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									                                       3848 VETERANS DRIVE / TRAVERSE CITY, MI 49684
                                       (231) 941-1620 / FAX: (231) 941-1588                                            SUMMER 2009
                              ~ revised website coming soon!

                                       Charter Township       SERVING THE CITIZENS OF NORTHERN MICHIGA N
 Monday —Friday                        FROM THE SUPERVISOR, CHUCK KORN
                                       The first six months for the new Board havebeen very productive. The spirit of cooperation and
 8 a.m. to 12 noon    and
                                       unique abilities and viewpoints each member brings have been key to our success. The other key is
 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.                      the experience and talent of the staff. Our goals are to promote the efficient use of your money, and
 For your convenience, the             to provide transparency and responsibility in the decision-making processes. We have saved several
 Treasurer’s office is open to         hundred thousand dollars so far, but will be diligent in continuing to work towards more savings.
 accept tax payments during            Going into effect in August, the new property and maintenance code should help keep Garfield
 the lunch hour.                       Township safe and looking good. Other notable successes: a $440,000 grant for water supply and
                                       sewage disposal improvements; and great progress in amending our Planning and Zoning docu-
                                       ments to conform to state standards. Future issues include: improved fire and medical response
    ** PLEASE NOTE **                  times with Metro Emergency Services; continued upgrades to public infrastructure; and a new Parks
 Tax payment receipts will             and Recreation Plan. We hope you will find the time to fill in a survey, write, or just stop by to tell
 only be sent upon request or          us what you think our priorities should be. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome.
 if a self-addressed stamped
 envelope is included with             PARK AND RECREATION NEWS
 payment.                                         A ribbon-cutting for the Boardman Lake trail
                                       bridge took place on May 15, 2009. Located on the
                                       north end of Boardman Lake, this exciting connection
ELECTED OFFICIALS                      between the east and west sides of the lake moves the
                                       area one step closer to a paved path encircling the lake.
                                                  In late May, the planning department began
CHUCK KORN…………..…..SUPERVISOR          developing a five year Parks and Recreation Plan which
KAY SCHUMACHER………...…..…CLERK          will help to shape the future of all parks and recreational
DON WILCOXEN…..……..DEPUTY CLERK        facilities within the Township. Such a plan is essential
                                       when applying for competitive Michigan Natural Re-
                     AND ACCOUNTANT
                                       source Trust Fund grants, which can help to pay for land acquisition, park upgrades, new bike
CARRIE CHARRON…..ADMIN. ASSISTANT      trails, and more. Your input is vital as we develop this plan, so keep an eye out for your opportu-
SUSAN YOUNKER……..….RECEPTIONIST        nity to be involved in future park plans!
JEANE BLOOD……………....TREASURER                     Kindly remember that Township park hours are dawn to dusk. For the enjoyment of all
                                       park users, every pet must be on a leash at all times. It is your responsibility to pick up after your
                                       pet wherever you are in the Township. At the park, use the pet waste disposal bags found in dis-
BOBBIE JAMES…….TREASURER’S ASST.       pensers. Picnic facilities are intended for use by residents on a first come first serve basis. Thank
JIM CHRESTENSEN..ASSESS.SUPERVISOR     you for helping to keep our park clean and welcoming!
                                       HOT TOPICS — MILFOIL IN SILVER LAKE
                                                 Township Board meetings have recently addressed the issue of Eurasian Water Milfoil
HILARY ALPERS….....ASSESSING CLERK     (EWM) in Silver Lake. EWM is an invasive aquatic plant that out-competes native plants and
GORDON JOHNSTON..BUILD.SUPERVISOR      will overwhelm a lake if not controlled. First appearing in 2005, previous control efforts have
CARL STUDZINSKI...BUILDING INSPECTOR   been funded by Garfield and Blair Townships. Anticipating rising costs to control this spreading
                                       problem, additional funding is needed. The Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA)
TODD CHARGO…....BUILDING INSPECTOR     requested that the Townships establish a Special Assessment District to ensure that funding is
BRAD KAYE…........PLANNING DIRECTOR    available. SLIA considered four proposals and chose Savin Lake Services of Hale, MI to provide
BRIAN VANDENBRAND….DEP. PLANNER        treatment with the herbicide Renovate during the beginning of June 2009.
ROB LARREA….ZONING ADMINISTRATOR                 Please do your part to help prevent the spread of milfoil and other invasive species by
                                       always inspecting your boat and personal watercraft every time you take it in or out of the water.
BOB WOODS…..DEPUTY ZONING ADMIN.       Remove all aquatic plants and drain all lake water. Take these simple steps to ensure that our
                                       scenic waters continue to be healthy and enjoyed for generations to come.
SUMMER 2009                                          CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF GARFIELD                                                  PAGE 2

                                                      SPRING ROAD CLEAN UP
                                                      Township officials and employees volunteered
                                                      to perform a spring road cleanup on May 8th.                                2009
                                                      Roadside trash was picked up along sections                                BOARD
                                                      of South Airport Road near the Logan’s Land-                              MEETINGS
                                                      ing corridor. After the long winter of 2008,                                  .

                                                      staff cheerfully put on orange safety vests and             July—9th & 23rd
                                                      headed out in the sunshine to bring some                   August—13th & 27th
                                                      much needed beauty back to our scenic                    September—10th & 24th
                                                      Township roadways. (photo l to r: Supervisor Chuck        October—8th & 22nd
                                                      Korn, Treasurer Jeane Blood & Clerk Kay Schumacher)         November—12th
NEW TOWNSHIP WEBSITE UNDER DEVELOPMENT                                                                                      .

                                                                                                             All meetings begin promptly
          In April, the Township Board ap-            issues, building permit questions and more.              at 7:00p.m. upstairs in the
proved a contract with LIAA, a local non-profit                 Finally, a Community page will be             Township Hall. Meetings
organization, to assist the Township in develop-      available for Garfield Township businesses to          are televised and can be seen
ing a new website. This will bring our website        provide a website link, helping local and out-of-      at:
into the 21st century, as a valuable asset for our    town website visitors find your business. If
residents and business owners, by making more         you’re a Township business owner and would
information readily available. Included will be       like to spread the word about your restaurant,
forms, permits, calendars, park information and       auto dealership, golf course, office, residential
maps, Township Board, Planning Commission,            community, or anything else, please contact the
and Zoning Board of Appeals meeting agendas           Planning Department at planning@garfield-
                                                                                                              Now make your Personal
and minutes, employee email addresses, and   or by phone to request that we include
                                                                                                              Property and Real Estate
surveys to let us know how to best serve our          your information. Watch for the changes,               Tax Payments by credit card!
residents. The new website will offer residents       scheduled to appear online by late summer, at
and business owners timely information on   !                                        Pay online at:
taxes, elections, development proposals, zoning                                                     

BITS & PIECES                                                                                                           Or call:
    Retirements: Marge Johnson retired on                    Township offices to report.                          1-800-2PAY-TAX
    April 8, 2009, after more than 30 years of               Don’t forget that a blue USPS mailbox for       Charter Township of Garfield
    service as Admin. Secretary. We welcome                  outgoing mail is located at the Township          Jurisdiction Code: 7097
    new Admin. Assistant Carrie Charron.                     hall and has easy access from your vehicle.
    Other retirements include Jack Robbins                   Additionally, the large gray Drop Box in        Official Payments charges a
    from the Planning Commission; Mary Ann                   front of the Township entry doors is a se-      nominal fee for this service.
    Fields and Steve Gallagher from the Zoning               cure and convenient drop off for any infor-
    Board of Appeals. We thank you for your                  mation or tax payments to the township.         Payment services provided by:
    time of service. Filling the vacancies on the            2009 County Road Maps are available at the
    Zoning Board, we welcome Haider Kazim                    Township Offices. They are $1.00 each.
    and Joe Yelencich. The vacant Planning                   July 30, 2009 is the next Household Haz-
    Commission seat has not yet been filled.                 ardous Waste day. This is an opportune
    The Township Board is looking to create                  time to get rid of hazardous items that can’t
    several new committees needing citizen                   go into regular garbage collection. More
    involvement. Please consider participating               info is available at     PLEASE NOTE
    in your local government through these                   The Commission on Aging provides foot           Burning of brush is not allowed
    avenues.                                                 care to seniors the first Tuesday of each       in Garfield Township. Brush,
    Your help is needed with street lights! If               month, for the remainder of 2009. Call          leaves, stumps, Christmas trees,
    you see a light in need of repair anywhere in            Susan at 941-1620 for more information          etc. can be dropped off at the
                                                                                                             G.T. County Composting facil-
    the Township, please call Susan at the                   and to schedule an appointment.                 ity located on Keystone Rd.
                                                                                                             The compost site remains open
IS YOUR DECK READY FOR SUMMER?                                                                               during the Keystone Road con-
As summer approaches, deck use increases. Decks can be at risk of collapsing if they are not built           struction with access from Park
properly. Common safety hazards also can occur naturally as a deck ages. Homeowners should check             Drive. Open: Tuesday noon - 7
their decks for: split or rotting wood; wobbly or missing handrails or guardrails; loose, missing or         pm, and Thursday and Saturday
                                                                                                             9 am-3 pm. Recreational fires
rusted nails or screws; missing, damaged or loose support beams and planking; proper attachment of           are permitted in approved re-
the ledger board to the house; excessive movement of the deck when walked upon. It’s important to            ceptacles. Call for more infor-
take the time to inspect your deck. Reports come from around the country where decks have failed             mation.
causing injury or death due to improper construction or unchecked deterioration of aged decks. A free
booklet on what to check on your deck is available at the township office.

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