The Academy of Academics Technology Course Outline Spring 2008 Course Ca by xml31992


									                            The Academy of Academics & Technology
                                       Course Outline
                                         Spring 2008

Course:             Career Research & Decision Making
Course Number:            1700380
Credit:                   ½ (.5)
Instructor:         Jacquelyn Crutchfield
Text:               Workplace Essential Skills (Employment)
Online Resource:

Unit 1: Planning to Work

Objectives:    - Think about work
               - Make a career plan
               - Research jobs and careers
Video:         Video Program One - "Planning to Work"
Workbook: Chapter One (pages 11-28)
Internet Site: "Major & Career Profiles at"

Unit 2: Matching Skills & Jobs

Objectives:    - Assess your skills, experiences, and interests
               - Use want ads and job postings to find out about available
               - Make the job search your job
Video:         Video Program Two - "Matching Skills and Jobs"
Workbook: Chapter Two (pages 29-46)
Internet Site: "CareerBuilder Quick Job Search"

Unit 3: Applying for Jobs

Objectives:    - Explore the application process
               - Understand how employers screen job seekers
               - Complete job application forms
Video:         Video Program Three - "Applying for Jobs"
Workbook: Chapter Three (pages 47-64)
Internet Site: "Online Application Form"

Unit 4: Résumes, Tests, and Choices

Objectives:    - Learn about things to look for in a job
               - Practice comparing job opportunities
Video:         Video Program Four - "Resumes, Tests, and Choices"
Workbook: Chapter Four (pages 65-82)
Internet Site: "CareerZone"
Unit 5: Interviewing

Objectives:    - Understand the interview process
               - Prepare for an interview
               - Learn appropriate ways to follow up after an interview
Video:         Video Program Five - "Interviewing"
Workbook: Chapter Five (pages 83-100)
Internet Site: "Job Networking"

Unit 6: Ready for Work

Objectives:    - Understand your employer's expectations
               - Learn the meaning of "work ready"
               - Working as a new hire
Video:         Video Program Six - "Ready for Work"
Workbook: Chapter Six (pages 101-118)
Internet Site: "Job Savvy"

Unit 7: Workplace Safety

Objectives:    - Understand safety issues
               - Recognize safety problems
               - Learn how to protect yourself and coworkers
Video:         Video Program Seven - "Workplace Safety"
Workbook: Chapter Seven (pages 119-136)
Internet Site: "Ergonomics"

Unit 8: Learning at Work

Objectives:    - Learning on the job
               - Taking charge of your own training
               - Training over the long term
Video:         Video Program Eight - Learning at Work
Workbook: Chapter Eight (pages 137-154)
Internet Site: "Career Planning

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