ORIX Certificate of Deposit

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					                                                                     Multiply Your Earnings
                                                                       As Market Moves

                            ORIX Certificate of Deposit

                                       MORIX Floaterr
                                                                               Gross Expected*
                                                                                Rate of Return
         One Year                                                          KIBOR+0.75% p.a.
         Two Years                                                         KIBOR+1.00% p.a.
         Three Years                                                       KIBOR+1.25% p.a.
         Four Years                                                        KIBOR+1.50% p.a.
 *Average “Ask” side of the six month Karachi Inter Bank Offer Rate (KIBOR) prevailing on the deposit date.
 The rate will be determined for the first time on the deposit date and subsequently one business day prior to the next
 semi-annual period.

Minimum Deposit Amount                 :         Rs. 100,000/-

Profit Frequency                       :         □          Monthly                       □         Quarterly
                                                 □          Semi-Annually
Encashment :
The above scheme is for the periods of 1 year to 4 years, however, in case of premature
encashment following conditions shall apply:
                                 If encashed                                                 Profit will be paid
 before 120 days no profit shall be paid
 after 120 days but before completion of 1 year                                         @ 7.00% p.a. (Gross)
 after 1 year but before completion of 2 years                                          @ 8.00% p.a. (Gross)
 after 2 years but before completion of 3 years                                         @ 9.00% p.a. (Gross)
 after 3 years but before completion of 4 years                                         @ 10.00% p.a. (Gross)
 ■ Personalised service at its best
 ■ Doorstep convenience of profit payments
                                                                                          Entity Rating
 ■ Lease / loan facility against pledge of certificates
 ■ No maximum limit for deposit                                                        AA Long Term
  Notes: -    Government of Pakistan does not guarantee ORIX CODs                      A1+ Short Term
         -    Rates offered are subject to change without prior notice
         -    OLP reserves the right to accept or decline any deposit                        by PACRA
         -    Certificates are registered and non-transferable
         -    All taxes and zakat are payable as per applicable rules                  Last Updated – January 2009
         -    Certificates are issued under profit & loss sharing basis

  ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited (OLP) is a subsidiary of Japan’s
  largest financial services group, ORIX Corporation. The group has
  operations in 26 countries and regions worldwide with total assets                             CALL
  exceeding US$ 85 billion. It is listed on all bourses in Japan as well                       TOLL FREE
  as the New York Stock Exchange. OLP, one of Pakistan’s leading
  leasing companies, has presence through 40 offices in 32 cities of                          0800-07070
  Pakistan with an asset base of Rs. 27.3 billion.