Chairperson Committee Members Description by dda29983


									    Committee          Chairperson      Committee Members   Description

1   Steering           Kraig Koester    Doug Eastman        Coordination with Art Affair, Bryn Du, all committees
                                        Melinda Lovern      Project Management (meetings, open issues, project
                                        Sandy Libertini     planning)
                                                            Wine glasses, plates
2   Event Day Setup    John Klauder     Dan Van Ness        Tents
                                        Steve Schneider     Stages
                                        Dave Rutledge       Security
                                        Trump Bradley       Paramedics / Police
                                        Scot Prebles        Wristbands
                                        Scott Emery         Signs around Granville on event day
                                        Jeremy Kees         Power Supply process for restaurants, entertainment
                                        Russ Edgington      Golf Carts at event
                                        Frank McManus
                                        Barclay Gano
                                        Adam Diller
3   Operations         Doug Eastman     Dave Rinehart       Parking
                                        Karen Berdan        Trash
                                        Ryan Bernath        Tents
                                        Peg Betts           Security
                                        Ellen Clark         Lawn Layout / Design
                                        Doug Helman         Insurance for day of event
                                        Mac Kennedy         Parking Shuttles
                                        Richard Pinkerton   Diesel Generator
                                        Glenn White         Restrooms
                                        James Ricciardo
                                                            Wine glasses, plates
                                        Peter McCallin

4   Marketing          Dena McKinley    Doug Barno          Coordinate with Art Affair
    Press Release                       Rob Drake           Press Releases
    Public Relations                    Scott Emery         Website
                                        Chuck Peterson      Entertainment
5   Wine Makers        Tony Beckerley   Tony Skufka         Dinner Coordination on Friday, June 11
    Dinner             Julie            Lew Mollica         Auction items
                                        Don Kundrat         Wine Pairings / Sommelier
                                        Perry Robinson
                                        Dick Van Meter
6   Sponsorships       Connie Hawk      Doug Wagner         Develop fundraising sponsor packets
                                        Doug Helman         Raise money!
                                        Brian Newkirk       Take care of sponsors at event and wine dinner
                                        Anne Peterson       Thank you notes after process
                                        Jim Riddel
                                        Brady Burt
                                        Mike Crum
                                        D McSweeney
                                        John Daugherty
                                        Bob Dixon
                                        Rich Eckels
                                        Jim Legg
7    Restaurants           John Weigand     Mike Whitehead     Goal = 24 restaurants/food vendors
                                            Mike Crum          Coordinate restaurants, Cooking Demonstrations
                                            Becky Miller       12 restaurants per tent + 2 wine tables/tent
                                            Tony Beckerley     Tent coordination (napkins, plates, wine setup)
                                            Ryan Mills
                                            Matt Miller
                                            Tom Bunyard
                                            John Hire
                                            Becky Miller
                                            Charles Sprunger

8    Tickets               Neal Bell        Seth Patton        Online Ticket Sales (Google Checkout)
                                            Randy Durham       Hard ticket design
                                            Ted Barclay        Ticket sales
                                            Doug Bibee              -      Farmers Market
                                            James Gordon            -      Area Rotary meetings
                                            D McSweeney             -      Granville businesses
                                            John Daugherty     Ticket coordination with onsite Registration team

9    Wine Distributors /   James Housteau   Greg Ross          Liquor License
     Retail                                 Bobbi Thios        Wine purchase process
                                            Don Holycross      Choose wine distributers
                                                               License = F-6 (for 501(C3) non-profit organizations to
                                                               sell wine

10   Art Poster Contest    Larry Miller     Paul Treece        Coordinate announcement
                                            Dale Knobel        Selection of winner on Jan 31
                                            Lisa Ormond        Announced to public Feb 8
                                            Anne Peterson      Press release after winner
                                                               Work with artist for t-shirt design, poster design

11   Retail/Registration   Amy Huddleston   Lisa Ormond        Register guests
                                            Trump Bradley      Check ID’s (place wristbands on guests)
                                            Bill Brodie        Poster sales / T-shirt sales
                                            Elizabeth Gray
                                            William Gray
                                            Dick Daly
                                            Don Tritt
                                            Tom Gallant
                                            Henry Marsh
                                            Phil Phillips
                                            Woody Woodruff
                                            Ben Rader

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