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									UNM Health Sciences Center Office of Diversity and UNM Hospitals convened its statewide health careers pipeline forum in May 2008. The event, Looking to the Future: Preparing for the
Next Generation in Health Careers, brought together stakeholders from middle and high schools; colleges, universities, and professional schools; healthcare employers, providers, and
professionals; and citizens from rural and tribal communities from all regions of New Mexico. Over 100 people took part in the event. After the forum, an implementation team was established to
advance the participants’ recommendations, and that team has developed the following plan. (The full report, containing all 19 final forum recommendations, is available at www.nmfirst.org). The
implementation team is chaired by Arthur Kaufman, M.D.and Valerie Romero-Leggott, M.D. from Albuquerque.

 Priority                             Objectives                                                                                     Key Actions

 Nursing Clinical Education           Increase availability and access to nursing and allied health clinical education               1.   Hold a statewide meeting for all nursing educators and health
                                      opportunities and sites, both rural and urban, in New Mexico.                                       service partners to explore the nature and extent of the
 (Advancing forum rec. 7)                   Explore web-based system for coordinating and scheduling clinical multi-                      problems surrounding clinical placements (Date: 3/12/09 at
                                            disciplinary rotations                                                                        1:30 pm. Location: Albuqueque with video and
                                            Increase clinical educational opportunities to meet learning objectives                       teleconference options available).
                                            Increase utilization of simulations                                                      2.   Gather data from all clinical institutions and nursing schools
                                                                                                                                          through survey and phone interviews, if needed, prior to
                                            Create a professional development path for clinicians
                                            Insert Evidence-based Nursing Practices (EBNP) into clinical education                   3.   Determine next steps based on outcomes of meeting.
                                                                                                                                     4.   Research functions and costs of various web-based
                                                                                                                                          scheduling systems.
 Web-based Career Information         Create a web portal for Health Careers in NM loosely based on the look/feel of the             1.   Develop prototype of a web portal for Health Careers in NM.
                                      social networking system Facebook to be made available to all stakeholder groups               2.   Invite feedback from others in the health careers community.
 (Advancing forum rec. 2, 8, 13,      (e.g., schools, colleges, recruiters, students, health clubs, etc.) and for all disciplines.   3.   Create recommendations regarding critical issues, e.g.,
 16, 18)                                     All stakeholders can create a group and provide content.                                     scope definition, management, membership, access
                                             The site can provide links to local, state, and national information.                        parameters and control, and connection to other sites.
                                             The site should be easy to navigate and use of the site can be tracked.                 4.   Meet with HED personnel to explore synergy with the Carve
                                                                                                                                          Your Path program.
                                                                                                                                     5.   Invite other organizations to provide content and links
 Secondary and Post-secondary         Explore feasiblity of submitting a grant to the Gates Foundation to fund secondary             1.   Send a prospectus package to foundation outlining the
 Projects                             and post-secondary Math/Science education projects or health career projects                        progress NM has made in developing alliances for advancing
                                      throughout New Mexico.                                                                              collaborative programs.
 (Advancing forum rec. 5)

UNM Health Careers Pipeline Implementation Plan

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