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Technology For Teachers


									                    Internet For Teachers (60.522)
                        Bloomsburg University
                              Spring 2010
Spring 2010 – Course Syllabus
Time: Wednesdays 4:30 – 7:30 pm
January 20th – April 28th

Instructor:   Dwight Woodley
Email: (school) or
Phone:        570-320-4471 (School)
              570-419-7989 (Cell)

Course Description:
“Internet for Teachers” is a 3-credit graduate course for educators who would like to
explore various options for integrating the Internet into their curriculum. Educators will
explore the latest web resources and materials available for use in the classroom.
Participants will be encouraged to customize the information from this course to create
practical student-centered activities appropriate to their subject area and grade level.
Some of the projects to be completed during this course include: Wiki’s, Blogs,
VoiceThread, Glogster, additional Web 2.0 tools, Google Docs, Internet Searching, and

Within educational settings, technology is not simply an independent curriculum -- i.e.,
teaching about how to use technology. Rather, it is a powerful means for addressing,
and potentially redefining, everyday teaching and learning issues. The potential of
technology is most effectively realized when considered in combination with views about
how individuals best think and learn. The goal of this course, then, is not for you to
become an expert in "technology," but to become more of an expert in teaching and
learning. Technology can be used as a vehicle to help you to further develop this

There is no specific book for this class. I will provide numerous articles for you to read
throughout the class.
Student Requirements:
All students must purchase a flash drive for this class. It is highly recommended that
the student purchase at least a 2 GB USB flash drive. This can be purchase at Staples,
Walmart, Target, or Best Buy. It should be less than $20.

Course Requirements:
        Students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the applications we
will be demonstrating and discussing in class. These discussions and demonstrations
will be directly related to the different project assignments. It is the goal of this class to
get each student to begin to think about different ways in which technology can be
brought into each of your classrooms.
        The focus of this class is NOT to teach you how to use these applications, but
rather how to integrate the use of them into your teaching. We will spend some time
working with the software, but you will also have to spend some time working with the
program on your own or with the help of your local peers or technical support staff.

Attendance is expected.
    If you have exceptional circumstances (death in the family, hospitalized, serious
      illness, etc.), please contact me as soon as possible. You will be responsible for
      the information covered in class.

Project Assignments and Classwork
We will have a couple of small assignments throughout the course of the semester.
These assignments are designed to give you some additional opportunities to work with
the software and to design a lesson for your classroom around it.

      All assignments are due on the assigned dates.
      All completed assignments must be emailed to me. Please see course calendar
       for due dates.
Mini-Projects/Classwork (Not in Any Particular Order)

1. Top Fifteen Website Hand-out (30 Points)

         Create a handout for this class that lists your top 15 educational websites.
         Your handout needs to include the website name, the website address,
         and a brief description on the website. Finally, your description should tell
         us how it would be beneficial to you or your students.

2. Create a Classroom Blog (25 Points)

         You will create a classroom blog that you will keep updated throughout the
         semester. I have no specific guidelines for your blog, other than you need
         to make at least two posts during the week. You can make your blog
         posting around a book or topic you are doing in class; you can make your
         blog around every day events that are happening in school or at home.
         You decide! If possible, try to get your students involved?

3. Web 2.0 Tools

         We will explore the many web 2.0 tools that are available on the web. We
         will discuss and look at how they can be used in your classroom. Some of
         them we will actually put into use during our class.

4. Class Wiki (50 Points)

         You will create a wiki for this class that will be your portfolio for the
         projects we do. More details will be discussed as we talk about wiki’s.

5. Google Docs (In Class Assignment – 20 Points)

         We will explore the use of Google Docs in the classroom. How can it be
         used as an educational tool? We will spend a class or two exploring
         Google Docs and how it can be used in your classroom.

6. Google Earth (In Class – Not Graded)

         We will explore the use of Google Earth and the many imbedded tools in
         the program.

7. Webquest (50 Points)

         You will create an Internet webquest based on a topic your students will
         study this year. You will need to follow the guidelines of a good webquest
         that we will review.
8. VoiceThread (25 Points)

          We will explore the use of VoiceThread in the classroom. What is
          VoiceThread? How can it change my classroom?

9. Glogster (In Class Assignment – Not Graded)

          This is another web 2.0 tool that we will explore for classroom use.

10. Prezi (25 Points)

          What is Prezi? It is another web 2.0 tool that can dynamically change
          your classroom presentations.

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