6 Effective Ways To Control Your Audience by rezanarendra


									    6 Effective Ways To Control Your Audience
Looking around to see what types of singing careers there are can be a very confusing time. Show
singer, cabaret singer, pop star or pub singer. Theses are all good ways to make money in the music
business but how do you get to become a professional singer? What steps do can you take and
where should you start? Creating a well formatted live act is vitally important to spring-boarding
your career properly. Here are 6 professional tips to show you how to format a serious live song set
and guarantee results!

1 - Learn How to Pace Yourself

There is an art in knowing how to build an audience up into an excited frenzy. If you are interested
in knowing how to become a professional singer one of the key steps is learning how to pace your
show. If you went to see one of your favourite top singers or bands you would notice that they
gradually build their show. By this is I mean they don?t hit you with all their top songs in one go.
The idea is to work your audience through your act essentially building the excitement up to a big

2 - Have a Structured Order of Songs

Having been a karaoke singer for a while or someone who likes to get up and sing a few songs at
someone else?s gig, you need to understand that a pro acts set needs to be structured in order to gain
the most response from an audience. To have a successful singing career there must be light and
shade in the mix of songs you use in your act. If you hit them with non stop fast in your face songs
you are going to soon wear them out. Even the craziest of heavy rock bands will play one or two
easier songs.

3 - An Opener to Make Them Sit Up

Your show opening song is extremely important if you want to capture the attention of your
audience quickly. Singing careers can be really ramped up by learning how you need to hit your
audience hard with your opening song. You have 3 to 4 minutes to show them what you do and if
you do it right you will have them straight away. If you do it wrong you will have a harder job on
your hands. If you just wander on to some kind of mediocre song as you warm up it will not create
any kind of atmosphere. You need to capture the audience as soon as possible with your opener in
order to maximize the potential of the rest of your show.

4 - Light and Shade

A very important part of learning how to become a professional singer is having light and shade in
you act. You want to grab emotional feelings from within the people that are watching you with
your music. A ballad when sung from the heart can trigger memories for an audience and can take
them back to where they were when they first heard the song. These can be very strong triggers and
can make your audience warm to you even more.

5 - Straight from Slow To Fast?

Moving from a heart breaking ballad straight to a fast uplifting song can stir emotions even more.
It?s like watching the love story build in your favourite film. There will be the emotional low and
you are just about to cry with either happiness or sorrow and then suddenly ?bam!? it jumps to an
exciting lively scene to pick you right back up again. This can be done in exactly the same way with
your music. In your pro singing career you need to learn how to keep your audience engaged with
what you are doing and the structure of your act will guide them to where you want to take them.

6 - Building to a Big Finish and Cashing In

The length of your show will dictate the pace of your act. How many highs and lows you want to
include will depend on it being a half hour set or an hour. But however you decide to pace things
you need to be pointing your fans in the direction of a big finish. There are many good ways to
make money in this business and giving your audience a powerful memorable end will make the
want to take a piece of you home with them. This can put them on a real high and make want your
cd or a shirt with your picture on. You need to be working through your act knowing that by the
time you have reached your final ?rip them apart? song they will be crying out for more. And you
can give it to them through your merchandise!

All of these ideas work weather you are in a pub, a bar, a cabaret room, a theatre or in a big concert.
Many would be successful singing careers have been halted by not knowing some of these very
simple tricks of the trade. These are the fundamental building blocks to creating a great act and if
you follow them the dates in your diary will grow quickly. If you simply plod on doing things in a
random way you will find that trying to be a pro singer will be a lot harder than it needs to be.
Having a structured act is one of the keys to becoming a professional vocalist and having a long and
successful career in singing.

Of all the good ways to make money, singing professionally has got to be one of the easiest and
most fun. You just need to be armed with the right tools.

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