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					Windows tutorial

Click on the following link and watch the videos listed

Answer the following questions as you watch the videos.

Windows Explorer Tutorial

1. What two ways may you open Windows Explorer?

2. What happens when you press the plus (+) key next to MyDocuments?

3. What happens when you left click MyDocuments?

4. What are the different views that files may be displayed in Explorer?

5. How do you show filename extensions of files.

6. What is a path?
7. How do you display the path of a folder?

What is a Windows dialog box
8. What is a Windows dialog box similar to?

9. How may they be used?

10. What is a filter?

11. How do you filter a specific type of file?

Organizing Files in Microsoft Windows
12. How do you show the contents of MyDocuments?

13. What is the best way to organize files?
14. How do you create a new folder?

15. What are the default folders contained within MyDocuments?

16. How do you move files to a folder?

17. What are context sensitive menus?

18. What commands go into a context sensitive menu?

19. What does it mean when a word is bold in a context menu?

Copying Files in Microsoft Windows
20. List the different methods in copying files.
Moving Files in Microsoft Windows
21. List the different methods in moving files.

22. What does it mean to move a file?

23. What happens when select a file then select the cut command?

Using the Undo Command
24. What is the shortcut key for undo?

25. What happens when you undo a copy operation?

Deleting Files in Microsoft Windows
26. What happens when you click on a file in the c: drive to delete?
27. List the methods to delete files.

Recovering Files
28. How do you open the Recycle Bin?

29. What information do you see in the Recycle Bin dialog window?

30. How do you restore files from the Recycle Bin?

Finding a lost file
31. What is a common way in which files become lost?

32. Explain the two methods for locating a lost file.
Renaming files
33. Explain the different ways in which a file may be renamed.

Creating shortcuts
34. What are shortcuts?

35. How may shortcuts be created?

Understanding shortcuts and files
36. What is the difference between a shortcut and a file?
37. How may shortcuts be created?

USB Flash Drives
38. What are the two different ways to copy or move files from one drive to another?

Selecting multiple files
39. 33. What are the two different categories of multiple file selection? Describe each.

40. How do you select a list of files?

41. How do you select a range of files?

Finding Most recent documents
42. What is meant by “most recent documents” list?
43. How do you clear the list?

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