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									A Proposal for the Position of Athletic Coordinator for the Chinook School Division/South West Athletic Conference Purpose Statement for the Position To promote and facilitate the achievement of the educational missions, goals and objectives of Chinook School Division and the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association through interschool athletics. Rationale and Background Interschool athletic activities in Saskatchewan rely heavily on time invested by teachers. It is not uncommon for these individuals to devote hundreds of hours in a school year to use interschool athletic opportunities to teach and coach the children of our schools through sports. Besides the significant time and energy commitment needed to provide quality opportunities for the students they coach, many of these volunteers have had the added responsibility of administering leagues and playoffs. Often, these responsibilities are handed to new teachers who have no experience with administering leagues or playoff tournaments. This added burden creates significant time pressure on these people, as they strive to balance their investment in the students through their curricular and cocurricular commitments. Having an athletic coordinator would significantly reduce the administrative work load currently performed by teachers and volunteer coaches, and would greatly enhance the organizational efficiency of athletics within our school division. Suggested Roles and Expectations for the Athletic Coordinator Positions Note: the terms ”division ” and ”district” are used interchangeably, as the athletic body of the Chinook School Division will be called the South West Athletic Conference by SHSAA. Communication • Promote the values, goals and objectives of the Chinook School Division and the SHSAA as they pertain to interschool athletics (Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship) • Coordinate communication between Chinook School Division senior administration, schools and the SHSAA • Facilitate district and league meetings for school athletic directors and coaches • Coordinate communication between provincial sport governing bodies and coaches • Communicate safety issues and Chinook School Division policies pertaining to interschool athletics • Promote interschool athletics in the Chinook School Division through the media (newspapers, radio, SWAC website, etc.) • Update and communicate the constitution and bylaws of the South West Athletic Conference • Update the South West Athletic Conference web site (District database)


Organization • Coordinate and structure leagues and conferences within the school district • Coordinate and structure conference and district playoffs • Act as co-commissioner for all SHSAA regional and provincial playoffs hosted within the Chinook School Division • Act as the Officials Commissioner for SWAC and coordinate officials district championships, as well as SHSAA regional and provincial playoffs • Promote the spirit of volunteerism for all students through workshops involving hosting, banner making, officiating, and scorekeeping. Administration • Book hotel rooms and arrange transportation for regional and provincial championships. • Process expenses related to interschool athletics (officials, travel and accommodations cost for regional and provincial championships) • Assist with establishing the School Base Fund for athletics • Reduce the work load of volunteer district athletic administrators (SHSAA District President and Officials Commissioner) by planning meetings and communicating to schools • Trouble shooting/conflict resolution in athletic matters. • Identify & collate the athletic resources within the Division. • Coordinate the use of athletic resources within the Division. • Assist with the purchasing equipment related to athletics. Mentorship • Provide assistance to new coaches (planning, instruction, etc.) • Assist coaches in hosting responsibilities for tournaments and playoffs • Provide support to officials Curriculum Duties • Assist with implementation of new curricula in the areas of Physical Education. and Wellness 10. • Promote safety issues in the areas of Physical Education and athletics. • Assist teachers with their Physical Education programs, classes and lesson preparation. • Promote PD opportunities in athletics and physical education • Disperse information from professional organizations (SPEA, CAHPERD, etc.) • Promote Physical Education activities such as In-Motion.


Suggested Qualifications for the Athletic Coordinator • • • • • • • • • • Bachelor of Education degree (We feel that it is important that the perspective of a teacher/coach be brought to this position.) Teaching, coaching and officiating experience Experience with Curriculum Implementation. Strong interpersonal (communication and leadership) skills Experience with the Chinook Division and SWAC District athletic governance within the structure of the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association Experience with interschool athletic administration Desire to promote the values, goals and philosophy of the SHSAA Familiarity with the range of athletic activities offered within SWAC Familiarity with the issues related to athletics in the Chinook School Division Well organized (budget management, meeting facilitation, computer skills, etc.)

Recommendations for the Position • • • • • The Athletic Coordinator is seconded from their regular teaching position within the Chinook Division. The secondment will be for a maximum of five years, with the opportunity for the incumbent to re-apply for the position at that time. The Athletic Coordinator could be based out of the school they are seconded from. The suggested salary for the Athletic Coordinator could be identical to their teaching salary. A suggested budget of $30,000. be established to cover professional development, mileage, meal and administrative expenses (e.g. paper, photocopying, computer supplies, telephone, etc.) for the position.


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