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Prescott High School Athletic Hall of Fame by nyl11041


									                                  Prescott High School
                                  Athletic Hall of Fame
       The Prescott High School Athletic Hall of Fame was started in 1977 to recognize outstand-
ing male and female PHS athletes from past decades and to inspire future ones. Our committee is
made up of ten members. All are long-time residents of Prescott.

        In choosing outstanding athletes, we went back as far as there are records. This program
exists to honor those few athletes whose achievements in the sports arena were extraordinary.
Achievements before coming to Prescott or after leaving high school are not considered in deter-
mining admission.

       As of 2007, one hundred seventy-five (175) athletes and twenty (20) teams have been
selected. Individual plaques honoring those already inducted to this select group have been dis-
played on the wall at the entrance to the high school boys’ gym and may be viewed by the public.

        We hold an induction every year at a home football game where all inductees are recog-
nized on the field at half-time. An award ceremony is held at a buffet reception at a local hotel to
which we invite an average 90-120 people. Honorees have come from as far away as Austria for
this induction. All funding is totally by donations and fund raising projects, and no budgeted tax-
payer monies are used.

     Athletic Director, Bill White, accepts nominations from the community. These should be ac-
companied by statistics which will be reviewed by the selection committee.

        The following are the criteria for candidate selection for the Prescott High School Athletic
Hall of Fame:

♦      Leadership

♦      Value and contribution to the individual sport or team

♦      School or state records are considered

♦      Awards--All-State, All-Division, All-Region, All-Conference

♦      Athlete must abide by the school’s athletic code of conduct

♦      Achievements at high school level only are considered

♦      Athlete must be out of high school for at least five years and be a PHS graduate

               Prescott High School Athletics Hall of Fame
                           Individual Awards
First Name     Last Name        Sport(s)
Harold         Allen            Football, Baseball, Track
Rebecca        Allen            Track
Oscar          Alvarez          Football, Wrestling
Danny          Anderson         Football
Sam            Austrino         Football, Wrestling
Benny          Barnes           Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Tennis
Mike           Barnes           Football, Track
Wendy          Berutto          Volleyball, Track
Dustin         Bonham           Cross Country, Track
Matt           Boquet           Soccer
Dick           Bowles           Basketball, Baseball
Tom            Boyer            Football, Basketball, Track
Rod            Brimhall         Basketball
Kirk           Bronander        Cross Country, Track
Keith          Bunker           Basketball, Baseball
Mike           Bunn             Basketball, Track
Sandy          Bunn             Badminton, Basketball, Track
Gretchen       Butts            Cross Country, Track
Roy            Campbell         Football, Basketball, Track
Shawn          Carbajal         Wrestling
Dan            Cherry           Track
Alan           Christopherson   Baseball
James “Buck”   Clark            Football
Mike           Clemens          Basketball
Randy          Clifford         Baseball
Ron            Coffee           Football
Ryan           Collier          Wrestling
Art            Converse         Football, Basketball, Track
Gil            Converse         Football, Basketball, Track
Chadd          Cook             Football, Baseball
Don            Corbitt          Football, Basketball, Track
Kelly          Cordes           Basketball, Baseball
Doug           Crawford         Football
Polly          Delp             Cross Country, Volleyball, Track
Andrea         DeMark           Volleyball, Basketball, Track
Dominic        DeMark           Football, Baseball
John           Denny            Football, Baseball
Richard        Dent             Football, Baseball
Roxy           Eckel            Football, Basketball, Track
Max            Edwards          Football, Track, Tennis, Basketball
Eric           Eshleman         Golf
Rudy           Espinoza         Football, Basketball, Track
Rhett          Evans            Wrestling
Jesus          Felix            Wrestling, Football
Fred           Fenderson        Football, Baseball
Tina           Fenton           Basketball
Joe            Flajnik          Football, Wrestling
Duke           Flores           Football, Baseball
George         Fornara          Football, Basketball
Allen          Foster           Wrestling
Nate           Gahn             Football, Track
Guy            Garside          Wrestling
Greg           Goligoski        Football, Basketball, Baseball
Mark           Goligoski        Track                                           91
Steve       Gordon       Wrestling
Tim         Gray         Golf
Tom         Gray         Golf
Manuel      Griego       Football, Basketball, Baseball
Robert      Griego       Basketball
Chris       Grover       Football, Track
Guy         Grover       Football, Basketball, Track
Nadine      Handley      Basketball, Volleyball
Dave        Hanna        Football, Baseball
Julie       Harding      Track
Ken         Harrison     Football
Pete        Hartin       Football, Basketball, Track
George      Hawley       Baseball
Jerry       Hearn        Football
Mike        Henwood      Football, Basketball
Stephanie   Hiatt        Badminton, Basketball
Bill        Hicks        Football, Basketball, Track
Taylor      Hicks, Sr.   Football, Basketball, Track
Ed          Hightower    Football, Track
Lisa        Hill         Cross Country, Track
Jud         Holmes       Football, Track
Virgil      Howard       Football, Basketball, Track
Michelle    Howell       Volleyball, Tennis
Shannon     Howell       Tennis
Adelbert    Hubbard      Football, Basketball, Track
Jerry       Insley       Football, Basketball
Kate        Jaspers      Softball, Soccer, Cross Country
John        Jerome       Basketball
Charley     Jones        Football, Basketball, Track
Christy     Jones        Softball, Volleyball
Kenny       Jones        Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
George      Kaegle       Football, Wrestling
Dennis      Kendrick     Football, Baseball
Dan         Klemmedson   Basketball
Robert      Knight       Football
Carmen      Krause       Basketball, Volleyball, Track
Joe         Krznarich    Basketball
Jessica     Lauchner     Softball, Volleyball
Jeff        Logan        Gymnastics
Keith       Lopeman      Track
Mike        Lopez        Football
Brian       Loving       Football, Soccer
Wayne       Loving       Football, Basketball, Track
David       Maldonado    Wrestling, Football
Bob         Manriques    Football, Basketball, Baseball
Bruce       McCormack    Basketball
Enoch       McDowell     Football, Soccer
Jason       McNally      Football, Baseball
Patricia    Meiner       Volleyball, Basketball
Albert      Mendibles    Basketball, Baseball
Tag         Merritt      Golf
Tom         Metzger      Basketball
Cliff       Miller       Football, Basketball, Track
Tim          Miller        Football, Track
Albert       Molzahn       Track
Henry        Morales       Football, Basketball, Track
Jerry        Nelson        Baseball
Bill         Nicks         Football, Basketball, Track
Kacy         Oakley        Volleyball
Roy          O’Kelly       Baseball
Kevin        Onnen         Basketball
Mark         Ott           Football, Baseball
Sally        Ott           Basketball, Volleyball
Debbie       Pace          Cross Country, Track
David        Palmer        Cross Country, Track
Michael      Parker        Cross Country, Track
RaeAnn       Parker        Volleyball, Track
Sean         Pavlich       Football, Basketball
Ed           Phillips      Track
Phil         Pitney        Football, Track
Tom          Polk          Basketball, Tennis
Elden        Porter        Football, Basketball
Joe          Pruzina       Football, Track
Steve        Reeser        Football, Track
W. “Ozzie”   Renner        Football, Basketball, Track
Johnny       Reyes         Football
Gary         Rivera        Baseball, Basketball
Mike         Rivera        Football, Baseball
Tim          Robbins       Gymnastics
Jim          Robinson      Baseball, Basketball
Rudy         Rodriguez     Basketball, Football, Tennis
Greg         Roskopf       Football, Wrestling, Track
Thad         Rummage       Football
Randy        Rusing        Track
Art          Savoini       Football, Basketball, Track
Clint        Savoini       Basketbll, Baseball
Jim          Savoini       Football, Basketball, Track
Gary         Schulz        Football, Baseball
Kristi       Shelstad      Basketball
Steve        Shipp         Football
Rudy         Silva         Football, Basketball, Baseball
Harry        Southworth    Football, Basketball, Track
Josh         Steele        Football, Wrestling
Joe          Stephens      Football, Basketball, Track
Rhonda       Sterkenberg   Track
Roy          Stringer      Football, Baseball
Cory         Suttles       Football, Basketball
Ryan         Suttles       Football, Basketball
Jim          Tatum         Football, Track
Jim          Templin       Football
Chris        Thompson      Football, Wrestling
Jack         Thompson      Track
Maria        Tilman        Cross Country, Track
Jared        Trumbo        Soccer
Ryan         Trumbo        Soccer
Grant        Turley        Football, Basketball
Bill       Vyne           Football, Basketball, Track
Chuck      Walker         Cross Country, Track
Shannon    Welch          Basketball, Cross Country
Wally      Welch          Football, Basketball, Track
Jim Bob    Wells          Football, Baseball
Wes        Wendling       Gymnastics
Stacie     West           Basketball
Tim        West           Football
Christin   Wherley        Cross Country, Track
Scott      Wherley        Basketball, Cross Country, Track
Jeff       White          Football, Basketball, Baseball
Larry      White          Football, Wrestling
Heidi      Wilhelm        Basketball
Paul       Wilkerson      Football, Basketball, Baseball
Eddie      Wolgast        Football, Basketball

Jack       Kapp           Tennis Doubles
Joe        Love           Tennis Doubles

                  Prescott High School Athletic Hall of Fame
                                Team Awards
1942       Boys Basketball Team
1944       Football Team
1945       Football Team
1946       Football Team
1946       State Champion Relay Team
1955       Football Team
1971       Boys Basketball Team
1971       Baseball Team
1973       Boys Basketball Team
1974       Golf Team
1984       Boys Basketball Team
1985       Girls Cross Country Team
1986       Girls Cross Country Team
1986       Badminton Team
1986       Boys Cross Country Team
1986       Wrestling Team
1987       Girls Cross Country Team
1988       Football Team
1989       Boys Track Team
1989       Girls Volleyball Team


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