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					Business for Sale in St. Maarten, Caribbean

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  Subscribe FREE!                                         FEBRUARY 2007                                                                       Janet Robertson, Good Cards
                                                                            Issue 1                                                           In 1988, Janet, who had been working
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                                                   LETTER FROM THE EDITOR :                                                                   friend to the U. S. Virgin Islands for one
                                                   An Unexpected Welcome                                                                      week. Upon her arrival back to JFK
   CARIBBEAN REAL ESTATE                                                                                                                      airport on a typically grey day, she
         SEARCH HERE                               C O U N T R Y F O C U S : Dominica                                                         looked out the window and thought
                                                     Pioneering: Education and Schooling                                                      "what am I doing??" Six months later,
                                                     Sniff Test: Health and Medical Care                                                      she had relocated to the Caribbean.
                                                     Culture: Carib Heritage: All That Jazz!                                                  Being a lover of greeting cards and
                                                                                                                                              giving them, she realised there was no
                                                                                                                                              place to buy a 'decent' card on St.
                                                   SPECIAL REPORTS                                                                            Maartin. She always said, "St. Maarten
REACH OVER 350,000                                  Spicestyle Change:Moving to Grenada                                                       needs a good card shop!" Hence the
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                                                   Greeting Card & Gift Shop located at a
our Site for Huge Traffic
                                                   popular marina on the beautiful island of                                                  How To Get A Yachting Job : Where to
Volume! Click here to find out                     St. Maarten in the Caribbean!                                                              go to look for a yachting job. : Who to
how we can help you sell your                                                                                                                 talk to get it. : Where to stay while
property, business,                                Established 1997, includes $30,000 worth                                                   searching for employment. : How to
opportunity, ebook or idea.                        of inventory with renewable 5 year lease                                                   make ends meet until you find a job. :
                                                   of 900 sq. ft. Immediate residency status                                                  About and how to deal with crew
Full-Length Articles                               with work permit upon sale with transfer                                                   agencies. : Extremely effective means
Featuring YOUR Home or                             of the Business & Director's Licenses.                                                     of obtaining employment outside of
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get exposure! Sell your                            Live the dream! For Sale at $129,000!                                                      interviewing. : The pros and cons of
property or business (or                                                                                                                      working on a charter yacht versus a
business opportunity) through                                                                                                                 private yacht. : Crewing as a couple. :
                                                   Location: St. Maarten, Netherlands
editorials and feature articles!                                                                                                              Vital tips that will put you ahead of the
                                                   Antilles, The Caribbean
                                                                                                                                              pack. : Crucial mistakes not to make
                                                   Category: Retail sales of greeting cards
Need Exposure for your                                                                                                                        and much, much more.
                                                   and various gift items
Large Real Estate                                  Asking Price: $129,000
Development? Advertise your                        Inventory/Stock Value: $35,000                                                             By crewing aboard a mega yacht you
project, your resort, your spa,                    Year established: 1997                                                                     can live the dream. You will be able to
your condo's, your timeshare...                                                                                                               travel to the most exotic ports in the
whatever you're promoting - in                                                                                                                world. You can go snorkeling in pristine
                                                   Interested in Moving Down to St. Maarten and Starting a New Life on                        bays, watch the sun melt away as you
                                                   a Busy Tropical Caribbean Island Selling Cool Stuff?                                       eat fresh lobster, go parasailing or
                                                                                                                                              spend your days just lazing on the
                                                   It's a thoughtful and caring person who spends time choosing a card, buying                beach. And someone actually pays you
                                                   it, writing a personal message and sending it.                                             to experience it. It gets even better!
                                                                                                                                              You will also have all of your living
                                                                                                                                              expenses paid. Sound good? Well it
                                                   Janet Robertson, owner of Good Cards in St. Maarten, will miss all those                   gets even sweeter! Not only will you be
                                                   kind and thoughtful customers that regularly visit her shop when she sells her             getting paid for your travels and have
                                                   business. And that's exactly what she has decided to do; after ten years the               no living expenses, but you will be
                                                   time has come to sell and focus on her three year-old daughter.                            living on a multimillion dollar yacht.
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                                                   cards', and has a wonderful selection of unusual gifts to choose from.

                                                   As any shopping expert will tell you, there's 'therapeutic shopping' (that's the (1 of 3) [26/10/2006 07:24:18]
Business for Sale in St. Maarten, Caribbean

                                                   one where the little plastic friend starts to get frayed at the edges), and then     Does this sound like a more rewarding
Visit our Archives! Click here                     there are 'therapeutic shops'. Good Cards is a therapeutic experience from           package than the perks your getting at
to explore our archived                            the moment you cross the threshold into a small world full of attractive             your current job? Then now is the time!
articles.                                          colours, sights, sounds and the the fresh, evocative scent of lemongrass oil
                                                   diffused into the air.
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                                                   St. Maarten, reference is made to Good Cards as "one of the best card and            Take a close look at Offshore
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                                                   Voted "Best Gift Shop on the Island, 2005"                                           professionals that includes bankers,
other people need to know
                                                                                                                                        accountants and Banking, corporate
about the Caribbean.
                                                   It doesn't get more flattering than that you would think, but you would be           structures and assistance in moving
                                                   wrong! In fact, Good Cards was voted "Best Gift Shop on the Island for               your assets offshore is just part of the
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                                                   2005" from a popular poll done by a local newspaper, The Daily Herald. When          low cost confidential offshore services
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                                                   your local shoppers take time out to fill in a card about their favourite shop, it
comment? Want more info?                                                                                                                explains the advantages of the British
                                                   seems that there really are some nice people about in St. Maarten. Most of
Different info? We want you to                                                                                                          Virgin Islands amongst other offshore
                                                   them, it seems, can be found browsing amongst the jewelry, maps, local art
be satisfied, so tell us what                                                                                                           jurisdications.
                                                   and fascinating gifts in Good Cards, between the hours of 10am and 6.30pm.
you think...
                                                   The balance of the customers you find in the store live and work in the                CLICK HERE
                                                   seething, busy cultural melting pot that constitutes the Dutch/French island
                                                   of St. Maarten. Janet started the shop because she saw there was a gap in
                                                   the market for local residents to buy unusual and different gifts. There were
                                                   plenty of tourist shops stuffed to the I-beams with gifts sporting the island's
                                                   motifs, but nothing for the locals.

                                                   They come again and again for the stunning views across Simpsons Bay and
A comprehensive list of                            the mountains; for the easy parking on the main road to the airport; on the
downloadable ebooks                                way home from work; for the sense of discovery with each new shipment of             Tired of paying 15%-20% to the
available from Caribpro. Titles                    lovely unique products; for the funny cards, and for the latest line of              Yacht Brokers? Learn more about how
include:                                           ‘Goddess' cards (which are going like hot cakes), and the unusual blank              you can put your banner for your
                                                   journals that you can't find anywhere else on the island and are such a              Crewed Yacht Charter in the British
Costa Rica: Living There                           steady year-round best-seller.                                                       Virgin Islands on our pages.
The Golden Door to Retirement
                                                   They come in answer to the silent invitation from a burgundy velvet sofa in            CLICK HERE
Retirement Planning For                            the corner, deep and comfy like home, where one can spend a thoughtful
Offshore Living: Maintain and                      moment writing a message in a newly purchased card, adding an address,
Enhance your lifestyles                            and popping next door to the post office to send it.
spending less than 25% of
your monthly budget.                               "The new owner," says Janet firmly, "should be prepared to work in the shop
                                                   fulltime... at least at the beginning. Its more profitable that way, and it's the
Retire In Mexico: Live                             only way to really learn the business." Presently, she has one full time
                                                   employee who runs the shop while she spends time with her daughter.
Better For Less. Live in
Mexico and join the many
other retires who have done                                                                                  The end of the year is
their homework, which                                                                                        always busy, and on        Yes, you can live in Belize -
resulted in mexico where you                                                                                 a late November            By Lan Sluder - How to Live, Retire,
can live better for less.                                                                                    night Janet closes the     Work or Invest in Belize - The
                                                                                                             store at 6.30 pm in        English Speaking, Frost Free Paradise
Escape The Corporation :                                                                                     the dark, the end of a     On The Caribbean Coast - For a certain
How to live the life you've                                                                                  long, but fulfilling       kind of person there is a certain kind of
always dreamed of - free from                                                                                day. As she leaves,        place; and for certain people that place
the corporate slog.                                                                                          she looks up for a         is Belize. Belize - the laid back
                                                                                                             moment at a word           Caribbean country of Central America!
Belize: Living There How to                                                                                  made out of light          It's a favorite of those seeking a calmer
Live, Retire, Work of Invest in                                                                              wood that she has          lifestyle in close proximity to the
Belize.                                                                                                      hung along a wooden        wonders of nature. It's also become
                                                                                                             ceiling beam. The          one of the hottest expatriate
Nicaragua: Real Estate                                                                                       letters are big and        destinations in Caribbean Latin
                                                                                                             golden, glittering in      America.'s not for everyone, but it
Property and land bargain
                                                                                                             the shop lights: "L O      may be for you. If so, there's a new
amidst colonial splendour.
                                                                                                             V E", and she smiles       eBook that will take you to Belize and
                                                                                                             as she locks the door      help you stay there.
Plastic Surgery in The
                                                                                                             behind her. That's a
Caribbean: Inexpensive, High                                                                                 nice word to take
Quality Cosmetic Surgery.                                                                                    home from work.

Living & Investing: In
Panama Find your dream in                          So, if you are interested in moving to St. Maarten and starting a new life and
                                                   business in this tropical paradise, there is really nothing to stop you. The
panama by enjoying an
                                                   Directors and Business Licences, Work Permits and Residency will all be
affordable and comfortable
                                                   granted within 6 months, and the process starts as soon as the deal is struck.
setting.                                                                                                                                Belize Special Report
                                                   One of the great benefits of this particular deal is that Janet is not leaving the
                                                   island, and so if a few more questions crop up after the handover, she is only         CLICK HERE
The Portable Professional:
                                                   a five minutes away. This is a great business at an affordable price... Start
Using technology, log in from                      packing!
anywhere and earn a living.
please yourself and make
money doing it. (2 of 3) [26/10/2006 07:24:18]
Business for Sale in St. Maarten, Caribbean

For a complete list of                             A Few Useful DETAILS:
                                                   Location: St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, The Caribbean
Caribbean e-books, click
                                                   Category: Retail sales of greeting cards and various gift items
here                                               Asking Price: $129,000
                                                   Inventory/Stock Value: $35,000
                                                   Year established: 1997
                                                   Number of employees: 1
                                                   Trading Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am - 6:30 pm. Saturday 10 am - 5:30 pm
                                                   Expansion Potential: Yes!
                                                   Competition/Market: Only Card Shop on the island.
                                                   Property Information: Renewable 5 year lease on 900 square feet (84 square

                                                   Janet can be contacted for more details at:
                                                   Palapa Center and Marina
                                                   Airport Road, Simpson Bay
                                                   St Maarten, N.A.
                                                   The Caribbean
                                                   Phone +1 (599) 545 4488
                                                   Or email at

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