Utility Bill Refund Email is a Scam

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                                          Utility Bill Refund Email is a Scam
                                          Beware of email offering $480 home heating refund
                                          By Mark Huffman

                                          October 10, 2007

                                          With winter on the way and the                Home Heating Costs                                       October 17 2007
                                          U.S. Department of Energy
                                          predicting a sharp increase in                                                            Brits Find Obesity Deadlier Than Smoking
                                          heating bills, consumers are                                                              Study: Farm Kids Have Lower Risk of Asthma
                                          likely looking for any feasible                                                           Class Action Charges Fraud in Organic Milk Sales
                                          way to cut expenses.                                                                      Feds Gloomy as Mortgage Meltdown Continues
                                                                                                                                    Drug-Resistant Bugs Growing
                                          Scammers are apparently playing on                                                        AT&T Changes Contract Policy
                                          those concerns in hopes of snagging                                                       Group Hits Apple Over 'Toxic' iPhone
                                          the unwary in a new phishing                                                              Prepaid Wireless Plans Can Save Time & Money
                                          scheme.                                                                                   Study Warns of Sushi Risks
                                                                                                                                    More News ...
                                          DOE says scammers are sending out             • Utility Bill Refund Email is a
                                          spam email, pretending to be from             • Winter Heating Costs Projected
                                          the federal agency. DOE says it               To Hit Record Highs
                                          believes the purpose of the scheme            • Biofuels Moving to the Suburbs
                                                                                        • Speculation Driving Natural Gas
                                          is to infect victims’ computers with          Prices, Report Charges                      Yamaha PZ50 Snowmobiles
                                          malware that will allow hackers to            • Consumers Sweating Over
                                                                                                                                    Oro Bicycle Disc Brakes
                                          steal sensitive information, such as          Home Heating Bills
                                                                                        • Global Pressures Pushing Oil              Huffy 'Howler,' 'Highland' Bikes
                                          user names and passwords.                     Prices Higher
                                                                                        • Consumers Face Sharply                    Rocky Mountain Solo Bicycles
                                          The subject line in the email says            Higher Heating Costs                        Kawasaki Power Tool Batteries
                                                                                        • Consumer Group Wants Ban on
                                          “Urgent Notification” and informs             Exports of Heating Oil                      Collections Etc. Double Hammocks
                                          the recipient that an analysis of their       • Oil Prices Jump Despite 'Light'           J.C. Penney Shag Rugs
                                                                                        Hurricane Damage
                                          bills shows they are due a refund                                                         Ross Stores Turtle Sprinklers
                                          from DOE for $480.58. To receive the refund, they must click on a                         ConAgra Recalls Banquet, Albertson's, Food Lion,
                                          link in the message. Doing so, says DOE, infects the computer.                            Great Value, Kroger & Other Pot Pies
                                                                                                                                    More Recalls ...
                                          DOE says the email appears to come from refund@energy.gov.
                                          The agency says that address does not exist. DOE also said it does                        READER SERVICES
                                          not collect revenue from, or issue refunds to, the general public
                                          via email.                                                                                Print, Email & More

                                          More Scam Alerts ...

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