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					More Periodic Table
              Atomic Radius
• This is the distance from the nucleus of an
  atom to it’s outer electron boundary.
           Atomic Radius Trend
• The atomic radius decreases as you go from
  left to right. This is due to strong attractive
  forces of the opposite charges.
              More on size.
• As you go down the groups, the atomic radius
  increases. Since there is an increase in the
  numbers of protons, neutrons, and electrons.
• The tendency for an atom to be
  attracted to the electrons of another
       Electronegativity Trends
• Electronegativity increases as you go from left
  to right. It would be easier for atoms with a
  few extra electrons to lose them than to gain a
  lot more electrons.
• Electronegativity decreases
as you go down the group.
        Ionization Energy Trends
• This is closely related to electronegativity.

This is the energy it takes to remove the
  outermost electron(s).

You’re essentially making an ion.
       Ionization Energy Trends
• Ionization energy increases as you go from left
  to right in the periods.

• Ionization energy decreases as you go down a
  group due to a shielding effect from large
  amounts of electrons.
Summary of Periodic Table Trends