Creating .pdf Files

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					                              Creating .pdf Files

Installing the Software

 1.   Go to

 2. Click on Free Download
    (Version 2.5 Released)
3. Click on Free Download

4. With “Save it to disk”
   selected, click OK
5. Indicate where the
   download is to be saved,
   and click Save

6. Download Manager will
   show when download is
7. Download GPL Ghostscript
   8.15 in same manner

8. Execute Cutewriter and
   Converter, following the
   on-screen instructions
9. The instructions for creating
   the PDF files are displayed
   in a Readme file

10. Reboot the computer, if
Create the .pdf File

      1.   Open the file to be
           converted (Example:
           Prayer Guide – April

      2. From the File Menu,
         select Print, and then
         select as a printer,
         CutePDF Writer, and
         click OK
3. In the Save As
   window, indicate
   where the .pdf file is
   to be saved, and then
   click on Save
Viewing the .pdf File

      1.   Locate the file and
           double-click on it.

      2. The file will be
         displayed in Adobe