Non-Paper Draft Proposal on the role of the Joint by knowledgegod


									                 ROLE OF THE JOINT PLANNING COMMITTEE (JPC)


The Joint Planning Committee (JPC) is constituted by the Declaration of Principles, signed by the Somali
Transitional Federal Government and the United Nations on behalf of the members of the Coordination
and Monitoring Committee (CMC) on 9 February 2005, as a joint mechanism, answerable to the CMC,
with the mandate of translating agreed policy directives emerging from the CMC into operational
policies and strategies. The JPC acts as the operational link between the technical level (the Joint
Technical Committees) and policy level (the CMC). Central to the JPC mandate is its role in assessing
compliance of all parties with agreed expectations.

In order to construct, implement and monitor a positive direction for the transitional period at operational
level, encouraging pursuit of peaceful coexistence, reconciliation and constructive engagement, and to
permit greater leverage for both the Somali and International partners to work more effectively and
flexibly but accountably, the JPC shall discharge this mandate through the following terms of reference:

    Be regarded by all partners party to the joint co-operation mechanism as the highest authority at the
    field level in matters of planning and co-ordination stipulated in the DoP and relevant documents.

    Focus its role and discussion on planning and co-ordination at strategic level of rehabilitation and
    development interventions. Information on the humanitarian assistance and protection needs shall
    also be available to the JPC for consideration in terms of the DoP.

    At the technical level, establish and coordinate joint sectoral and thematic committees and sub-

    Be responsible for, and direct, regular and periodic analysis and processing of data and prepare
    concise reports in this regard including recommendations for the attention of the CMC.

   Prepares regular co-ordinated operational briefs for the attention of the CMC.

    Develop an operational work plan for approval by the CMC and subsequently coordinate its’

    Actively recognize and support the strategic leadership role of the Somali Transitional Federal
    Government and promote the participation of Somali Transitional Institutions and civil society in
    operational planning and coordination in the areas of humanitarian assistance, rehabilitation and

   The JPC shall inform the CMC on issues relating to operational access for appropriate discussion.

    Recommend to the CMC amendments to the Terms of Reference of the JPC when deemed
    Membership:

    Given its managerial role in operational planning and co-ordination at field level, the membership of
    the JPC will comprise senior level representatives (Ministers, country directors and senior managers)
    of operational institutions from both the Somali and International sides.

The Co-Chairmanship and composition of the Joint Planning Committee will be periodically reviewed by
the JPC and/or the CMC and, allow for flexibility and change should consensus be reached.

   The JPC will be chaired jointly by the Minister of Planning of the TFG, the World Bank and the
    United Nations

    The JPC membership will comprise senior level representatives of operational institutions:

  From the International Community’s side: 12 Committee members comprising: United Nations
  Resident Coordinator and 2 additional UN Agencies, World Bank, European Commission, IGAD,
  League of Arab States, African Union, INGO, and the Somali Donor Group, as represented by
  Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom.
 From the Somali side: 12 Committee members comprising: Ministry of Planning & International
  Cooperation, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Ministry of Lands and Settlement, Ministry of
  Women & Family Affairs, Ministry of Livestock, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources,
  Ministry of Social Welfare and Human Rights, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Treasury, a
  representative of: the Parliamentary Economic Committee, Chamber of Commerce and a Somali non-
  governmental organization consortium.
 Others: the JPC shall have the right to invite other individuals and organizations as deemed

    Rules of Procedure:

    The JPC shall draft its own Rules of Procedure addressing its operational modalities including
    frequency of meetings, location and by-laws including methodologies for decision making. The Rules
    of Procedure and Terms of Reference shall be recommended to and approved by the CMC.

    The JPC shall retain the right of reviewing its own Rules of Procedure by consensus and revisions
    shall require the approval of the CMC.

   The JPC shall be supported by the professional secretariat back-stopping the joint co-operation

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