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					Here's the proposal I'm offering. To break it down, I want to follow the Foreign Exchange market every day,
like a full time job. An investor could make this happen through a living expense, like $3000 a month for 1
year [or contract on an hourly basis if so desired].
The first three months, I would paper trade to get familiar with the currency pairs I'll focus on, so I wouldn't
make any money. The next three to four months [only after I'm consecutively making a solid profit on paper],
I would open a mini account and trade with real money – but only using a mini account until I'm completely
comfortable. After that, I would open a regular account. I should be more than comfortable trading by the
end of the year, where I would then pay back the investment plus 200 – 500%, depending on what kind of
investment I and the investor are comfortable with. I am even willing to continue giving 1% of my earnings to
them every year thereafter, since this would be such a huge investment in my family.
You can forward this on to anyone who would be interested in this. Let them know that references can be
provided and a background check can most certainly be done. Should I find an investor through you, I will
give you $500 after the first 3 months, $500 after the 6th month, and $1000 after the first year, then 1% of
my yearly earnings thereafter.
Thanks & take care!

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