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									Campaign Execution Partner for Advertising Agencies
Managing Online Campaigns with Measurable Results That Strengthen Client Relationships

You develop the strategies,                  your clients’ web presence, whether for a    Measure Impact of
                                             corporate web site, e-commerce site,
messages, creative and                       campaign microsite or landing page. To       Communities with Social Media
technology-enabled user                      be successful, SEO programs require          Marketing Analytics
experiences to help your clients             continuous vigilance and responsiveness      In the fast-paced and evolving
                                             to changing patterns in user search          environment of social media, your
engage online with their target              behavior, search engine algorithms and       clients seek guidance on how to engage
markets.                                     best practices for web site architecture.    with audiences and determine social
                                                                                          media marketing objectives.
EyeTraffic Media is your agency’s            EyeTraffic Media’s SEO services focus on     Measuring effectiveness of social
                                             developing and maintaining relevant,         media programs and maintaining
campaign execution team. We                  program-specific, and high-volume, long      consistency of content across multiple
work as a seamless extension of              tail keywords to help push natural website   initiatives can impact success of SEO
your organization to build,                  rankings to the top of search engine         programs and other online tactics.
manage and analyze your clients’             results pages over time. EyeTraffic
                                             provides detailed reporting and analysis     EyeTraffic Media’s social media
interactive marketing campaigns.             of your clients’ site performance and        marketing services empower you to
                                             strategic guidance for improvements.         provide your clients with measurable
Whether your agency focuses on strategic                                                  programs and real-time tracking of how
communications, creative development,                                                     audiences are engaging with their
web technology or across the breadth of
interactive marketing, you may be facing
                                             Reach Targeted Audiences in a                brands. In addition to our consulting
                                                                                          services for building and monitoring a
these challenges in providing campaign       More Timely and Cost-Effective               social networking presence, we provide
execution services:                          Way with PPC Advertising                     our proprietary, JumpReach™ viral
                                             Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising remains      marketing campaign tool for engaging
 Managing costs of maintaining              the number one online lead generation        audiences in online referral and
  employee specialists for campaign          marketing tactic. It is highly measurable    incentive programs.
  execution                                  for return on investment and enables
 Filling resource gaps during               advertisers to manage costs. PPC
  temporary increases in demand
 Staying up to speed on evolving
                                             advertising can be employed quickly to       Ensure Deliverability and
                                             capitalize on market opportunities and
  tactical best practices, new tools and     can be refined to target very specific       Improve Measurements in
  technologies                               audiences by geography, time and other       Email Marketing
 Analyzing and reporting on campaign        parameters.                                  Successful email marketing requires
  activities and maximizing results                                                       great content and creative, and best
                                             EyeTraffic Media’s PPC advertising           practices for list management and
                                             services deliver the results you seek for    delivery. EyeTraffic Media is your
Configure Client Web Sites for               your clients. We build comprehensive         organization’s email execution expert.
                                                                                          We optimize content for delivery,
Maximum Visibility with SEO                  campaigns, closely manage spending and
                                             regularly analyze activity to maximize key   perform A/B testing, manage list
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a
                                             performance indicators (KPIs). EyeTraffic    growth programs and measure
foundational online marketing program
                                             also provides you with robust reporting to   subscriber’ interactions for continuous
that helps to improve the effectiveness of
                                             share results with your clients.             improvement.
            EyeTraffic Media | 4519 Wisconsin Avenue NW 2nd Floor | Washington, DC 20016 | Phone: 202-747-1818
Coordinate Media Buying Analytics with
Other Online Marketing Programs
Online advertising, particularly in the social
networking space, delivers a well-balanced mix of
branding with lead generation, and complements
other online marketing programs. Whether you
need to augment your media buying team or
coordinate results from media buying with other
online programs, EyeTraffic Media’s media buying
services achieve superior brand positioning and
support online conversion goals. Analytics and
reporting for targeted media buys are integrated
with all of EyeTraffic’s other interactive campaign
management services.

EyeTraffic Media Agency Partner Case Studies

Situation                                Solution                                                    Results
Doner Advertising, the agency of         Working with Doner’s Mazda Account Team, EyeTraffic            SEO and PPC campaigns achieved the
record for MazdaUSA, sought a            rebuilt Mazda’s natural and paid search engine                  highest conversion rates of all of Mazda’s
partner with specialized expertise in    marketing efforts. EyeTraffic applied Omniture's                advertising media.
search engine marketing. Doner’s goal    SiteCatalyst and SearchCenter to analyze and measure           PPC campaign achieved higher click-
was to create an analytics               paid search performance, and structured a robust Pay-           through rates across several key category
infrastructure and campaigns to help     Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign by branded                 segments at a much lower cost per KPI
quantify key performance indicators      terms, industry segment terms and dealership                    than Mazda’s competitors.
(KPIs) for conversions of leads from     offerings. The 50,000+ keyword phrases developed in            Mazda’s online marketing budget with
Mazda’s online inventory searches,       the campaign were focused on achieving Mazda’s KPIs             Doner more than doubled as a result of
quote requests and dealer inquiries.     across its 13 models. As consumer demand evolved                campaign performance.
                                         from features/functions to fuel economy/discounts,             Doner now leverages paid search
                                         EyeTraffic quickly rebuilt the SEO and PPC campaigns            campaign data to test new marketing
                                         to coincide.                                                    themes for online and offline campaigns.

Situation                                Solution                                                    Results
Vertis Communications is a leader in     EyeTraffic worked with Vertis to complement their              Vertis achieved greater results for its
providing print programs that deliver    successful print programs by first creating a baseline of       clients at a fraction of the cost of
better results per marketing dollar.     metrics for measuring their clients’ online retail              traditional programs.
They sought to further differentiate     environments. EyeTraffic devised ways to increase              Vertis has engaged EyeTraffic to support
their client offerings by partnering     traffic to Vertis’ online circular, proposing                   several key clients, including Rack Room
with an interactive firm that deeply     differentiated offerings between print and online, and          Shoes, Menards and Safeway.
understood the execution of online       push/pull marketing programs to get information in             EyeTraffic has become part of the sales
marketing and had the capabilities for   front of prospects in search environments. EyeTraffic           process for Vertis, providing online
measuring return on investment.          worked seamlessly with Vertis’ team, blending easily            research for prospective client proposals.
                                         into existing client engagements to transition offline
                                         campaigns to online campaigns.

About EyeTraffic Media
Headquartered in Washington, D.C., EyeTraffic Media is a performance-driven interactive marketing consulting firm that provides
unsurpassed campaign management solutions for companies and organizations seeking to more effectively connect with their target
audiences. EyeTraffic boosts lead generation and customer acquisition by leveraging our expertise in search engine marketing,
online media buying, email and social media, mobile marketing and web analytics. Acting as a seamless extension of your marketing
team, we build, manage, track and analyze interactive marketing campaigns and programs that generate measurable results.

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