Power of Attorney to Manage Real Property by pellcity27


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									                      Power of Attorney to Manage Real Property

I, (name of principal), of (street address, city, state, zip code), hereby make, constitute
and appoint (name of agent), of (street address, city, state, zip code), my true and lawful
attorney-in-fact, in my name, place and stead, with respect to real property.

       A. To lease real property;

       B. To accept real property as a gift or as security for a loan;

       C. To collect, sue for and receive all rents, receipts and profits of real property;

       D. To conserve, invest and use any and all of such rents, profits and receipts;

       E. To eject and remove tenants or other persons from real property;

       F. To recover possession of real property by all lawful means;

       G. To do any act of management and conservation of real property;

       H. To maintain, protect, repair, preserve, insure, build on, demolish, alter or
       improve all or any part of real property;

       I. To employ laborers about real property;

       J. To subdivide, develop, dedicate to public use without consideration, or to
       dedicate easements over, real property;

       K. To obtain or vacate plats and adjust boundaries of real property;

       L. To adjust differences in valuation on exchange or partition of real property by
       giving or receiving consideration;

       M. To pay, compromise or contest tax assessments, and to apply for tax refunds
       in connection with real property; and

       N. To release or part
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