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                     ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME
                             The Newsletter of LAVC Athletics and the Hall of Fame: Spring 2009

  2009 Class Selected for HOF Induction!
              VALLEY GLEN, CA—The Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) Athletic Hall of Fame Committee
              announced its selection for the 2009 LAVC Athletic Hall of Fame. An Induction Dinner will be
              held for all recipients on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. on the LAVC campus.

              “Since its inaugural induction, many nominations continue to be received by the LAVC Hall of
              Fame (HOF) Committee and it was quite an honor to select our inductees who will make up
              the 2009 Class,” said HOF Committee Chair and LAVC Alumnus Paul Sabolic.

              The Class of 2009 LAVC Athletic Hall of Fame inductees includes:
              1.   The 1995 Football Team with head coach Jim Fenwick won the Western State Conference
                   Title with a 10-1 record, and was ranked #2 in the country by the J.C. Gridwire. The team still
                   holds records for total points scored and total offense. It earned an invitation to play in the
                   Strawberry Bowl for the National Championship.                                                      Covert
              2.   The 1976/77 Men’s Volleyball Team, led by Coach Rick Beress., won 3 United States
                   Volleyball Association tournaments and captured the Metropolitan Conference
                   Championship with an impressive 17-3 overall record.
              3.   Mark Covert ran on the Valley College Cross Country Team and the Track and Field Team. He
Shinnick           was part of the State Cross Country Championship team in 1968. He still holds the commu-
                   nity college record for six miles under 29 minutes.
              4.   James Harvey is a seven time Conference Coach of the Year and led a women’s cross country
                   team to a state championship in 1992. He was inducted into the California Community
                   College Track and Field Hall of Fame in 2004.
              5.   Bill Krauss was one of the legendary the aquatic coaches in the history of the California Com-      Harvey
                   munity Colleges. Krauss coached the Valley College water polo and swim teams from 1972-
                   2006 to numerous conference championships, and produced over 50 All Americans during
                   his tenure.
              6.   Roberta Mulkey was a very recognized softball player who was inducted into the National
                   Softball Hall of Fame in 2008. She was the Valley College softball coach in the 1960’s that
                   won several conference titles including the 1962 Southern California Junior College Champi-
              7.   Billy Reed is the recipient of five varsity letters from 1951-54 that included Football, Basket-
                   ball, and Track and Field. As captain of the Football team, he was selected outstanding player
                   of the game several times. His football career continued as a professional with the Los
                   Angeles Chargers.                                                                                  Scarpace
              8.   Mike Scarpace was one of the greatest linemen in the history of Valley College Football. Scar-
                   pace was selected All Metropolitan Conference, and All American in 1964.He later starred at
                   the University of Southern California from 1965-1967. He garnered All Pac-8, All Pacific
 Krauss            Coast, All American honors, and capped it with a National Championship.
              9.   Don Shinnick played linebacker and offensive back on the football team in 1953 and receive
                   All-Metro Conference honors. Shinnick went on to play for UCLA from 1954-56 and was a
                   member of the National Championship team in 1954. He had an illustrious career in the
                   National Football League’s Baltimore Colts that included the 1958 championship game
                   against the New York Giants. Shinnick will be posthumously honored.

              Tickets to the Athletic Hall of Fame Induction banquet will be available starting May 20,               Volleyball
              2009. Dinner tickets are $60 per person. Sponsorship Opportunities are also available.

Football      For more information, call the Los Angeles Valley College Foundation at (818) 947-2618 or
              visit Click “Community” and then “Athletic Hall of Fame.”

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HOF Chairman’s Report
                    This spring edition of the Hall of Fame Newsletter introduces our 2009 Hall of Fame Inductees and stories about our
                    new Athletic Endowment Advisory Board, Chaired by Phil Mundy, and recent athletic accomplishments, as well as a story
                    about Athletic Director Chuck Ferrero. We hope you will spend a few moments with the newsletter and get an update of
                    what’s happening at LAVC and the Hall of Fame.
                    Our 2009 Hall of Fame induction returns HOF Inductee Coach Jim Fenwick and his 1995 Western State
                    Conference Champion football team Also honored is Mark Covert cross country and track / field; Coach James Harvey
                                                    team.                      Covert,                                           Harvey,
                                                Krauss,                                         Mulkey,                      Reed,
                    track and field; Coach Bill Krauss swimming and water polo; Coach Roberta Mulkey women’s softball; Billy Reed
                                             Scarpace,              Shinnick,                                           Team.
                    all-around athlete; Mike Scarpace football; Don Shinnick football; and the 1976/77 Men’s Volleyball Team
 As many of you know, at the 2008 Induction Dinner, I announced the creation of the Athletic Endowment and pledged to raise $100,000
 over the next five years to benefit Valley College athletics. I am proud to say we have begun this process with excitement and energy. The
 Athletic Endowment Advisory Board (or AEAB) was formed, (story included in this newsletter) and within a few short months, starting in
 December 2008, almost $20,000 has been pledged and raised for the endowment fund. Activities for fall of 2009 are being planned
 which will bring greater exposure and attention to this effort. As always, this campaign could not be undertaken without your support. A
 modest contribution of only $100 yearly to join the “Green and Gold Club” will make this goal attainable much sooner. If only a fraction of
 former Valley athletes could make this contribution, Valley College athletics could provide premier programs in all men’s and women’s
 sports. I personally ask you to help build the athletic program that helped you to develop and accomplish your life’s goals. The “Green and
 Gold” membership is only a small token contribution but, collectively, could provide opportunities for student-athletes who could not afford
 cleats, equipment, or other personal gear. Please join the “Green and Gold Club today.
 The Hall of Fame Committee takes great pride in supporting Valley College athletics and invites you to become a part of the “Hall of Fame
 Team”                                          2009.
 Team”. Our next Induction Dinner is June 27, 2009 We hope you will be able to join us and participate in our Hall of Fame Induction
 “reunion”. Seeing old friends and renewing contacts has been the highlight of the dinner. For many, this was their first return to Valley
 since their early college days. You can view our website, or call our office (818) 947-2618 if you have
 questions about the dinner or endowment.
 Thank you again for your continued support of Valley College athletics and the Hall of Fame. Please contact me personally
 (818) 439-4424 if you have any questions about the activities of the Hall of Fame.
 I hope you enjoy this edition of the Hall of Fame Newsletter.

 Paul C. Sabolic
 Chair, HOF Committee

                        Athletic Endowment Advisory Board Forms
                         In December, a group of alumni met at the Valley Inn Restaurant to form the Athletic
                         Endowment Advisory Board. Assembled by Athletic Hall of Fame Chairman Paul Sabolic,
                         the board agreed to work together to raise $100,000 in the next five years for the newly
                         created Athletic Endowment.
                         The creation of the Athletic Endowment was announced at the last Athletic Hall of Fame
                         induction dinner in June. Part of the proceeds from the induction dinner as well as seed
                         gifts have ignited support. The endowment will support athletic program items including
Phil Mundy, Chair        equipment, supplies, and travel, which is very much needed at Valley College.                  Randy Rosenbloom
                         Members of the committee include Chair Phil Mundy - President Emeritus of Mundy Medi-
                         cal, Randy Rosenbloom - radio and television broadcaster, Bret Nordyke - Associate with
                         Jones Lang LaSalle, and Al Weis - entrepreneur. Without any formal planning, over
                         $20,000 in pledges have already been received.
                         “I feel a lot of energy coming from this group, and I look forward to working with them in
                         this endeavor,” said Paul Sabolic. The committee would like to add a few more members
                         who share in their passion and can assist in raising the $100,000 goal. If you would like
                         to become involved, please call Raul Castillo at the LAVC Foundation at (818) 947-2618.

 Brett Nordyke                                                                                                                Al Weiss
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LAVC Athletic Director Recognized
                            Congratulations are in order for Los Angeles Valley College Athletic Director Chuck Ferrero Ferrero
                            is this year's recipient of the California Community College Physical Educator Award. Ferrero has
                            been selected in the category of Physical Education/Athletics Administration, and will be presented
                            his award at the Commission on Athletics (COA) convention when it meets in early April in Ontario,
                            Ferrero was selected for his accomplishments and contributions to Los Angeles Valley College that
                            include 20 years as athletic director, ten years as head football coach, building the athletic program
                            into 14 intercollegiate teams, leading the program into Title IX compliance, and the instrumental
                            role he played in the building and renovating the Valley College athletic facilities.

The Official HOF Inductee Lapel Pin
After several months of review and           pel pins. The official Hall of Fame pin
discussion, the Los Angeles Valley           has a textured recessed gold back-
College Athletic Hall of Fame Commit-        ground. Raised green text and border
tee has elected on the design of the         with the official Athletic Department
official Hall of Fame Inductee Lapel         logo—the Monarch crown.
Pin.                                         The LAVC Hall of Fame Inductees may
Only those who have been inducted            receive their lapel pins at the forth-
into the Los Angeles Valley College          coming 2009 Induction banquet on
Athletic Hall of Fame will be eligible to    June 27, 2009.
receive this exclusive pin. The Na-          Hall of Fame Inductees belong to an
tional Football League hall of famers        exclusive fraternity. Only a few have
and winners of the Masters Golf Tour-        the privilege of wearing this wonderful
nament receive special sports coats.         gift and show their pride in Los Ange-
The National Hockey League and the
                                             les Valley College!
National Basketball Association hall of
famers receive specially designed la-

Blast from the Past
                                                                    In 1966, the 440 yard relay team set a record time of 41.1
                                                                    seconds. They broke the college record set by the 1965
                                                                    team, which was 41.6 seconds. Pictured from left to right
                                                                    are Richard Cribs, Phil Mundy, Craig Newman, and Greg Tro-
                                                                    pea. Photo contributed by Phil Mundy.

                                                                    Do you have any old Valley College athletic photos hidden
                                                                    away and would like to share it? Please email your photo to
                                                           and we’ll try to include in the next Blast
                                                                    from the Past.

                                                                    We also would like to hear updates on our Alumni. Please
                                                                    tell us about your days at Valley College and what you are
                                                                    doing professionally. Please email your info and a photo of
                                                                    your self to
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                                                   Athlete Recognition
California Community College Athletic                October 18, 2008                                  January 12, 2009
Association Athlete of the month                     Male: De Andre Bowman (Football); a sopho-        Male: Christian Holden (Basketball); a freshman
First Honorable Mention: Andrew Salg – Cross         more from Taft HS                                 from Rosamond HS
Country (M) sophomore – Grant HS                     Female: Liliana Gomez (Water Polo); a sopho-      Female: Corie Thompson (Basketball); a sopho-
                                                     more from Montebello HS                           more from Montclair Prep
Western State Conference Athlete of the Year
Andrew Salg – Cross Country (M) sophomore –          October 25, 2008                                  January 19, 2009
Grant HS                                             Male: Gerald Scarber (Football); a freshman       Male: Curtis Leslie (Basketball); a sophomore
                                                     fom Harrison HS – Detroit, Michigan               from William Grady HS, New York
Athlete of the Week                                  Female: Myra Garcia (Soccer): a freshman from     Female: Juanita Lewis (Basketball); a sopho
Chris Horstman – Basketball (M); a sophomore         James Monroe HS                                   more from King Drew HS
from Fairfax High School
                                                     November 3, 2008                                  January 26, 2009
Athlete of the Week                                  Male: Matt Johnson (Football); a sophomore        Male: Nate Bichara (Basketball); a sophomore
Mariam Asaryan – Basketball (W); sophomore           from Moreno Valley HS                             from William S. Hart High School
from Grant High School                               Female: Liseth Orrego (Basketball); a sophomore   Female: Mariam Asaryan (Basketball); a sopho
                                                     from Grant HS                                     more from Grant High School
JC Gridwire
Football Offensive Player of the Week for SoCal      November 10, 2008                                 February 2, 2009
Bret Visciglia: freshman from Notre Dame HS          Male: Gerald Scarber (Football); a freshman       Male: Oscar Soriano (Baseball); a freshman from
                                                     from Harrison HS – Detroit, Michigan              Polytechnic High School
Football Offensive Player of the Week                Female: Yerica Maravilla (Soccer); a freshman     Female: Jenny Portillo (Softball); a freshman
James Walker; sophomore from Chatsworth HS           from San Fernando HS                              from North Hollywood High School

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS:                               November 17, 2008                                 February 9, 2009
                                                     Male: Chris Horstman (Basketball); a sophomore    Male: Curtis Leslie (Basketball); a sophomore
Male and Female Athletes of the Week                 from Fairfax HS                                   from William Grady High School, New York
                                                     Female:Mariam Asaryan (Basketball); a sopho
September 6, 2008                                    more from Grant High School                       February 16, 2009
Male: Andrew Salg (Cross Country); a sopho-                                                            Male: Nate Bichara (Basketball); a sophomore
more from Grant HS                                   November 24, 2008                                 from William S. Hart High School
Female: Erica Nolasco (Soccer); a sophomore          Male: Chris Horstman (Basketball); a sophomore    Female: Amber Cabada (Softball); a freshman
from John Francis Polytechnic HS                     from Fairfax HS                                   from Lincoln High School
                                                     Female: Juanita Lewis (Basketball); a sopho
September 13, 2008                                   more from King Drew HS                            February 23, 2009
Male: Bret Visciglia (Football); a freshman from                                                       Male: Paulo Anzaldo (Track); a sophomore from
Notre Dame HS                                        December 1, 2008                                  Bell Jeff High School
Female: Lybov Tchougounova (Water Polo); a           Male: Nate Bichara (Basketball); a sophomore      Female: Yvonne Padilla (Softball); a sophomore
sophomore from Crescenta Valley HS                   from William S. Hart HS                           from St. Genevieve High School
                                                     Female: Juanita Lewis (Basketball); a sopho
September 20, 2008                                   more from King Drew HS                            March 2, 2009
Male: Miguel Robles (Cross Country); a fresh-                                                          Male: John Hicks (Swim/Dive); a freshman from
man from Birmingham HS                               December 8, 2008                                  Bishop Alemany High School
Female: Noelle Arias (Soccer); a freshman from       Male:Chris Horstman (Basketball); a sophomore     Female: Eghosa Isa (Track); a freshman from
Verdugo Hills HS                                     from Fairfax HS                                   Notre Dame High School
                                                     Female: Juanita Lewis (Basketball); a sopho
September 27, 2008                                   more from King Drew HS                            Gioella Chaparro (Swim/Dive); a sophomore
Male: Andrew Salg (Cross Country); a sopho-                                                            from Birmingham High School
more from Grant HS                                   December 15, 2008
Female: Noelle Arias (Soccer); a freshman from       Female: Flora Gabrielyan (Basketball); a fresh-   March 9, 2009
Verdugo Hills HS                                     man from Polytechnic HS                           Male: Wayne Shepheard (Track); a sophomore
                                                                                                       from Taft High School
October 4, 2008                                      December 29, 2008                                 Female: Sylvia Alboniga (Track); a sophomore
Male: James Walker (Football); a sophomore           Male: Pierre Prince (Basketball); a freshman      from Polytechnic High School
from Chatsworth HS                                   from Granada Hills Charter HS
Female: Mekka Edwards-White (Cross country);         Female: Stephanie Woods (Basketball); a fresh-
a sophomore from Taft HS                             man from Polytechnic High School

October 11, 2008                                     January 5, 2009
Male: Jarrod Przebieda (Water Polo); a soph          Male: Jerome Lowe (Basketball); a freshman
more from John Burroughs HS                          from Polytechnic HS
Female: Lybov Tchougounova (Water Polo); a
sophomore from Crescenta Valley HS