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					CTI PFAN Africa
Forum for Clean
Energy Financing

Applications must   1
                    1    Introduction

be received by      2
                    2    Competition Guidelines

23rd April 2010     3
                    3    Selection Criteria

                    4    Timeline

                    5    Industry Experts / Coaches

                    6    Judging Panel

                    7    Awards

                    8    Frequently Asked Questions

                    9    Organisers

                    10   Application Form

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

Sponsors and Organizers
Funding Sponsors


Co-Organizers / Event Partners

A   number of government departments and agencies in Mozambique, Uganda and South Africa
    have been invited to support the Forum as Co Organisers and local Event Partners. At present
the following co-organisers are con rmed with others to be announced shortly:

Managed by:

                           and others tbc

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

1. Introduction
"The world faces the daunting combination of surging energy demand, rising greenhouse gas emissions and
tightening resources. A global energy technology revolution is both necessary and achievable; but it will be a
tough challenge. No single form of energy or technology can provide the full solution." Nobuo Tanaka, Executive
Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Tokyo, June 2008

W    e believe there are many who have the same passion for the environment as we do. Individuals who
     not only possess bright and innovative ideas that can shape the environmental future of tomorrow
but have the determination to carry these ideas out into completion. That person could be you!

The CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing (AFRICEF), promoted by the Climate Technology
Initiative (CTI) and its Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN), the Renewable Energy and Energy
E ciency Partnership (REEEP), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the
International Centre for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT), seeks to nurture individuals, project
teams and consortia, start up and existing companies with environmentally bene cial business
proposals with the aim of making them happen.

Once you have quali ed for the 2nd stage of the Forum, you will receive coaching from experts in
the eld, who will guide you in creating a nancially, socially and environmentally viable business
plan. With this concrete business plan, you will be able to stand in front of investors with full
con dence that it will be well received and that it is ready for action. An investors’ forum will
be held in Johannesburg to which potential investors will be invited to provide you with an
opportunity to present your plan and help source the nancing that you need. In addition, a
panel of judges, made up of investors, industry specialists and business executives who have a
keen interest in enabling cleaner and greener projects will select the best projects for award of
the CTI Africa Clean Energy Financing Awards.

Accordingly, it is our expectation that through this Forum, there will be a marriage between
budding entrepreneurs and ready investors. So take your ideas to the next level and grab this
opportunity to see your business proposals transform into business reality.

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

2. Competition Guidelines

A   ny persons or company resident or actively operating and / or registered in any African country
    may participate in the Forum. Project applications from Eastern and Southern Africa and particularly
Mozambique, Uganda and South Africa will be given priority for participation in the business plan
competition. While there is no restriction on the size of the company / project / sponsor the awards are
designed to re ect excellence in new ventures.

Focus of Business that will be considered

T   he business must promote or use clean energy technologies, products or services; these include for
         Biomass                         Forestry
         Biogas                          Rural Electri cation
         Bio fuels                       Distributed & O grid Generation
         Solar                           Energy Storage & Conservation
         Wind                            Energy E ciency
         Geothermal                      Waste to Energy
         Hydropower                      Emissions Reduction
         Tidal / Ocean                   Clean Transport

Competition Categories

O    nly business opportunities that require total (initial) capital in excess of US$1 million (or any
     currency equivalent) will be considered.

Acceptable Business Plans
Plans eligible for the competition, may include, but are not limited to:
•   New venture / new business (incl. green eld utility projects)
•   Downstream project: deployment of an existing clean technology (green eld and
    brown eld projects)
•   Upstream technology development: development and commercialization of a new clean
•   Merger or acquisition which will add value to an existing / current clean energy / technology
•   Joint venture, alliance or network based business (e.g. creation of a new entity from existing

Proprietary Information and Con dentiality

T   he organizers respect the con dentiality of all participants' business concepts and plans. Business
    concepts, overviews and plans will not be copied for any purposes other than use in the Forum /

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

Competition. The judges also recognize the sensitivity of the materials being presented and undertake
that they are bound by the same considerations of con dentiality. Teams may choose to include the
following optional disclaimer on the cover sheet of their submissions, recognizing that it is not a legally
binding agreement:

“This business plan is con dential and is presented solely for the purpose of evaluation in the Africa Forum for
Clean Energy Financing & Business Plan Competition. This plan may not be reproduced or redistributed in whole
or in part. By accepting a copy of this plan, the recipient agrees not to reproduce or disclose the contents of this
plan to third parties without the prior written consent of its authors. “

Prospective participants in the Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing & Business Plan Competition
may ask that con dentiality agreements be secured from coaches, organizers and / or judges. While the
organizers of the Forum / Competition appreciate the concerns behind these requests, as a matter of
convention and practicality, con dentiality agreements are not signed as part of the Africa Forum for
Clean Energy Financing & Business Plan Competition. If participants do not want certain rms or
individuals to judge their business plan because the team has invested in potential competitors, this
should be noted in the application.

Submission of Applications

A      ll submissions are to be made in electronic format. Consideration should be given to the size of
       individual les to ensure ease of transmission. To increase information security and authenticity,
    les should, where possible, be submitted in PDF format and nancial models in Excel format.

The application consists of:
•     The completed application form in pdf format
•     The excel project data sheet
•     The Executive Summary in pdf or word format together with any supporting annexes and
      information as considered useful.

The documents are available for downloading at http://www.ctipfan.net/events_detail.
php?eventsid=25 No other documents will be taken into consideration for the shortlisting.

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

3. Selection Criteria
Stage 1: Business Executive Summary Submission / Shortlisting
Initial application: open category no limit to number of participants

      NO.                                ASSESSMENT CRITERIA                              WEIGHTING
                  Value Proposition & Business Model:
                  - the core purpose and value of the proposition
        1         - clear identi cation of the market segment                             15%
                  - description of the project’s competitive strategy
                  - feasibility and scalability of the business model
                  Market Understanding and Analysis:
        2         - analysis and knowledge of the market size, trends, barriers and       15%
                  Management Team:
        3         - experience and track record of the team                               12,5%
                  - organization
                  Operations & Implementation:
                  - construction and implementation of the value chain
        4         - inbound and outbound logistics                                        12,5%
                  - analysis of the activities necessary to transform the inputs /
                  activities into the nal product
                  - overview of capital expenditure, revenue and cost
                  - explanation of assumptions
        5                                                                                 15%
                  - proposed nancing structure
                  - nancial projections and scenario analysis
                  - exit plans
                  Risk Mitigation:
        6         - principal risks are identi ed and appropriate mitigation strategies   10%
                  identi ed
                  Environmental & Developmental Bene ts:
        7         - reduction of GHG                                                      10%
                  - other developmental bene ts (job creation, health etc)
        8         Technological, Product or Service Innovation                            5%
                  Professionalism and Presentation:
        9         - structure & presentation of document                                  5%
                  - easy to read and comprehend
                                         TOTAL                                            100%

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

This portion of assessment would not judge teams based on how completethe business plan is. It will be
judged more on the potential for success. Attention will be paid to identifying proposals which are technically
feasible but have yet to develop a strong business angle. The same goes for business plans that seem less
professional but which might actually have potential given adequate support.

Based on the above criteria up to 15 project teams will be shortlisted (4 from Mozambique, 4 from
Uganda, 3 from South Africa and 4 from other Countries) to receive free coaching on project development
and further structuring, design and presentation of their business plans.

Stage 2: Business Plan Guidance & Coaching / Selection as Finalist

W     ith the support of the Coach each team will prepare a draft business plan for consideration and
      selection as either Finalist or Semi Finalist projects. The coaching will be designed to focus on
the speci c requirements of each selected project with a view to preparing projects for the Forum and

During the coaching period and after the Project Development and Financing Workshops each
team will be required to submit an initial draft Business Plan and the assigned coaches will make a
recommendation as to which projects are ready and suitable for presentation at the Forum as Finalists
based on the following criteria:

       NO.                               ASSESSMENT CRITERIA                              WEIGHTING

        1          Value Proposition & Business Plan                                      10%

        2          Readiness for Implementation                                           10%

        3          Market Analysis and Competitive Advantage                              10%

        4          Management Capability                                                  15%

        5          Operational Feasibility                                                15%

        6          Economic Attractiveness                                                15%

        7          Risk Mitigation                                                        15%

        8          Industry Expert Feedback                                               10%

                                          Total                                           100%

This portion of assessment would judge teams based on a critical review of the business plan considering
amongst others issues whether it is
•   thoroughly prepared,

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

•   economically attractive,
•   has identi ed a strong market demand for the business
•   shows a competitive advantage in the market
•   demonstrates a strong, committed management team and / or a clear recognition of what will be needed,
•   has a sound investment structure, with potential exit strategies for investors,
•   is well thought out in terms of risk / threats and opportunities involved.

Stage 3: Business Plan Presentation / Investor Pitch

U    p to 9 teams will be given the opportunity to make an investor pitch presentation at the Forum in front
     of specially assembled investors and nanciers and the expert judging panel. The following assessment
criteria will be used by the judging panel in selecting the best projects and making the awards:

       NO.                                ASSESSMENT CRITERIA                           SCORE 1-10

        1          De nition and knowledge of the market
                   De nition of products or services
        2          - Value Proposition
                   - Innovation & IP
        3          Credibility of Revenue Generating Strategy / Growth Strategy
                   Credibility of Marketing Plan and Implementation /
                   Operations Strategy
                   Achievability / Credibility of Financials
                   - credibility of capital expenditure & assumptions
                   - achievability of projected revenues
                   - reality of scenario analysis
                   Identi cation, enforcement and protection of Competitive
                   - identi cation of chief threats and opportunities
                   - protection of IP where applicable
        7          Suitability & E ectiveness of Risk Mitigation Strategies

        8          Focus on Critical Elements for Success of Business

        9          Environmental Impact & other Developmental Bene ts

       10          De nition and Potential of Investor Exit Strategy


The panel of judges will be provided with a copy of the business plan some days ahead of the Forum for
advanced review and preparation. The judging of the competition will however be based largely on the
presentation and its immediate impact. After each presentation there will be a round of Q&A from the judges.

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

4. Timeline
The timeline of the Forum / Competition is scheduled as follows:

     Stage                  Deliverables                    Submission Date            Noti cation
                        Application Form &
        1                                                    23rd April 2010                 30th April 2010
                        Executive Summary

        2                Draft Business Plan                  28th May 2010                 11th June 2010

        3                Final Business Plan                  9th July 2010

        4                 PPT Presentation                    20th July 2010

        5                    Final Pitch                      21st July 2010

Stage 1: Executive Summary Submission

T  he submission of the Application to Participate together with the Executive Summary and
   Project Data Sheet must be made by Midnight (Central African Time) on Friday 23rd April 2010
to peter.storey@pplint.com and kuroda@icett.or.jp. Guidelines for the preparation of the Executive
Summary are available at http://www.ctipfan.net/events_detail.php?eventsid=25

Participants selected to advance into the next round will be noti ed by Friday 30th April 2010.
Immediately following this noti cation, organizers will work with the selected participants to
arrange the agreed coachingsupport for the next stage of the competition.

Stage 2: Coaching and Business Plan Preparation

In this stage of business plan guidance, industry experts chosen based on the scope of the
 Team’s business plan will assist the teams in preparing a concrete business plan. This support,
up to ve days in total, will be provided at no cost to the participants.

By midnight (Central African Time) on Friday 28th May 2010, the shortlisted teams are required to
have submitted an initial ( rst draft) business plan that would at least detail the following items:
1. Value Proposition and Business Model
2. Market
3. Team
4. Operations / Implementation
5. Financials

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

6. Risk Mitigation
7. Exit Strategy

During the Coaching Period and before the end of May project development and nancing workshops
will be held for the shortlisted project teams. The location and the timing of the workshops will be
announced at the start of the coaching period. Participation in the workshops will be free to all shortlisted

The submission of the initial Business Plan must be made by 28th May 2010. Guidelines for the
preparation of a Business Plan are available at http://www.cti pfan.net/events_detail.php?eventsid=25

Stage 3: Investor Forum and Final Pitch

B   ased on the submitted Business Plans and recommendations by the Coaches and industry experts, up
    to 9 teams will be selected to attend a 2 day Investment Forum in Johannesburg and present their
ideas to specially convened investors and an expert judging panel. This will include an expense paid trip
to Johannesburg including accommodation and travel cost. The selected teams will continue to receive
coaching up to the day of the Forum.

The outline program of the 2 day Investment Forum in Johannesburg on 20th and 21st July 2010 is as

Day 1: The rst day will consist of a workshop at which it is anticipated that the nalists will work
to put the nishing touches on their investor pitch presentations. The workshop will be led by
industry specialists and investment experts and there will be opportunity for mock presentations
/ dry runs in preparation for the formal presentations on Day 2.

Day 2: During Day 2 the intention is that a number of interested investors will be invited to join
the Forum and each nalist will be given the opportunity to make a 15 20 minute presentation.
This presentation will be in front of interested investors and a panel of judges who will choose
the winner of the CTI Africa Clean Energy Financing Awards for 2010.

The results of the presentation will be announced in the evening of this second day and prizes
will be presented at the award reception and ceremony.

All teams that have taken part in stage 3 of this business competition will be invited to
participate in a reception event where competitors and investors can continue to interact
informally. Participants who were eliminated during stage 2 may, at the discretion of the
organizers, be invited to join the Forum.

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

5. Industry Experts / Coaches
Teams selected to advance into stage 2 and 3 will be o ered:
•    One on one coaching up to an agreed time (expected not to exceed 5 days in total) / monetary value
     as negotiated between the organisers and the nominated coaches.
•    Coaching will be provided by industry experts, consultants and advisors who are members of the CTI
     PFAN Network (see www.ctipfan.net). The nominated coaches have extensive experience in providing
     such services within the clean energy markets internationally and in Africa.
•    Coaching input will be provided by e mail and telephone exchange between the parties but funding
     is available to ensure that face to face meetings will be possible during stage 2 & 3 of the Forum. In
     addition group coaching will be provided

6. Judging Panel
T   he judging panel will consist of industry experts, investors and nanciers chosen from and
    familiar with the local business environment of the projects. To ensure suitability and objectivity
of the judges and avoid possible con icts of interest the judging panel will only be nominated
and announced after selection of the Finalist projects for the Forum.

7. Awards
T  he CTI Africa Clean Energy Financing Awards will be made to the 3 projects adjudged by
   the panel of judges to have best met the assessment criteria. It is anticipated that all project
teams participating in the Forum will continue to receive CTI PFAN support in promoting their
business plans and securing investment and be inducted into the CTI PFAN development
pipeline accordingly. In addition the 3 award winners will receive further intensive one on one
coaching in progressing their business plans towards nancial close, accessing investors and
deal facilitation and to these ends will be showcased at other fora and events of CTI PFAN, the
Sponsors and Co Organisers.

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

8. Frequently Asked Questions
1. How is the Forum / Business Plan Competition being organized?
•    The FORUM is being funded by a number of groups including CTI, CTI PFAN, REEEP, USAID & ICETT. As
     Global Coordinator/African Coordinator of CTI PFAN, PPL International (PPL) has been engaged by CTI/
     ICETT to manage the call for proposals and the evaluation under stages 1 and 2. PPL will also work with
     participants to identify and engage suitable mentoring support.
•    The evaluation of the executive summaries and business plans will be supported by members of the
     CTI PFAN Network and others drawn from the industry within the region and internationally. A number
     of these individuals are expected to provide mentoring for participants in the competition. CTI/ICETT
     will give nal approval on the nalists for each stage based in recommendations from the evaluation
     team led by PPL.
•    The Forum to be held in Johannesburg will be organized in cooperation with a number of local
     partners, including [tbc].
•    A panel of up to 5 judges will hear each of the presentations on the second day of the Forum and
     will decide amongst themselves which should receive the African Clean Energy Financing Award
     for 2010.
•    In this rst year of AFRICEF project applications from (situated in) all African countries are
     eligible. However applications from projects in Mozambique, Uganda will be prioritized.

2. Are there guidelines for preparation of the Executive Summary / Business Plan /
Yes. Please refer to the appropriate downloads listed below for detailed guidelines.
•    Executive Summary Guidelines
•    Business Plan Guidelines
•    Presentation Guidelines

3. How will mentoring / coaching support services be arranged and funded?

T  he needs of each qualifying project team will be reviewed with the organizers and an
   appropriate coaching package agreed. The payment for these services will be made directly
by the organizers to the provider / nominated coach.

4. Who is responsible for the Team’s expenses and traveling costs?
•    All costs for the preparation, submission and correspondence related to application and
     participation in the Forum will be at the respective project team’s own expense.
•    Pre agreed third party costs for coaching / mentoring will be supported as outlined in 3.
•    Travel and accommodation costs for those invited to attend the Johannesburg Forum and
     where applicable the Project Development and Financing Workshops will be arranged by the
     organizers in consultation with the selected projects.

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

5. What are the bene ts of participation in the Forum / Business Plan Competition?
•    For those who qualify for stage 2, there will be free coaching mentoring and support provided
     to assist in bringing your business plan to a stage where it is of a high quality and ready for
     presentation to potential investors.
•    Those involved in the coaching and mentoring have signi cant experience in this market and in
     particular in assisting in the preparation and presentation of business plans and sourcing investments.
     This experience will be available to all participants.
•    You will receive free expert inside guidance, input and insight into the development and presentation
     of your proposal / business plan.
•    The second day of the Forum will bring together a range of investors who are active in the clean energy
     sector in Africa. This will provide an opportunity for one on one contact to explore possible nancing
     for your business. As a result of the presentations the organizers will facilitate follow up meetings with
     Investors as appropriate and required.
•    All project proposals submitted to the Forum will be considered for induction into the CTI PFAN
     development pipeline. Such projects will be provided ongoing support and advice on the
     development and presentation of their business plans and will be pro led among the CTI PFAN
     investor networks.

6. Can other modes of presentation be used to support the business plan?

Y    ou may choose to use video or any other form of appropriate presentation media (within reason
     and logistical availability) to support your business plan under stage 2. The nal presentation
in front of the judges at the Johannesburg Forum is, however, limited in time and much of their
evaluation will be on your success in convincing them of the credibility of your business plan. As
such you should carefully consider the format and timing of your presentation and it is expected
that you would only use a limited number of PowerPoint slides (and other media) to reinforce
your presentation.

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

9. Organizers
L    isted are the pro les of the co organizing committee involved in putting together the Forum and the
     business plan competition:

Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) is a multilateral initiative, currently functioning as an implementing
agreement under the International Energy Agency, bringing together Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland,
Germany, Japan, Norway, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. CTI
fosters international cooperation in the accelerated development and di usion of climate friendly and
environmentally sound technologies and practices. More information is available at www.climatetech.net

Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN) is a multilateral,
public private partnership initiated by the CTI in cooperation with the UNFCCC Expert Group on
Technology Transfer. CTI PFAN was established to bridge the gap that exists between investors and
 nanciers on the one hand, and entrepreneurs and project developers on the other. CTI PFAN targets
clean energy projects that may be suitable for private sector nance at an early stage and then acts as a
project nancing coaching and consultancy service to guide such projects to bankability and nancial
closure. For more information, go to www.ctipfan. net

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) promotes long term and
equitable economic growth by supporting economic growth, agriculture and trade, including
sustainable energy initiatives; global health; and democracy, con ict prevention and humanitarian
assistance. USAID supports CTI PFAN through its Bureau for Economic Growth Agriculture and
Trade (EGAT) in Washington, DC, as well as its Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA)
based in Bangkok, Thailand. RDMA’s ECO Asia Clean Development and Climate Program (ECO
Asia) acts as the Regional Coordinator for CTI PFAN in Asia, and has initiated CTI PFAN country
networks in China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. More information is available at

The Renewable Energy and Energy E ciency Partnership (REEEP) is an international
multi stakeholder partnership which aims to accelerate the market for renewable energy
and energy e ciency. REEEP is a non pro t, specialist change agent, with a primary focus on
emerging markets and developing countries. REEEP initiates and funds projects with targeted
interventions in two speci c areas that o er the greatest potential for developing the market
for sustainable energy: assisting governments in creating favorable regulatory and policy
frameworks and promoting innovative nance and business models to activate the private
sector. REEEP provides funding support for CTI PFAN activities in Mozambique and Uganda. More
information at www.reeep.org and www.reegle.info

The International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT), established
in 1990 by Mie prefecture and Yokkaichi City with the active support of the Japanese national
government, industries and academic circles, is contributing to international environmental
conservation e orts by transferring Japan's accumulated technological and administrative know
how and experiences to developing countries, with an emphasis on meeting speci c needs in each

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

country. ICETT is the CTI secretariat and provides administrative and logistical support to CTI PFAN
globally. Further information at www.icett.or.jp

PPL International is an independent nancing advisor specializing in structuring projects and raising
 nance and investment for clean & renewable energy projects in developing countries. PPL works in
Africa, Asia and the CIS and Eastern Europe. PPL is Global and African Coordinator of CTI PFAN. For further
details, refer to www.ppl-int.com

The Rural Electri cation Agency (REA) is a semi-autonomous institution which is responsible for
executing Government’s Rural Electri cation Programme. The Agency was established in July, 2003. Its
major responsibilities include: planning and packaging projects for public or private investment in rural
electri cation and renewable energy power generation; implementation of priority rural electri cation
projects; administering capital subsidies for private investments; maintaining a national data base for
rural electri cation; advising the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development on policy issues in rural
electri cation. The Agency has been able to procure private operators to manage 7 rural electri cation
distribution concessions. Further information at www.rea.or.ug

South Africa’s National Energy Research Institute (SANERI) is the public entity entrusted
with the coordination and undertaking of public interest energy research, development and
demonstration. SANERI is a relatively new body, established by the Minister of Minerals and Energy
in October 2004, as a subsidiary of CEF (Pty) Ltd, the state energy company in South Africa. The
Department of Science and Technology, together with the Department of Minerals and Energy, are
joint custodians of SANERI and assist in providing political and strategic focus for the company. For
more information go to www.saneri.org.za

The Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) is an apex body for the private sector in
Uganda. It is made up of 144 business associations, corporate bodies and the major public
sector agencies that support private sector growth. PSFU is a focal point for private sector
advocacy as well as capacity building and sustains a positive dialogue with the Government of
Uganda on behalf of the private sector. PSFU currently manages the private sector component
of the Government’s Energy for Rural Transformation Project (ERT). This includes provision of
business development support to: a) prospective renewable energy generation project promoters
to advance their projects to nancial closure; b) private sector organizations / industries to enable
them implement energy saving and other power improvement measures. More info about PSFU at

Fundo de Energia (FUNAE) is a public institution subordinated to the Minister of Energy
of Mozambique which integrates also the ministries of Finance, Agriculture and Industry and
Commerce. Its mission is to promote access to energy in a sustainable and rational way that
contributes to the economic and social development of the country. FUNAE works in those
regions which the national grid does not reach and focuses predominantly on solar electri cation,
power generation from biomass and mini-hydro resources, fuel distribution, mini grids and
productive uses of power/energy. More information at www.funae.co.mz

CTI PFAN Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

10. Application Form
I/We, hereby indicate our interest to participate in the African Clean Energy Financing Forum and
Business Plan Competition. In submitting this application we acknowledge the general terms and
conditions of the Forum and Competition as outlined in the guidelines.

Team Name:

Business Proposal Title:

Project location:

Signed on behalf of the team by on (date)

Name & Date:

  This Application Form together with the Excel Project Data Sheet and the Executive
  Summary must reach PPL / ICETT by 23rd April 2010. Submission should be made by
  email to peter.storey@ppl-int.com and to kuroda@icett.or.jp

For more information about the competition details, please contact:
PETER STOREY at peter.storey@ppl-int.com; and/or
TAIKI KURODA at kuroda@icett.or.jp