Request for Proposal Community Outreach Services For Washington County by ancientbabylon


									Request for Proposal Community Outreach Services For Washington County, MS and the surrounding area in MS Proposal must be received by 2:00 p.m., CDT, 5/25/2007
No. 1 Question What is the number of staff people supported through this proposal that will be stationed at the WIN Job Center? Response Page 6 of the RFP Package, VI. Logistics, 7/318/31 2007, A project coordinator should be based in the Greenville WIN Job Center. 9/1/2007- Two additional individuals should be based in Greenville WIN Job Center or in other WIN Job Centers in the greater Greenville area. yes, leveraging with for profit entities is allowed. Page 10 of the RFP Package, VIII Proposal and Award Rules, M. Audit Bonding and Insurance Required by federal/state regulations governing funding stream for this initiative. Page 12 of the RFP Package - IX. Proposal Scoring and Selection, C. Proposal Rating Criteria. Scoring considers experience and background (30 points), Program Design (40 points), Budget and Performance Outcomes (30 points). Page 12 of the RFP Package - IX. Proposal Scoring and Selection, A. Responsive to RFP. See Attachment C. - Descriptions and amounts in italics and in shaded cells should represent nonMDES cost/contributions to the project. Descriptions and justification in non-italicized typeface and un-shaded cells should represent amounts requested from MDES for the project. I.H. Refers to section Roman Numeral I. Paragraph H. (Page 20) of the proposal package The last line should be Grand Total that includes the amount of MDES contribution plus any leveraged contributions provided through other sources. This amount will represent the total dollars anticipated to execute the Community Outreach Services outlined in your proposal.

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Is the RFP set aside for non profits only? Why are companies subject to audit?


Proposal scoring - How will the proposals be evaluated, How will a proposal with a sound program plan but limited experience be scored?

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What happens to bid proposals that are incomplete? How is leverage contributions distinguished in the budget?

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Page 21, II. Background and Track Record B. Performance Achievement Section Attachment C - Budget Narrative - Should the last line be the "Grant Total" or "Grand Total"?

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