Expression of Interest for Empanelment of Advertising Agencies by few71840


									               Expression of Interest for Empanelment of
                         Advertising Agencies

       Pondicherry (now Puducherry) Tourism has branded its product for over a
decade through highly acclaimed campaigns winning over 20 regional, national
and international awards, requiring the highest standards of advertising

       The Department invites Expression of Interest/Request for Proposal
(EOI/RFP) from reputed advertising companies/agencies and independent
advertising consultants who have held senior positions in the field (national
level) with at least 15 years experience with a proven track record of large
accounts with medium and large business houses on major national campaigns,
especially for niche products in the Tourism/Hospitality Industry for complete
seamless solutions through innovative creatives, astute media planning, cost
effective media buying across all mass media.      This would be delivered by a
creative team preferably in Chennai or Puducherry with INS accreditation.

       The EOI/RFP contains the application format, qualifying criteria. Selection
criteria may be downloaded from

       EOI/RFP should be submitted from interested parties to the Director,
Tourism Department, No.40, Goubert Avenue, Puducherry – 605 001 on or
before 19.04.2010.

       The Department of Tourism, Government of Puducherry reserves the right
to reject any or all the proposals without assigning any reason thereof.      Any
form of canvassing, from any source whatsoever, shall invite immediate

                                                           P.MATHEW SAMUEL
                                                         DIRECTOR OF TOURISM
     Expression of Interest/Request for Proposal from
                   Advertising Agencies

Department of Tourism, Government of Puducherry invites Expression of
Interest/Request for Proposal from Creative and Advertising Agencies, who can
handle the print, audio, digital advertisements and outdoor activities and give
complete solutions through excellent creatives, media planning, media buying
etc. to our advertising requirements in various media.

Last date for receipt of application forms : 19.04.2010.


The Creative and Advertising Agencies (referred as the Agency hereinafter)
meeting the following minimum qualifying criteria are eligible to apply. Agencies
which do not meet the following qualifying criteria will be rejected at the first
1. The retained earnings, net of payments to third parties/sub-contractors, of
   the Agency should not be less than Rs.10 crores per year for last 3 years
   (2006–07,    2007-08    and   2008   –09).   (Attach    Chartered   Accountant’s
   Certificate/ copies of Audited Balance Sheet, P&L Accounts and IT Return
   Statement of each year).
2. The Agency should be an empanelled advertising agency currently for at least
   two public /private sector company/organization.
3. The Agency should have Indian Newspaper Society (INS) accreditation.
4. The Agency should have a representative/registered office at Chennai or
   Puducherry with the required infrastructure for handling an account of a
5. The Agency should have experience of at least FIVE (5) years of working on
   Advertising, preferable in tourism sector and minimum staff strength of 15
   with suitable long experience.
6. It should have an independent creative and media planning team in Chennai
   or Puducherry and facilities to plan and execute campaigns in all media viz.
   print, television, radio, internet, outdoor exhibition/events, direct marketing,
   below the line advertising, web designing, printing of publicity.
7. The Agency should have the resources to handle multi-media, multi-lingual
   publicity campaigns, with proficiency and proof reading facilities in all major
   Indian languages (please attach proof).

8. The Agency should not have been be blacklisted by any Central /State
   Government / Public Sector Undertaking, Govt. of India.
9. The Agency should not be involved in any major litigation that may have an
   impact of affecting or compromising the delivery of services as required
   under this expression of interest and in the execution of this contract.

1. They should have held significant national level position as a professional in
   the industry with at least 15 years of experience.
2. They should have an impressive track record in the field (Advertising/Media/
   Marketing) with national campaigns for major products, preferably tourism.
3. They should worked as a consultant for at least 3 years.
4. They should indicate that they can bring capable creative and media buying
   teams together to make good marketing/branding concepts.
5. The consultant should show about a turnover of Rs.50 lakhs per year over the
   past 3 years.


The scope of work for the empanelled agencies shall be, but not limited to, the

1. Conceptualization    and     designing   of   creative   campaigns   for   brand
   reinforcement, extension, enhancement and promotion of tourism in the U.T
   of Puducherry.
2. Designing layouts for
         Brochures/Leaflets.
         Posters/Bulletins/Newsletters.
         Stage Backdrops.
         Outdoor Hoarding/Indoor Hoardings/Billboards.
         Annual Reports/Press Booklets etc.
         Tender Ads/Notices/Statutory Ads etc.
3. Developing creatives for release of advertisements in Print, electronic and
   outdoor media.
4. Development of TV Commercials and Radio Jingles.
5. Planning a cost effective Multi Media Campaign for “Puducherry Tourism”.
6. Release of advertisements in Print and Electronic channels.
7. Event Management Support for organizing various events/festivals and
     support in attending various tourism and trade fairs and support in promoting
     MICE tourism.
8. Support for PR activities in India.
9. Any other work related to media campaign, etc.


1.      All the proposals received will be scrutinized to assess the eligibility based
on the qualifying criteria. Those proposals which do not meet the qualifying
criteria will be rejected, forthwith, or at any stage of detection.

2.      The agencies fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be requested to make a
presentation of some of their recent creatives done by their Team, both for print
and electronic media.      A specific theme may be given for the presentation by
Tourism Department, Govt. of Puducherry.

3.      The agencies will be evaluated based on the following:

        a. The    agency's    understanding      of     the   Tourism   Industry   and   of
        b. Quality of Personnel, in term of experience, exposure to different
           products, lengther service in industry.
        c. Recent creative work done for print media/ Electronic Media
        d. Recent posters/brochures on products designed by them especially for
           tourism sector.
        e. TV Commercials/Radio Jingles made by them in last 18 months.
        f. Availability of infrastructure facilities.
        g. Media buying capabilities.

4.      For those selected, the next stage will be a two bid process where there
will be a technical evaluation based on a theme given by the Department and
then the financial bid will be taken up.

5.      The Tourism Department, Government of Puducherry will request the
Finance Bid from those agencies selected from the above presentation criteria.
The final selection of the agencies for empanelment will be done by the
Department of Tourism, Government of Puducherry based on the above.
                                      - 4-


         The empanelled agencies will be required to provide services to the
Tourism Department, Government of Puducherry for routine ad releases. In the
event of specific launch of a media campaign, or for release of any other
advertisement, the Tourism Department, Govt. of Puducherry reserves the right
to contact any/all empanelled agencies to develop/submit creatives and also to
distribute the creative so developed amongst one or more agencies selected for
further release of the same to the media. The duration of empanelment shall be
initially for a period of one year which may be entirely at the discretion of the
Tourism Department, Govt. of Puducherry.

         The Tourism Department, Govt. of Puducherry reserves the right to
terminate the services of any agency at any point of time without assigning any
reason whatsoever.

         Application forms, complete in all respects, may be sent in a sealed
envelope superscribed "Empanelment of Advertising Agency" addressed to The
Director Tourism Department, Government of Puducherry, No.40, Goubert
Avenue Puducherry – 605 001, Ph : 0413 – 2333590, 2227275, Fax : 0413 –
2221022, Email      : on or before 19.04.2010.

Tourism Department, Government of Puducherry reserves the right to
reject    any or all the     applications without     assigning any reason

                                  ---- *** ----

1. Name of the Agency/Consultant                :

2. Address                                      :

3. Name of the Proprietor/Partners/Directors :

4. Date of Establishment                        :

5. Whether accredited to INS                    :
(copy to be enclosed)

6. No. of years in advertising business         :

7. No. of branches/offices (if any)
& their addresses                               :

8. Infrastructure : (At Chennai or Puducherry)

      1. Creative Artists (Number)              :

      2. Client Servicing (Number)              :

      3. Other Staff (Number)                   :

      4. Total (Number)                         :

9. Details of key personnel who will work on :
   the Puducherry project with age, qualification,
   experience (in years), notable skills and

10. Financial Position : 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009
       (i) *Retained earnings (Rs. in crores) :
       (ii) Profit (Rs. in crores)            :
       (iii) Total Net Worth (Rs. in crores)  :
       (*The retained earnings, net of payments to third parties/sub-contractors)
(Copies of Audited balance sheets and Profit & Loss Accounts to be enclosed).


11. List of Major Corporate Clients Serviced :
(Give details of Corporate Clients having annual billing with your Agency of
Rs.1.50 crore and above).

                                                            (Rs Cr.)
 NO         CLIENT            2006-07         2007-08         2008-09

12. Major campaigns handled during past two years, preferably in tourism sector

 SL       NAME OF THE CLIENT           NATURE OF THE           VALUE
 NO                                      CAMPAIGN              (in Cr)

13. Give details of National / International awards in the field of advertising
received during preceding two years :

SL        NAME OF THE         DETAILS OF THE        PRODUCT            VALUE OF
NO          AWARD                  AWARD                               CAMPAIGN
                               1st/2nd/3rd etc.                          (in Cr)

14. List of enclosures :

Date :                                                      (Authorized Signatory)
Place :                                                     Name :

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