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									              World War I                                       Wednesday, 10/21: HOMEFRONT: Propaganda
            Homework Packet:                                                      In Class: reading, analysis of posters
                                                                                  Homework: none
     Extra Challenge Assignments
                                                                Thursday, 10/22:     HOMEFRONT: Propaganda
 Name ____________________________________                                           In Class: create propaganda, share
                                                                                     Homework: finish propaganda, prepare for sim.

                                                                Friday, 10/23:       Alien and Sedition Act
Thursday, 10/8     Causes of WWI: The Balkans Explode                                In Class: congressional debate simulation
                   In Class: lecture, discussion                                     Homework: none
                   Homework: complete HW assignment #1

Friday, 10/9:      WWI Warfare and Weapons
                   In Class: TBA
                   Homework: none

Monday, 10/12:     WWI Warfare and Weapons
                   In Class: TBA
                   Homework: complete HW assignment #2

Tuesday, 10/13:    Tensions Increase Between U.S. &
                   In Class: primary source study, discussion   Monday, 10/26:       Treaty of Versailles
                   Homework: complete HW assignment #3                               In Class: simulation
                                                                                     Homework: complete HW assignment #5
Wednesday, 10/14: Debate on Entry Into the War
                  In Class: debate                              Tuesday, 10/27:      Failure of the Treaty of Versailles
                  Homework: None                                                     In Class: notes, pol. cartoons, reading
                                                                                     Homework: finish pol. cartoons, study for test

Monday, 10/19:     World War I Geography                        Wednesday, 10/28: Voices from World War I
                   In Class: map work                                             In Class: documentary
                   Homework: finish map and classwork                             Homework: study for test

Tuesday, 10/20:    U.S. “Over There”                            Thursday, 10/29:     Review for the Test
                   In Class: song, notes, primary source                             Homework: study for test
                   Homework: complete homework #4
                                                                Friday, 10/30:       WORLD WAR I UNIT TEST
           World War I Extra Challenge Assignment Log
         Reminder: All assignments that are to be completed on separate sheets should be typed or written
         neatly. Then, they should be stapled to this packet.

       Assignment #1:                                                                  “The Road to War”
       1. Read Chapter 11.1 (pp. 324-327)
  #1 2. Reflect on the causes of WWI.
       3. Complete the “The Road to War” chart in the homework packet.
       4. Answer the following question in a paragraph: Was World War I unavoidable? Explain.
       5. Requirements: Use specific details from the reading.

       Assignment #2:                                                                 “Wilson and Neutrality”
       1. Read Chapter 11.2 (pp. 328-333)
       2. Create responses that each person would have made in an interview on the events leading up to U.S. entry into
       WWI. (SIX RESPONSES IN TOTAL) Include the thoughts and feelings of each individual on the event and each
       event’s importance.
               a. An American on the sinking of the Lusitania
               b. A German on the sinking of the Lusitania
  #2           c. An American on the Sussex pledge
               d. A German on the Sussex pledge
               e. An American on the Zimmermann Note
               f. A German on the Zimmermann Note
       3. Requirements: Use specific details from the reading. Response length is one paragraph for each!

Req3 Assignment #3:                                                           “America Prepares for War”
       1. Read Chapter 11.3 (pp. 334-337)
       2. Many of the methods to prepare war were controversial. Review the following items:
        -- Committee on Public Information -- Selective Service Act       -- Espionage Act and Sedition Acts
  #3   3. Create TWO posters for each, one that supports the method and one that criticizes the method.
          (SIX POSTERS TOTAL!).
       4. Requirements: Use specific details from the reading. Use words and images both on the posters. They should
           look professional. Staple the posters to this packet.

       Assignment #4:                                           ______                Americans “Over There”
       1. Read Chapter 11.4 (pp. 338-341)
       2. Pretend you are American Expeditionary Force leader, General John Pershing. Write a letter to President Wilson
  #4      that discusses the following:
          • The latest happenings in Russia (one of your allies) and its impact on the war
          • The American Expeditionary Force in battle (Belleau Wood, Chateau -Thiery, etc.)
          • Why the addition of the U.S. will benefit the Allies (your opinion)
       4. Requirements: Use specific details from the reading. Minimum length is 1 1/2 pages

       Assignment #5:                                                                     “Establishing Peace”
       1. Read Chapter 11.5 (pp. 342-347) and Wilson’s Fourteen Points (pp. 348-349)
       2. Pretend you are President Wilson. Write two diary entries that cover the following topics:
  #5        The Treaty of Versailles’ terms and your personal opinions on it
            Your reaction to Congress not passing the treaty of Versailles
       3. Requirements: Use specific details from the readings in your entries. Minimum length is 1 1/2 pages!
Assignment #1: The Road to War
Directions:   1. Read Chapter 11.1 (pp. 324-327).
              2. Reflect on the causes of WWI.
              3. Then, rank the causes of World War I in order of importance, based upon the impact each had on causing World War I.
                 (1 being the most important and 5 being the least important).
              4. Justify your ranking by explaining the significance and impact each had. Make sure your justifications include
                  both explanations and historical evidence (specific details).

         CAUSE                            (1 = most
           OF                              5 = least
       WORLD WAR I                       important)                                       JUSTIFICATION(S)




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