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									Filing a Complaint

Filing a Complaint (or other case opening document)
    There are nine basic steps involved in filing initial documents:
       1. Select the type of document to file;
       2. Verify the case number in which the document is to be filed;
       3. Designate the party(s) filing the document, and the party the filing is against;
       4. Specify the location of the PDF;
       5. Add attachments (if any);
       6. Indicate Jury Demand;
       7. Pay the filing fee;
       8. Modify docket text and submit pleading to ECF;
       9. Receive notification of electronic filing.

1. Select the type of document to file.

 Note: This section of the User's Manual
 describes the process for filing a Complaint in
 ECF. The process is similar for filing other case
 opening documents.

Click on Complaint, then click [Next].

2. Verify the case number.
The case number should automatically be
displayed. Verify that it is correct, then click

CM/ECF User’s Manual                                 16               Nebraska District Court
Filing a Complaint

3. Designate the party(s) filing the
document .
Click the name of the party or parties that are
filing the document. To select more than one
name, hold down the [Ctrl] key on the keyboard
while clicking. Click [Next].

Click the name of the party or parties that the
complaint is against. Hold the [Ctrl] key while
clicking multiple parties.
Click [Next].

 Note: Do NOT click the “All Defendants”
 option, as this will not list the party names in
 the docket text. Instead, use the [Ctrl]+click
 feature to highlight each name.

CM/ECF User’s Manual                                17   Nebraska District Court
Filing a Complaint

4. Specify the PDF name and location
for the document to be filed.
Click on [Browse] to locate the PDF
containing the complaint.
 Note: All documents filed in ECF MUST be
 in PDF format. Otherwise, ECF will not
 accept the document and will produce an
 error message.

In the File Upload window, verify that you have
selected the correct document by clicking with
the right mouse button (right-click) on the PDF.
From the quick menu, click on Open. Adobe
Acrobat will launch and open the PDF. View it
to verify that it is the correct document.
When you are sure you have the correct
document, click [Open] in the File Upload
dialog box to insert the filename into ECF.

            •   If there are no attachments to the complaint, click on [Next] and skip to step 6,
                “Jury Demand,” to proceed with your filing.
            •   If you have attachments to your complaint (such as exhibits), select [Yes] on the
                screen depicted above. Click [Next] and follow the instructions in Appendix B,
                “Adding Attachments to Documents Being Filed.”

CM/ECF User’s Manual                            18                     Nebraska District Court
Filing a Complaint

5. Add attachments to documents
  being filed
      (See Appendix B)

6. Jury Demand.
If the complaint contains a jury demand, type
the words “Jury Demand” in the box
provided. Otherwise, leave the box blank.
Click [Next].

7. Pay the filing fee
The next screen determines if a filing fee is
 IF the complaint is filed THEN…
 on behalf of the USA       Type “N”
 with an Application to     Type “N”
 Proceed Without
 Prepayment of Fees
 neither of the above       Type “Y”

Click [Next].

The filing fee is displayed. Click [Next] to
proceed to the payment screens.

CM/ECF User’s Manual                            19   Nebraska District Court
Filing a Complaint

7. Pay the filing fee (
Fill out the payment screens. Fields with a
red asterisk * are required.

 Note: Do not use your browser’s back button
 at this point.

If you wish to receive an e-mail confirmation
of the payment transaction, enter your e-mail
address in the fields provided.

Be sure to check the box authorizing the
charge to your account.

8. Modify Docket Text and Submit
If necessary, further describe the complaint
using the field provided.
(examples: “with request for class action”, or
“with request for Temporary Restraining
Order” )

Click [Next] to submit the complaint to the

CM/ECF User’s Manual                             20   Nebraska District Court
Filing a Complaint

9. Receive Notice of Electronic Filing
The screen depicted at the right confirms
that ECF has registered your transaction and
the pleading is now an official court
 Note: The Notice of Electronic Filing is
 your proof of filing or file stamp. The
 court strongly urges you to save it to a file
 or print it, and retain a copy in your
 personal files.

10. Assigning Judges
Now that you have filed the complaint and
paid any necessary fees, the court will draw
judges for the case. You should receive e-
mail notification of the judges assigned by
the close of the next business day.

CM/ECF User’s Manual                             21   Nebraska District Court

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