Pitfall 38_ Poorly installed and tagged monitoring equipment by jlhd32


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									Pitfall 38: Poorly installed and tagged monitoring equipment.
During verifications it is observed that monitoring equipment is poorly installed and
tagged thus making it difficult for the maintenance personnel to perform the required
quality control and checks as described for the project activity and the risk of not
identifying the right measurements is present. It can also be the case that monitoring
equipment is installed at positions which are impossible to reach after the removal of
scaffoldings, making checks of local displays difficult for the verifier.

Best practice:
Make sure the installation of monitoring equipment is well planned for easy access
making quality control and checks of local displays readily available.
CDM PDD Guidebook: Navigating the Pitfalls. 2nd ed. UNEP Risøe Centre, Roskilde, Denmark. 2008 p59

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