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									       ENVILAB SDN BHD                                                             Executive Summary

                                   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd proposed new factory proposal is to construct a continuous methyl
ester production plant by direct transesterification of refined oils designed to produce up to 360
TPD of methylester products.

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd has engaged Envilab Sdn Bhd on the 18 December 2006 to carry
out the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies on the proposed project.

Statement of Need

It is YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd’s objectives to contribute to the promotion of using
methylester as blend with petroleum diesel to minimise the greenhouse effects on gaseous
emissions. It is also to utilize the usage of vegetable oils as an alternative renewable energy since
Malaysia is the biggest palm oil producers in the world. This project is consistent with the country’s
economic growth by creating more job opportunities. Apart from the economic concerns, it is also
considered as a starting step to venture into the world of oleochemicals.

Project Process Description

The methyl ester products from the transesterification reaction are accomplished continuously,
using three reactors in series operating under mild conditions of atmospheric pressure (atm).

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd – Preliminary EIA For New Factory                                 ES-i
        ENVILAB SDN BHD                                                               Executive Summary

Topography and Landuse

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd is located in the heart of the biofuel hub that is the most successful
industrial townships development situated between The Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate and the
Tanjung Langsat Industrial Complex, where infrastructural facilities such as road accesses,
electricity supply, water supply, gas supply and telecommunications are readily available. It is also
based in one of the largest concentration of palm oil refineries and oleochemical industries in
Malaysia’s largest industrial estates under the authority of Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan Pasir Gudang
(PBTPG). This creates an additional source of economic activity for the Pasir Gudang industrial

Climate and Meteorology

Tanjung Langsat is located at N 1° 27’ 01.87”, E 103° 59’ 49.14” and Pasir Gudang is located at N
1° 38”, E 103° 40” of the equator, where the nearest meteorology monitoring station is at the Sultan
Ismail International Airport in Senai, located at N 1° 38’, E 103° 40’, about 50 km or 40 minutes
drive from the project site. All major climatic data such as rainfall, temperature and wind flow are

Air Quality

The existing ambient air quality around the proposed project is in relatively good condition with the
Particles TSP concentration well below the Malaysian Recommended Air Quality Guidelines limit.
During the construction stage, dust abatement procedures such as wetting the tyres of moving
vehicles can be applied to minimise fugitive particulate emissions, especially during the dry season.
According to actions planned, the proposed project during construction, commissioning and
operation on air quality is unlikely to comply with the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations
1978. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the project will cause significant deterioration of the ambient air

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd – Preliminary EIA For New Factory                                    ES-ii
       ENVILAB SDN BHD                                                              Executive Summary

Water Quality

Sungai Kopok is the nearest receiving watercourse for the proposed project. The river water
sampling results shows that Sungai Kopok falls under the Interim Marine Water Quality Standard

The potential impact are expected to be significant during construction stage due to increased in
turbidity and level of suspended solids in the affected water due to activities of earthwork for the
construction of factory building foundation.

However, impact is very much localised and temporary during construction stage. The factory
operation impact can be reduced with the wastewater treatment plant to treat the effluent to DOE
standard B limits.

Noise Quality

Four (4) monitoring stations were selected to establish the existing baseline noise levels for the
project site. The results are Station 1 ( 51.3 dBA), Station 2 ( 47.2 dBA), Station 3 ( 48.6 dBA)
and Station 4 ( 51.6 dBA).

Natural contributors are nearby factories, traffic, human activities, animals and insects. Noise level
impacts are expected to increase during construction. However, the impact is temporary and
localised. The noise level can be minimised by restricting noise activities during daytime only.

It is recommended to use quieter pilling methods in order to minimise noise level to surrounding
communities as well.

All heavy vehicles should conform to sound level emission standard stipulated by Environmental
Quality (Motor Vehicle Noise) Regulations, 1987 (Environmental Quality Act, 1974).

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd – Preliminary EIA For New Factory                                   ES-iii
       ENVILAB SDN BHD                                                                 Executive Summary

Social Economy

The current population estimation for Pasir Gudang is 110,000 people. It is expected to increase at
the rate of approximately 4.6 % annually for the next 10 years. The forecasted benefits are increase
in business and employment opportunities. The chief negative impact is the increased in foreign
labours arrival and increased in noise pollution.

Risk Assessment

Based on risk tolerability limits for Malaysia statistics, risk levels of less than 1 X 10-6 per person per
year may be used as involuntary risk level posed by the industrial activities. Thus, people working
and living beside the project should not be unduly perturbed by the presence and operation of the
project since they are not being exposed to any higher risk levels than what they are currently

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd – Preliminary EIA For New Factory                                    ES-iv
        ENVILAB SDN BHD                                                                                                             Executive Summary


Impact Sources and Project           Environmental Impact and                         Proposed Mitigation                Residual Impact and Proposed
             Activities                       Its Significance                                                                       Monitoring
Construction stage
Construction        of    factory   Workers exposure to risk of Comply with the Factories and Machinery                  Site manager or supervisors
building,      installation    of   injuries from accidents.             (Building    Operations   and      Works   of   are   to    ensure   that   safety
machinery and associated                                                 Engineering       Construction)      (Safety)   procedures and measures are
facilities                                                               Regulations,      1980     contractors     to   closely followed and obeyed
                                                                         emphasize safety aspects of workers.            during work.
                                    Traffic, dust, soil carry over       Control speed, maintain vehicles, wet                            –
                                                                         surfaces, water spray during dry weather,
                                                                         and clean wheels of vehicles to remove
                                                                         dirt and sand.
                                    Noise,        dust,     turbidity,      Wet work areas                                               –
                                    surface       water     pollution,      Controlled hours of work to daytime
                                    traffic       hazards        and        Sedimentation/Silt traps
                                    congestions                             Use of alternative routes, choose hours,
                                                                             enforce safety

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd – Preliminary EIA For New Factory                                                                                  ES-v
        ENVILAB SDN BHD                                                                                                 Executive Summary

                               Utilities are diesel powered          Provide containers away from water                        –
                                                                     Tap electrical power from nearby to
                                                                      power mobile generator
Operation and Maintenance
Transportation of materials Risk : Leakage and spills                Vehicle and tank design and labeling      Procedure       for       handling
to or from the site            from transport vehicles or            Use of Material Safety Data Sheet         emergencies                    during
                               vessels and risk of fire               (MSDS)                                    transportation is to be prepared
                               explosion, toxic gas clouds,          Detailed emergency response plan /        in an Emergency Response
                               etc.                                   equipment and facilities                  Plan   (ERP).       Training     and
                                                                     Training of drivers and emergency         education on the usage of
                                                                      response personnel                        emergency              equipment,
                                                                     Avoidance of densely populated areas      properties of materials handled
                                                                                                                need to be carried out.
                               Traffic/Noise/Air Quality      :      Restrict delivery times to outside peak
                               Transit patterns disrupted,            hours
                               noise      and    congestion          Use alternative routes
                               created,    and    pedestrian
                               hazards     aggravated      by
                               heavy trucks transporting

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd – Preliminary EIA For New Factory                                                                       ES-vi
       ENVILAB SDN BHD                                                                                                               Executive Summary

                               raw materials and products
                               to/from facility

Storage and Handling of
Raw Materials
                                  Contaminated runoff from           Store in storage tank that are well                Periodic inspection is required.
                                   storage area                        ventilated and away from any heat
                                  Leaks      from    containing       source
                                   vessels                   and      Concrete      flooring    to     prevent    any
                                   soils/groundwater                   spillage seeping into the ground and
                                   contamination                       build containment wall or known as
                                  Fire      and       explosion       ‘bund’ around the storage area and
                                   hazards/toxic hazards               process area as to ensure that any
                                                                       accident that involved the spillage
Manufacturing Processes
Wastewater discharge              Production process water           Surface    run-off       within    the     plant      Monthly      effluent     quality
                                  Potential      contamination        including floor washing water and                      monitoring      for   discharges
                                   by floor washing water              cleaning       water       of      equipment           from      the         wastewater
                                   from production areas,              transferred     to     on-site     wastewater          treatment plant for the DOE
                                   cleaning          water    of       treatment plant, which to be designed                  full parameters standard A
                                   equipment                           to meet DOE standard A limit                           limits.

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd – Preliminary EIA For New Factory                                                                                    ES-vii
       ENVILAB SDN BHD                                                                                                        Executive Summary

                                  Accidental spillage from          Storage and processing area paved
                                   the materials storage              and containment wall to avoid any
                                  Sewage     discharge     by        spills materials from contaminating the
                                   plant operators                    soil and groundwater
                                                                     Emergency procedures drawn up in the
                                                                      event    of   spillages   occurring     and
                                                                      emergency response drills for various
                                                                      emergency scenarios
                                                                     Septic tank regularly maintained (de-
                                                                      sludging) by a licensed contractor
                                                                     Storage tanks for materials should be
                                                                      bunded to contain         any accidental
                                                                      leakage spillage. The bunded area
                                                                      shall be able to contain 110 % volume
                                                                      of the largest tank.
Air Pollution
                                  Particulate matter, SO3/          Increase chimney height                          Source emissions monitoring
                                   H2SO4, NOx) from fuel             Make sure fuel used burns efficiently             of all chimneys for particulate
                                   burning equipments                                                                   matter, SO3/H2SO4 and NOx
                                  Fugitive   emissions      of                                                         periodically
                                   other      gases        from                                                        Ambient        air        quality
                                   production process                                                                   monitoring of         particulate

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd – Preliminary EIA For New Factory                                                                             ES-viii
       ENVILAB SDN BHD                                                                                                   Executive Summary

                                                                                                                matter, SO3/H2SO4 and NOx
                                                                                                                periodically     Half    yearly
                                                                                                                ambient         air      quality
                                                                                                                monitoring Total Suspended
                                                                                                                Particulates (TSP), Sulphur
                                                                                                                Oxides (NOX) and Nitrogen
                                                                                                                Oxides (NOX) for factory
Noise pollution
                                  Operation of production        Occupational health implications            Incorporate               noise
                                   machinery and vehicles         Typical noise levels can be high as 85       attenuation measures in the
                                                                   dBA at source                                design of equipment and
                                                                                                               All workers to be protected
                                                                                                                from noise exposure limits
                                                                                                                stipulated in the Factories
                                                                                                                and       Machinery      (Noise
                                                                                                                Exposure)         Regulations,
                                                                                                                1989, example ear mufflers.
                                                                                                               Half yearly ambient noise
                                                                                                                level monitoring for Leq at
                                                                                                                factory boundary.

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd – Preliminary EIA For New Factory                                                                      ES-ix
       ENVILAB SDN BHD                                                                                         Executive Summary

Solid Waste Storage and
                                  Dewatered            sludge      Scheduled wastes are collected and              –
                                   generated             from        handled as per Environmental Quality
                                   wastewater       treatment        (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations, 2005
                                   plant                            Scheduled    wastes     collected   and
                                  Solid wastes generated            disposed by Kualiti Alam.
                                   basically garbage from
                                   the office. The wastes
                                   would easily be disposed
                                   at approved dump site
Project Abandonment
                                  Monetary loss of project         Ensure careful planning and project             –
                                   proponent                         execution
                                  Esthetic value decreased
                                  Loss of job opportunities
                                   for local resident

YPJ Palm International Sdn Bhd – Preliminary EIA For New Factory                                                           ES-x

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