heating               spectral response patterns
soil injectors             spectrometer
soil mechanics             spectrometry
soil moisture              spectrophotometers
soil physical properties   spectrophotometry
soil physics               spectroscopy
soil pollution             spectrum
soil properties            speed
soil sampling              spices
soil sensing               spillways
soil solarization          spinach
soil strength              spinner
soil structure             splines
soil surveys               spoilage
soil types                 spray boom
soil vapor extraction      spray booms
soil water                 spray deposition
soil water content         spray drift
soil water movement        sprayers
spraying                       stream
spraying equipment             stream restoration
sprays                         streambank
spreaders                      streambank erosion
spreading                      streamflow
springs                        strength
sprinkler irrigation           stress
sprinklers                     stress analysis
squashes                       stresses
stability                      stressor analysis
stability ratio                strip mine
stabilizers                    stripping
stables                        strips
stack                          structural components
stage                          structures
staging                        stubble
stalk                          student
stalls                         study
standardization                study design
standards                      stumps
starch                         submerged
starch                         submerged culture
static mixer                   submerged flow
static reactor                 subsoil
static test                    subsoilers
station                        subsoiling
stationary                     substrates
statistical analysis           subsurface
statistics                     subsurface drainage
steam                          subsurface drip irrigation
steel                          subsurface irrigation
steering                       subtropical crops
stems                          subtropical fruits
stereo                         subtropics
stereoscopic                   suction
stereovision                   sudan
sterilization                  sugar
stickiness                     sugarbeet
stiffness                      sugarcane
stir bar sorbtive extraction   sulfur
stirling                       sulfur dioxide
stomata                        summer
stone                          sunflower seeds
stone fruits                   sunflowers
stone pickers                  superheated
storage                        supplement
storage losses                 supply
storage quality                supports
stored products pests          surface
stores                         surface area
storm                          surface drainage
stover                         surface energy balance
strain                         surface irrigation
strain gages                   surface plasmon resonance
strategy                       surface roughness
stratified                     surge irrigation
straw                          surveys
straw walkers                  susceptibility
strawberries                   suspension seats
stray                          suspension systems
stray voltage                  suspensions
sustainable                        texture
SWAT                               TFM
swedes                             Thailand
sweep                              theory
sweet peas                         thermal
sweet potatoes                     thermal conductivity
sweet sorghum                      thermal defoliation
sweetcorn                          thermal diffusivity
swine                              thermal properties
swine lagoon liquid                thermal screens
swine manure                       thermochemical
switchgrass                        thermochemical conversion
symbols                            thermocouples
system                             thermodynamics
table                              thermogravimetric analysis
Taiwan                             thermometers
tamarillos                         thermoregulation
tamarinds                          thermostats
tandem                             thin layer
tangelos                           thin layer drying
tank irrigation                    thinners
tanks                              thinning
tare                               three dimensional
target                             three point
taro                               threshing
tassel emergence                   threshing drums
TDR                                threshing machines
tea                                throughput
teach                              tilapia
teatcup liner                      tile
teatcups                           tile drainage
teats                              tile drains
technical                          tillage
technique                          tillage systems
technology                         tiller
technology transfer                timbers
tedders                            time
teenage                            time domain reflectometry
telemetry                          tines
temperate fruits                   tire pressure
temperate small fruits             tires
temperature                        tissue culture
temperature gages                  titanium dioxide
temperature humidity index (thi)   TMDL
temperature prediction             tobacco
temporal                           tomato management
tenderness                         tomatoes
Tennessee                          tomography
tensile                            tool carriers
tensile strength                   tools
tensiometers                       topography
tension                            toppers
terminology                        torque
terraces                           torsion
terrain                            total maximum daily load
test procedure                     tourism
test reports                       tower driers
test rigs                          trace metals
testing                            tracer
tests                              tracked vehicles
texas                              tracking
tracks                      turkeys
traction                    turmeric
tractive efficiency         turning
tractors                    turnips
traditional                 turnover
traffic                     twin probe method
trafficability              two dimensional
trailers                    two stage
training                    two wheel
trajectory                  type
tramlining                  udders
transducers                 ultralow volume sprayers
transesterification         ultralow volume spraying
transfer                    ultrasonics
transient                   ultrasound
transient airflow pattern   ultraviolet
transition                  ultraviolet radiation
transmission                uncertainty
transmissions               underground structures
transpiration               unheated
transplanters               uniformity
transplanting               united states of america
transponders                universal
transport                   university
transportation              unloaders
transportation costs        unloading
transporters                unsaturated
traps                       unshelled peanuts
trash                       unsupervised classification
tray driers                 uptake
treatment                   uranium
tree plantation nursery     urban
tree shakers                urban storm water
trees                       urea
trellis                     US
trench cutters              USDA
trends                      USE
triaxial                    USLE
tribology                   Utah
trickle irrigation          utility
trimmers                    utilization
triticale                   UV
trolleys                    V-belt
tropical climate            vacuum
tropical crops              vacuum cooling
tropical fruits             vacuum drying
tropics                     valencia peanuts
troughs                     validation
trucks                      value
truss                       valves
tsetse                      vanes
tubers                      vanilla
tubes                       vapor pressure
tubing                      vaporization
tulips                      variability
tunnel driers               variable rate application
tunnel sprayers             variables
tunnels                     variance-based method
turbines                    variation
turbulence                  variety
turf                        variogram
vegetables                               wastewater irrigation
vegetation                               water
vegetation indices                       water balance
vegetative                               water balance method
vehicles                                 water budget
velocity                                 water conservation
velvet bean                              water core
ventilated bin driers                    water distribution
ventilation                              water filters
ventilation rate                         water flow
vents                                    water harvesting
vermiculture                             water harvesting capacity
vermont                                  water management
vertical                                 water pollution
VFA                                      water potential
viability                                water quality
vibrating                                water resistance
vibration                                water stress
vibratory                                water supply
video cameras                            water table
village                                  water table depth
vine                                     water use efficiency
vineyards                                waterbed
virginia                                 waterbody
virtual                                  watercress
VIS                                      watermelons
viscoelasticity                          watershed
viscosity                                wave
visibility                               wavelet
visible and near-infrared spectroscopy   wavelet analysis
vision                                   wavelet transform
visual                                   wear
viticulture                              weather
vitreous                                 weather data
VOC                                      weather stations
voice recognition                        weed control
volatile                                 weed stress
volatile fatty acids                     weeders
volatilization                           weeding
voltage                                  weeds
volume                                   weevil
vortex                                   weigh
wafer                                    weighers
wafering                                 weighing
walking                                  weight
walking tractors                         weight loss
wall load                                weight measurement
wall pressure                            welding
walls                                    welfare
walnuts                                  wells
washing                                  welsh onions
Washington                               WEPP
wasp                                     west virginia
waste disposal                           wet feeding
waste heat utilization                   wetlands
waste management                         wetting
waste treatment                          wheat
waste utilization                        wheel load
waste water                              wheel slip
waste water treatment                    wheels
wastes                                   whey
white currants     wood frame
whole grain        wood residues
wide span          wood truss
width              woods
wild fruits        woody plants
willows            work capacity
winches            work study
wind               workability
wind damage        workable days
wind effects       workers
wind loads         working conditions
wind machines      world
wind power         wrappings
wind protection    Wyoming
wind speed         X-radiation
wind tunnels       X-ray
windbreaks         xylanase
windmills          yams
window             yards
windrowers         yield estimation
windrowing         yield limiting factors
windrows           yield loss
winter             yield map
winter hydrology   yield monitor
wire               yields
wirework           youth
Wisconsin          youth education
women              zeolites
wood               zone
wood chips         zooplankton

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