Selected U.S. Immigration Laws, 1882-1924 by few71840


									                 Selected U.S. Immigration Laws, 1882-1924

Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

   •   Suspended immigration of Chinese to the United States for ten years; later
       renewed and made permanent in 1904
           o exception for students, teachers, merchants, and tourists

   •   Provided for deportation of Chinese illegally in the United States

   •   Barred Chinese from naturalization

Contract Labor Law of 1885

   •   Prohibited immigration of individuals who were already under contract to labor
       for an employer in the United States.

Immigration Act of 1903

   • Barred immigration of “anarchists, or persons who believe in, or advocate, the
      overthrow by force or violence the government of the United States, or of all
      government, or of all forms of law, or the assassination of public officials.”

   • Extended to three years after entry the period during which an alien who was
      inadmissible at the time of entry could be deported.

   • Provided for the deportation of aliens who became public charges within two years
      after entry from causes existing prior to their landing.

Immigration Act of 1907

   • Barred immigration of “imbeciles, feeble-minded persons, persons with physical or
      mental defects which may affect their ability to earn a living, persons afflicted
      with tuberculosis, children unaccompanied by their parents, persons who admitted
      the commission of a crime involving moral turpitude, and women coming to the
      United States for immoral purposes.”

Immigration Act of 1917

   •   Barred immigration of illiterates

   •   Prohibited immigration of most Asians (“barred zone”); major exceptions were
       Japanese and Filipinos

Quota Law of 1921

       • Restricted the number of immigrants from any country entering the United States
          to three percent of the persons from that country who lived in the United States
          in 1910 who were not born in the United States
               o Favored immigrants from Northern and Western Europe

       • Quota did NOT apply to immigrants from the Western Hemisphere, domestic
          servants, and members of certain professions (actors, professors, etc.).

Immigration Act of 1924

       • Made quota system permanent and made quotas more restrictive
           o Northern and Western European immigrants had the largest quotas

   •    Immigrants required to have a visa issued by an American consular official in
        order to enter the United States, creating the “consular control system” [Used to
        control immigration of immigrants from the Western Hemisphere by increasing or
        decreasing number of visas issued in a given year]

   •    Barred Japanese immigration


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