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of Appointment of Audit Committee Members effective April I, by dda29983


									                      Treasury Board                  Conseil du Tresor

                                  Ottawa, Canada KiA OR5

                                                                          T.B.lC.T.- 2009-014

                         Treasury Board Appointment Order
                             Audit Committee Member

The Treasury Board, on the recommendation of the President of the Treasury Board,
pursuant to section 16.21 of the Financial Administration Act, hereby appoints
Hyman Braiter of Ottawa, Ontario as member of the Immigration and Refugee
Board of Canada Audit Committee.

The Appointee shall hold office during pleasure and in accordance with the Tenns and
Conditions of Appointment of Audit Committee Members effective April I, 2009, for a
tenn of four (4) years.

                    Decret de nomination par Ie Conseil du Tresor
                         Membre du comite de verification

Sur recommandation du president du Conseil du Tresor et en vertu de I' article 16.21 de la
Loi sur la gestion des finances puh/iques, Ie Conseil du Tresor nomme, par la presente,
Hyman Braiter d'Ottawa (Ontario) membre du Comite de verification de la
Commission de I'immigration et du statut de rCfugie du Canada.

La personne nommee occupe son poste atitre amovible, confonnement aux conditions de
nomination des membres du Comite de verification, a compter du 1er avril 2009, pour un
mandat de quatre (4) ans.

                                             Certified to be a true copy - Copie certifiee conforme

                                       Secretary of the Treasury Board - Secretaire du Conseil du Tresor


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