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									                                                                              National Park Service
 St. Croix National Scenic Riverway                                           U.S. Department of the Interior

Summer Jobs For Students
If you are a student, and continuing
your education next year, you can        Location: Potential positions are available in the following
apply for National Park Service          locations: Trego, WI; Pine City, MN; and St. Croix Falls, WI.
summer jobs through the Student          Low cost government housing is available at the Trego location
Temporary Employment Program             and on a limited basis at the St. Croix Falls location.
(STEP) by sending in a resume.
                                         Qualifications: Applicants must be currently enrolled in an
These positions will be available in     accredited institution (university, college, trade, vocational, or
summer 2010 at St. Croix National        business school), be continuing on in their education next fall,
Scenic Riverway:                         and be a U.S. citizen. Some positions may require experience
                                         and/or specific class requirements.
Visitor Use Assistant
Staff an information counter in a        Hours Per Week: Full-time summer position. Weekend and
visitor center, contact visitors at      some evening work may be required for some positions.
landings, and introduce the park
movie.                                   Pay: $11.95 to $18.86 per hour, depending on position.

                                         NPS Uniform Required: Employees receive a stipend to
Park Guide
Staff an information counter in a        purchase required uniform.
visitor center and booths at special
                                         Expected Starting Date: May 2010
events, contact visitors, present
programs to groups, and maintain
bulletin boards.
                                          How to Apply for STEP Seasonal Jobs
                                          Send the following information:
General Park Ranger
                                            1) Cover Letter stating your interest in a position at the St.
Contact visitors in sometimes
                                                Croix National Scenic Riverway for the summer of
remote locations, report violations
                                                2010. Include positions and location(s) and where you
and emergencies, and assist law
                                                would like to work. If you are willing to apply for all
enforcement staff.
                                                positions, state so.
                                            2) Detailed resume, including work experience listing
Maintenance Worker
                                                hours per week worked, dates of employment
Work on trail maintenance, river
                                                (months and years), and references.
clean-ups, campsite maintenance
                                            3) Proof of enrollment for fall 2010. Your college
and construction, and grounds and
                                                admission office can send a letter on letterhead if
building maintenance.
                                                2010/2011 enrollment documents are not available.
                                            4) Current transcripts.
Biological Technician: Botanist
Identify native plants, remove exotic     By mail, fax or email to:
invasive plants, and assist biologists    Nancy Sanchez
with habitat restoration work, water      St. Croix National Scenic Riverway
quality sampling, and monitoring          401 North Hamilton Street
invasive aquatic plant species.           Saint Croix Falls, WI 54024
                                          Phone: 715-483-2240 Fax: 715-483-3288

EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA                                   The National Park Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer
  How to Apply for Non-STEP Seasonal and Permanent Jobs
  Park Ranger and other position announcements can be viewed at: This website lists jobs for all federal agencies. Search for
  the National Park Service, under the U.S. Department of the Interior. St.
  Croix Riverway positions are added as they become available, so search
  often! Candidates for these positions do not need to be students. You can
  apply online by filling out a resume under the “Get Started” tab and
  “Create an Account.” Once you have a resume online, you can use it to apply to
  most jobs, just make sure you meet the qualifications.

                                          Location: Most positions are available with housing in Trego,
                                          Wisconsin. Housing may be available at St. Croix Falls,

  Summer                                  Wisconsin, for some positions.

                                          Qualifications: Applicants must be a U.S. citizen and possess a

  Internships                             valid state driver’s license. Other required/desired skills depend
                                          on the position. See the website for the complete listings.

                                          Hours Per Week: Full-time summer (12-week) internships. Some
 St. Croix National Scenic Riverway
 offers opportunities for internships     positions may be part-time but last longer. Weekend and some
 through the Student Conservation         evening work may be required for some positions.
                                          Benefits: Living stipends of $75 per week with paid housing.
                                          Round trip travel to and from St. Croix National Scenic
 Adopt-A-Landing Intern
                                          Riverway is available.
 Recruit and train volunteer groups
 to clean and adopt river landings        Expected Starting Date: May 2010. Dates may be flexible for
 and river stretches, evaluate project    some positions.
 effectiveness, maintain volunteer
 records, and collect statistics.
                                      Camping Management Intern                 Habitat Restoration Intern
 River Intern                         Monitor and collect data at               Assist biologists with invasive
 Staff an information counter in a    primitive shoreline campsites and         plant removal and mapping.
 visitor center, contact visitors at  assist with campsite restoration
 river landings and on-river, present activities.                               Junior Ranger Intern
 pre-developed programs, and work                                               Present Junior Ranger programs
 at special events. Position #10700   Aquatic Management Intern                 in a variety of venues. Develop
                                      Assist biologists working with the        new Junior Ranger programs
 Botany Intern                        endangered freshwater mussel              and work to create
 Remove and control exotic plants, recovery program and monitor                 modifications of the existing
 record exotic plant locations with   invasive aquatic species. Water           activity booklet for use in
 GPS, and document field work.        quality monitoring projects may be        classrooms. Position #10754
 Position #9571                       included in the work.

    How to Apply for Internships
    All applicants must apply online by going to: Create a profile, browse detailed
    position descriptions, and apply for specific positions. Search internship positions often!

EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA                                  The National Park Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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