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                                                                                                                                             Lean times
                                                                                                                                       The economy has even slowed the
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                                                        Teens fill summer jobs
trust vital
to success
W          hen St. Louis-based
           Enterprise Rent-A-Car
           acquired Vanguard Car
Rental of Tulsa last year, the de-
cisions on how to combine the
two organizations didn’t come
down from the executive of-
   Instead, Enterprise put em-
ployee teams to work on figuring
out how to efficiently merge two
very different, but complemen-
tary, organizations.
   “You get the best ideas from
the people doing the work,” said
Greg Stubblefield, who moved
to Tulsa last summer to run the
   Stubblefield visited my of-
fice last week to talk about the
first significant outcome of the
company’s internal analysis. On
Aug. 1, Enterprise will shift the
operations segment in Tulsa to
St. Louis, and will focus much
of the remaining Tulsa staff on
shared services.
   While the loss of 80 local jobs
is never a happy development,
about 400 will stay here. And              Jarod Barker, 17, adjusts clothing at his part-time job for Yale Cleaners at 91st Street and Yale Avenue.   JAMES GIBBARD/Tulsa World
there is at least a possibility for
growth in some areas.
   What fascinated me about the
process is that the employees
were the ones responsible for
making the decision.
   “It’s the Enterprise way,” said
Stubblefield, who will be one of
                                         Solid Tulsa economy a big plus
those relocating. “The depart-           BY LAURIE WINSLOW                         this summer, according to one na-
ment heads and their staffs fig-
ure out the best way to do some-
                                         World Sta Writer                          tionwide outlook.
                                                                                      That is slightly lower than 1.67
                                                                                                                                Make a good impression
thing, and then it is supported            Last week, 16-year-old Cady             million, which is the average num-
by the top of the organization.”         Carlson started her first “desk job,”      ber of teen jobs added the previous          BY LAURIE WINSLOW                          thing about the employer so you
   As I spoke with Stubblefield          working for her father who owns a         four summers. It is significantly             World Sta Writer                           can ask an intelligent question.
— who noted he did not arrive            machine shop called Carlson Co.           down from the more than 2 million                                                       Use the Internet to find informa-
in Tulsa last summer anticipat-            The teenager has held a smat-           teenagers who found summer jobs                 Summer jobs are stepping                tion about the company.
ing another move a year later — I        tering of jobs over the years such        in 1999, according to Challenger,            stones that pave the way to future             Dress clean and neat. Keep
thought back to a panel discus-          as baby-sitting, house-sitting and        Gray & Christmas Inc., a global out-         employment — performing well               your body covered. Avoid wear-
sion I’d attended recently. The          plant watering. She also has her          placement consultancy firm                    this year could lead to a reference        ing crop pants, baring midriffs or
theme of the luncheon, spon-             own jewelry-making business.                 According to some reports, this           for another job in 2009.                   wearing anything too loaded with
sored by the Tulsa chapter of the          But Carlson is looking forward          summer could be the weakest for                 Phyllis Hall, a longtime volun-         pop culture symbols.
Oklahoma Business Ethics Con-            to this summer’s job experience,          teenage employment in nearly 60              teer of Junior Achievement of                  Go in with good posture, a firm
sortium, was “How Good Orga-             where she will be helping on the          years.                                       Eastern Oklahoma and executive             handshake and a smile. Don’t un-
nizations Turn Evil.”                    computer and expediting business.            Articles in the New York Times            assistant to the CEO for Hillcrest         derestimate the persuasion of a
   One of the speakers, Charles          She says the job will give her some-      and The Wall Street Journal cite             HealthCare System, helps teach             smile.
Leland, CEO of Edmond-based              thing positive to put on a resume         information from the Center for              teens the skills necessary to enter           “Even if you don’t have the best
Performance Dashboard, said a            and will build a work ethic.              Labor Market Studies at No rth-              the workplace. Through JA, she             skills, if you are somebody that
serious danger for any company             “I’m pretty excited. I’m a little       eastern University in Boston that            volunteers with the Skills of Suc-         they feel like they can work with
is to not show confidence and            nervous about settling in and figur-       points to a smaller percentage of            cess program, which is o ered in           and enjoy being around, you’ll
trust in employees.                      ing out the social rules and things,”     teens, ages 16 to 19, being employed         some local high schools.                   probably get the job,” Hall said.
   “Without trust, effective team-       she said.                                 this summer. Working teens could                Here are some interview-ready           “They will train you on the skills
work is impossible,” said Leland,          Count Carlson among the 1.5             make up 34 percent of the popula-            tips for teens she passed along.           you need. You have to be a team
whose firm offers performance            million to 1.6 million 16- to 19-year-                                                     Research the company before
analysis and consulting.                 olds who will be added to payrolls                                  SEE JOBS E5        the job interview. Know some-                                            SEE TIPS E5
   Top managers who act dictato-
rially lose the substantial benefit
of having multiple minds work-
ing together, he said.
   Not only that, but those minds
also are likely to feel alienated,
unappreciated and undervalued.
   “This directly affects their          Watch and wait                                                                       The columnists                               Week’s top story
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   Collaboration, Leland said —          cost $500 to $800. Those who                                                         ises to take care of your debt are           cent higher in just two days.
even when it includes “healthy           had to have (and could a ord)                                                        bogus, says Action Line writer Phil            Morgan Stanley analyst Ole
conflict” — is good for any orga-        bought, but most of us waited.                                                       Mulkins.                                     Slorer predicted strong demand
nization.                                Today, you can get one easily for                                                      P      6                                   and tight supplies could drive
   Enterprise seems to have fig-         under $50.                                                                                                                        prices to $150 by Independence
ured that out.                             Now we’re playing that same                                                          Columnist Harvey Mackay o ers              Day.
                                         waiting game before we invest in                                                     advice from his own father in
      John Stancavage 581-8314           Blu-ray electronics.                                                                 honor of Father’s Day on June 15.               For more week in review,
       john.stancavage@tulsaworld          P     4                                                                              P     8                                       P     7

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