Health Authority Approves Budget Plan by few71840


									                                 Budget Balanced, Services Retained
June 13, 2003
                                 Health Authority
  Budget Highlights
-Operating expenditures will
                                 Approves Budget Plan
increase by $27.9 million or
5.9% to 499.1 million.
$22.3 million of this amount
will be directed to salary and
-The Region aims to sustain
the current level of
operations and scope of
services without making
major changes.
-Capital expenditures for the
year will be $9.7 million.
-Construction projects in
                                                                                             Photo: Medical Media Services
process include the Fort
Qu’Appelle Indian Hospital       The Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority approved the Region’s budget
Project. Planning is             management plan at a meeting this afternoon.
underway for the Moosomin        The Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority (RQRHA) has approved the
Integrated Facility.
                                 Region’s budget management plan for 2003-2004. It will be a balanced budget,
For more highlights, go to       despite projecting the highest expenditures on health care ever seen in southern
                                 Saskatchewan. The plan was released at a special Authority meeting this
                                 afternoon at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre in Regina.
                                 The Region plans to spend $508.8 million this year in meeting its mission of
What’s Inside                    being a provincial resource for quality health services ranging from health
                                 promotion to specialized care, education and research. Operating expenditures
    • Caring for the             will increase by $27.9 million, or 5.9% over last year. Capital expenditures will
      Community                  increase by $0.3 million, or 3.2%.
                                 “We very much appreciate the 6.2% increase in funding provided to the Regina
  • Maclean’s Ranks              Qu’Appelle Health Region in the provincial budget last March,” said Murray
     RQHR a Top                  Knuttila, Chairperson of the RQRHA. “The greatest part of this increase will be
      Performer                  directed to improving the salaries of health care providers. This represents a
                                 very real and important advance in our ongoing commitment to the recruitment
                                 and retention of front-line health care workers.”
   • Fifty Plus Now
                                 Knuttila said that even with the high costs for requirements such as drugs, new
    Called Seniors’
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                                 technology, medical supplies and energy, the Region aims to maintain its
    Healthy Living               current level of operations and scope of services without major changes. “Our
        Program                  staff and physicians remain committed to providing quality services within
                                 available resources,” he said.
Caring for the Community
RQHR employees in Regina
provided a whole lot of elbow-
grease to give the Senior Citizen’s
Centre of Regina a good spring
cleaning at this year’s United Way
Day of Caring on June 4.
One day, every year, businesses,
organizations, corporations and
associations in Regina pitch in to
help United Way member agencies
                                                 Photos: Medical Media Services
with different work projects.
“Besides being a fantastic            Helen Grimm, Bev
opportunity for the RQHR to           Alfano, Leanne Luciuk,
contribute to the community, the      Bernie Webster, Irene
Day of Caring was a chance to get     Olah, Helen Wold and
to know fellow employees outside      Scott Kaza. The team
the work environment,” says Glen      extends a big thank
Perchie, Executive Director,          you to Doug Wilson
Emergency, EMS and Ambulatory         from RQHR Facilities
Care, who along with Peggy            Management and
Drake, Manager, System Wide           Anita Lalonde from
Admission and Discharge               Superblinds who
Department (SWADD), co-led the        donated materials.            Regina employees in action at the Senior
                                                                    Citizen’s Centre during the United Way Day of
RQHR team. “It was a lot of fun.”                                   Caring, June 4.
Peggy Drake agrees, adding it was
great to see so many RQHR             Al Ritchie Health Action Centre Celebrates
employees volunteer to lend a         Day of Caring
hand. “The Day of Caring was a        By Brian Gieg, Community Outreach Coordinator
wonderful opportunity to meet
and work with the Region’s            The RQHR’s Al Ritchie Health Action Centre in Regina celebrated its
clients in their own community        sixth year of involvement with the United Way’s Day of Caring event by
and neighborhood,” she says. “It      partnering with SaskEnergy to host a ‘Birthday Bash Picnic’ at the Core
strengthens our understanding of      Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre on June 4, 2003. The picnic, open to
the people we serve as health care    participants in the Centre’s programs, honoured Regina’s 100th birthday
professionals.”                       and featured games, sidewalk art, painting and potting plants, face
                                      painting, SaskEnergy’s Lotta, Sharon and Karen mascots, and a
The RQHR’s United Way Day of          performance by a local magician. Hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit and
Caring team included: Glen            vegetables, as well as a huge birthday cake, were served. Almost 200
Perchie, Peggy Drake, Darlene         participants attended.
Hozempa, Margaret Peterson,
             Analysis and Comparison
                                on the
      Romanow and Kirby Report                                                    e-link is published weekly by
                           A presentation by                                      Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region
        Murray Knuttila, Chairperson, Regina                                      Public Affairs for employees,
        Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority                                      physicians and volunteers. We
                                                                                  welcome submissions from
Three sessions will be held from 1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.:                             Region programs, services and
• June 16, Wascana Rehabilitation Centre, Meeting Room 5                          employees. Submissions are
                                                                                  subject to the editorial guidelines
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• June 18, Regina General Hospital, Meeting Rooms 4 & 5
• June 26, Pasqua Hospital, Meeting Room 4 & 5                                    of e-link. For more information,
                                                                                  contact: Public Affairs at 766-5227
Everyone is welcome! Call Denise at 766-5433 to register.                         or
Conference Shows Youth the                                                     Boy Helps Pasqua
Technological Side of the RQHR                                                 Hospital Auxiliary Get
RQHR Facilities Management               Hill, Sask Energy/Trans Gas, and      New Wheelchairs
showed students in grades 10, 11         Scott Redl, SaskPower led the
and 12 that the health region is         Region’s session. They presented
about more than patient care; it         the students with an overview of
also has a crucial, highly               the Region and an overview of the
technological side.                      technology involved with the
It was all part of the Digitized         Cogeneration Project at the RGH.
Youth Conference hosted by               Fourteen students attended.
Industry Canada and included             “We presented examples of
                                         practical applications of
                                         technology, and showed how
                                         digital technology is affecting the
                                         Health Region. Our heating,
                                         ventilation and air conditioning
                                                                                              Photo: Medical Media Services
                                         systems are now completely
                                                                               Six-year-old Nicholas Leslie and
                                         digital,” says Whiteman.
                                                                               Auxiliary Volunteer Shirley Brown,
                                         “We were able to show the             pose beside a wheelchair with nine
                                         students how technology has           ice cream pails filled with pop can
                                                                               tabs. Nicholas started collecting the
                                         grown in the Health Region, and       tabs last year, after learning that
These microturbines, part of the         explain the education and training    accumlated tabs can buy new
Cogeneration Project at the RGH,
were a part of the tour students took    that was needed for our workers.      wheelchairs. On May 15, Nicholas
to see the technological side of the     We identified the economic and        was presented with a certificate of
                                                                               appreciation and a can of his
Health Region.                           environmental benefits of this        favourite pop to start a new
participants such as RQHR,               emerging technology along with        collection. The Pasqua Hospital
SaskPower and SaskEnergy. The            thoughts on future expansion          Auxiliary, and all the folks who will
                                         possibilities.”                       benefit from new wheelchairs, are
goal of the conference was to                                                  grateful for Nicholas’ significant
encourage students to pursue a           The students were taken on a tour     contribution.
career in technology. About 375          of the Cogeneration Project and
students from the public and             told how the two Microturbines                RQHR SOS Golf
separate school systems in Regina        produce 120 Kilowatts of                       Tournament
took part in the half-day event          electricity, which is then reverted         Saturday, June 28
held May 6.                              back to the SaskPower grid, but the       Long Creek Golf Course
Peter Whiteman, Manager,                 exhaust produced is captured and                 Avonlea
Building Maintenance Services,           used to heat the water at RGH. The          $60 golf, cart and meal
Facilities Management, Pasqua            students commented that this                   $48 golf and cart
Hospital, Doug Wilson, Manager,          presentation was both interesting                $12 meal only
Building Maintenance Services,           and informative.                         All golfers must have a cart
Regina General Hospital, Fred                                                             25 team limit
                                                                                 2 RQHR employees per team
 Summer 2003                             Got Questions about the               Transportation available for
RQHR Employee                            RQHR Fitness Club?                    $10/per golfer - seats are
Fitness Program                          Submit your questions for response    limited, so book early.
                                         to the RQHR Fitness Club’s new        Registration deadline is
Get into shape this summer by            electronic form, available on the     June 20, 2003. For more details,
joining one of the RQHR’s Muscle         Intranet.                             call Denise at 766-5433.
Mix and Aquacize programs.               Fitness Club Members are asked to
Schedules and registration forms         update contact information at
are available on the Intranet site, by
                                                                                                                              page 3

calling the Fitness Hotline at
766-5241, or by emailing                 Not a member? Check out the club Register      by taking a virtual tour on the
before June 26!                          Intranet.
Fifty Plus Now Called Seniors’ Healthy Living Program
The Fifty Plus Program in the         promote healthy lifestyles and to      often alert seniors to support
Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region       provide information to seniors         mechanisms in the community, or
has changed its name to the           allowing them to make informed         just point them in the right
Seniors’ Healthy Living Program       healthy choices. We reach our          direction.”
to better reflect its programs and    audience through various ways,         Corkery and Nichol are also
the clients it serves.                including group sessions, drama        heavily involved with the fall
The process to choose a new name      presentations, and newsletter          influenza campaign. “We work
included consulting the Fifty Plus    articles. We work closely with         with the Immunization
Advisory Committee, holding two       other RQHR departments and             Department to develop and
focus groups with seniors, and        community based organizations.         distribute resources about the
conducting a survey of 236            Client input is an essential           vaccine. We also work with Public
seniors. Seniors’ Healthy Living      component of our program               Affairs and Health Promotion to
Program was the name chosen by        planning” says Judy Corkery.           publicize the campaign and then
79% of survey participants.           The Seniors’ Healthy Living            coordinate the influenza clinics at
The program has two public            Program also provides some             many community locations.”
health nurses - Judy Corkery and      telephone counselling to seniors       For more info about the program,
Louise Nichol. “Our goal is to        and makes phone referrals. “We         call 766-7766 or 766-7767.
                                                                             TeleHealth Saskatchewan
The Bear Ambulatory Surgical Hospital (B*A*S*H) tent - only one part          Education
of the Teddy Bears’ B*A*S*H - is always a big hit!! This year was no
exception. Surgery, X-rays, casting, immunizations, lab work, and so
much more, were available to be experienced by the children and their        June 26, 11:00 a.m.-Noon
stuffed animals.                                                             Pediatric Rounds (Saskatoon) -
                                                                             Dr. Shoo Lee presents: Evidence
On behalf of the B*A*S*H committee we would like to thank the
                                                                             Based Practice Change for Quality
following people who co-ordinated their areas in the tent.
                                                                             Improvement in the Canadian
Wanda Antosh, Cityview Optometry – Lookin’ Good Bear                         Neonatal Intensive Care Units.
Joanne Burchi, Chemistry, RGH – La-BEAR-atory
                                                                             TeleHealth sessions are held in
Leila Christ, Massage Therapy Association – Teddi-ssage
                                                                             Meeting Rooms 7 and 8, at the
Andrea Deregowski, ICS office, PH – Triage and volunteer coordination
                                                                             Regina General Hospital.
Peggy Drake, SWADD, RGH – Admitting
                                                                             Register at least three days prior
Rachel Arndt, WRC – Rehabili-teddy
                                                                             to the event by calling the
Doreen Doucette, SWADD – Admitting
                                                                             Telehealth Message Manager at
Treena Lazorko, Childrens Program, WRC – We Care for Bears
                                                                             766-3400, or email:
Liz McDougall, Public Health, East Office – Beary Healthy
Marlene McKechnie, Radiology, RGH – Teddiology
Brenda Fry, Scott Koza and Ken Luciak, EMS – MERV and Transport
                                                                             Maclean’s Ranks
Jeanie Perkins, OR, RGH – Bear Repair                                        RQHR a Top Performer
Deb Rodgers, Infectious Disease Clinic, RGH – Bear Orthopedics               The Regina Qu’Appelle Health
Colleen Taylor, MPICU, RGH – Teddy on the Go                                 Region is among the best in
Win Haines, Respiratory – Teddy B’air                                        providing health care services to
Jack Harmer – 16 Medical Company                                             Canadians, according to
Dionne Legault-Wilson, Pharmacy, RGH – Teddy’s Med Shop                      Maclean’s magazine’s fifth
Moni Snell, NICU, RGH – Tiny Teddies                                         annual national ranking of health
Without their extraordinary efforts in obtaining volunteers and co-          regions. Fewer than four rating
ordinating their departments in our B*A*S*H tent, the 1925 stuffed           points separate the RQHR from
animals that were admitted to the tent would not have had so much            Edmonton, the country’s highest
                                                                             ranked region. Overall, RQHR
                                                                                                                   page 4

fun!!!! Congratulations and thanks to a great group of RQHR
employees and partners.                                                      was ranked 16th out of 57 health
                                                                             regions in the country.
                                     - Theresa Russell and Barb Beaurivage
                                                                             Find out more at

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