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					(The following is the official proposal presented by the Board of Education to the MEA negotiating team at the October 17, 2007 negotiation’s session.) 10/17/07

BOARD POSITION The Board reiterates its position as presented on September 11, 2007, at approximately 6:55 p.m. that: To resolve the remaining contract issues, the Board is willing to accept in full the recommendations made by the Fact Finder providing the Madison Education Association is also willing to accept the Fact Finder's report as a final resolution of all of the remaining unresolved contractual issues.

In addition the Board offers the following response to the Association proposals of September 19, 2007 and October 9, 2007: Association language: We will drop all remaining union related language (any language related to Association days or grievances) found on the fact finding document if you drop all remaining related language (any language related to grievances or arbitrations) found on the fact finding document. Agreed to. Special education “Stay put” clause reduced from 6 to 5 years. Adult supervision of students is agreed to. Part time language: Old Contract language is agreed to. Loss of plan time: BA Step 1 Agreed to. BA/BS+30 column Old contract language. Agreed to, but only for employees hired prior to the expiration of that contract. Employees hired beginning with the 2006-07 school year shall be required to obtain their Masters Degree to be paid the amounts listed in the BA/BS+30 column. A Letter of Understanding will be signed to grandperson teachers employed and working prior to the start of the 2006-07 school year.

Termination Stipend: 100% of unused sick days to a maximum of 90 days, when retiring after 12 years of service, or resigning after 15 years of service. Language on “other major life events beyond the control of the teacher” is agreed to as per the Fact Finder’s report. Edline agreed to per the attached Letter of Understanding

Calendar A revised 2007-08 calendar is attached which we believe we have agreed to per our discussion on October 9, 2007. The 2009-10 calendar will be negotiated upon the development of a county calendar for that year. Schedule B The Board agrees to expand on the Fact Finder's recommendation with respect to Issue No. 12, Schedule "B" so that the additions to the list of extra duties and the corresponding compensation would include all of the following: Summer School Teacher $20.00 per hour Summer School Coordinator $20.00 per hour Study Tables/Homework Center $19.00 per hour Home Bound Instructor $22.00 per hour – teacher Tutoring $19.00 per hour – teacher Elementary Detention $19.00 per hour Mentor $225.00 Senior Seminar $190.00 Varsity Cross Country Coach $2,096.00 Freshman Volleyball Coach $2,339.00 nd MS Track Coach (2 position) $1,900.00 Varsity Competitive Cheer Coach $3,167 (same as head varsity asst. football) Bowling (Club Sport) $1,550.00 Elementary Music Programs $250.00 for third program. First 2 programs would continue to be part of base responsibilities. Musical Program Director A Job Description needs to be developed before a wage can be established Programs to be paid per the formula on page 37 of the prior Master Agreement: Sideline Cheer (would not be subject to $500 maximum) Chess Club Science Olympiad Math Equations Quiz Bowl

All tentative agreements previously reached will be included in the final Agreement.

The Board agrees to modify the prior tentative agreement with respect to Article V, Section L which is now outdated so that it would read: Whenever any vacancy in any teaching or administrative position, including extra paid assignment in the District, shall occur, the School District shall post notices of the same in the copy rooms of each school building through the Instant Alert system process at the time of advertising the position outside of the District and at least five (5) days prior to offering the position to any candidate. If the vacancy occurs during the school year, a notice of the vacancy shall be forwarded to each member of the Association via e-mail. During the summer months, a copy of vacancies will be sent to the Association President at the last address on file with the Board. Written interest in a vacant position must be filed with the Administration within five (5) business days after the posting of the position. Teacher seniority will be considered by the Administration/Board when filling any vacancy. The filling of said vacancy must be educationally sound and remains solely at the discretion of the Board.

In addition, the Board is willing to modify Article VI, Section G to read: The identity and specific medical condition of each medically fragile student (identified as to include a student with hearing impairments, tracheotomy, colostomy, cystic fibrosis, spina bifida, asthma, renal failure, and/or diabetes, and/or identified as a Physically or Otherwise Health Impaired Student) will be supplied to teachers, as allowed by law, who have instructional or other supervisory responsibilities for such student at the time that student is assigned to be instructed or supervised by the teacher(s) providing the condition is significant and the District is aware of the condition. Teachers assigned to work with such students will be provided with training and support to ensure that the medical conditions/needs of the student are known. A teacher who has ongoing instructional or other supervisory responsibilities for such medically fragile students with medical needs that require special medical care will not be required to personally perform regular medical procedures or be personally responsible for regularly administering medication to such students. However, teachers shall be responsible for making certain that such medical procedures and medication is provided. In addition, teachers shall promptly act to appropriately address any medical emergency of such students and all other students, such as, but not limited to, allergic reactions. The Board rejects the rest of the Association's proposals presented on September 19, 2007 and October 9, 2007 to the extent that they are different than the above.

The Association will also withdraw its Unfair Labor Practice charge.

The Board is also willing to offer the following alternative to the salary and insurance recommendations made by the Fact Finder: Salary 2006-07 1.5%; 2007-08 2%; 2008-09 2%; 2009-10 2% Insurance 2006-07 - For all teachers that selected PAK A - $1,066.76 per employee per month from September 1, 2006 thru June 30, 2007. This is the amount required to fully fund Choices II with a $10/$20 prescription drug card if all employees had selected that coverage. Employees shall be refunded the difference between $1,066.76 and $1,027.57, ($39.19) per month through June 30, 2007 for each month they had PAK A insurance during this time period. 2007-08 – Choices II with a $10/$20 prescription drug card fully funded by the Board through June 30, 2008 for all employees not required to stay with Super Care due to a pre-existing condition currently being treated by a non participating doctor. Each employee choosing Choices II with a $10/$20 prescription drug card, or who has selected or will select Plan B by the ratification date of the new agreement, and remains on Plan B unless a qualifying event occurs, will also receive a one time off schedule payment of $1,000. This means that from July 1, 2007 until the month in which MESSA is able to make the change to Choices II $10/$20 the Board will contribute $1,113.36 per month for all teachers on PAK A and each teacher on PAK A will contribute anything over that amount, which is currently $309.84 per month . For the months of November and December 2007 only, the maximum contribution a teacher would have to make toward their health insurance premium will be limited to $175.00. Thereafter, if the contract is not ratified or MESSA has not made the change to Choices II $10/$20 each teacher on PAK A will resume contributing anything over that amount, which is currently $309.84 per month. From the time the contract is ratified and MESSA is able to make the change to Choices II $10/$20 through June 30, 2008 the Board shall fully fund the cost of Choices $10/$20 at the revised premium cost which reflects those 4

teachers grandpersoned on Super Care and shall also fully fund Super Care for those teachers with a pre-existing condition currently being treated by a non participating doctor. (Teachers with a verified pre-existing condition currently being treated by a non participating doctor shall be grandpersoned on Super Care for the period of time their doctor continues to be non participating, or for the duration of this Agreement, whichever is shorter, with the Board fully funding the cost of Super Care through June 30, 2008.The verification will remain confidential.)

2008-09 and 2009-10 - The premium increase on July 1, 2008 and July 1, 2009 shall be split 50-50 between the Board and the employee.


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