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Objective TLW comparecontrast Apartheid in South Africa with the by few71840


									Objective: TLW compare/contrast Apartheid in South Africa with the Civil Rights
Movement in the U.S.

Activity: We would do a K-W-L chart on the Civil Rights Movement. This will be an
activity in an American History lesson. It would be during Black History Month. After
discussing MLK and other famous black activists, we will discuss all we know about this

After discussing Civil Rights in the U.S., we will bring in the struggles in South Africa
for the sake of comparison/contrast. We would do a K-W-L chart on this as well.

After completing our KWL charts, we would discuss if these things are still on going in
the US and in South Africa. We would discuss the progresses of each nation and the
people who have influenced the progress. We would discuss Nelson Mandela. Then, we
would compare and contrast him with Martin Luther King.

We would then construct a Venn Diagram with Apartheid and Civil Rights Movement as
the central topics. We would see how many similarities and differences we had.

Conclusion: At the end of the lesson, we will discuss what we learned. For homework,
the class would write a paper describing a prejudice in our world today.

Source: Enchantment of the World: South Africa, by R. Conrad Stein.

Tonyae Burnett

October 5, 2005

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