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					Extenuating Circumstances
Procedures For Making A Claim 2009/2010

For all awards see Faculty/School Office for details - for LPC see the Law School.
Information contained within this form may be forwarded to the Home Office if requested.

                                      Signature of Receipt

                                                                                 Please hand this form into your
                                      Date                                       Faculty / School Office or other
                                                                                 persons nominated in your
                                      It is important you retain this slip for
                                                                                 Award Handbook.
                                      your records.
Q1 When should I use an “Extenuating Circumstances” form?                   •	 If	most	or	all	of	the	equipment	in	a	computer	workroom	fails:	
                                                                            We know that Information Technology equipment can fail. If this
An “Extenuating Circumstance” is something that gets in the way of          happens once or twice in a semester, we expect lecturers to make
your studies. This form lets us take this sort of event into account. If    alternative arrangements so that you can do your work.
something happens that stops you learning as well as you can, use this      However, if this happens over several booked sessions, we would
form. If something stops you doing any of your course assessments           then expect the lecturer concerned to countersign your claim for
(including examinations) as well as you can, use this form.                 extenuating circumstances as proof of what happened. We would also
                                                                            expect that this problem would be taken into account when your work
Something is not an Extenuating Circumstance if it’s your fault, or if      is being marked.
you could have predicted it, or if you could have managed your time         •	 If	a	single	workstation	in	a	workroom	fails:
better to avoid it affecting your work. So, Extenuating Circumstances are   An Extenuating Circumstances claim based on this event only would
usually either:                                                             not succeed.
•	 Unforeseeable                                                            •	 If	your	personal	computer	or	personal	network	link	fails:
e.g. your arm got broken just before an examination so you couldn’t         If you have chosen to use your own computer and are then unable
write; or                                                                   to carry out the work as a result of this choice, your claim will fail.
•	 Unpreventable                                                            If you choose to do a project that needs a particular version or type
e.g. you did everything you could to keep your work safe, including         of software, you should make sure the software you need is available
keeping back up copies, but a house fire destroyed everything.              before you start the project. This should form part of your project plan.
                                                                            A claim based on problems with software would fail because it would
If you are not sure whether what has happened to you is an Extenuating      show you had not planned your work project well.
Circumstance, fill in the form. If you need advice about it, see the        •	 If	there	are	not	enough	computers	in	the	workroom	for	the	size	
contact details under question 9.                                           of your class:
                                                                            If this happens, we expect the lecturer concerned to take appropriate
There are some things we usually do not accept as Extenuating               action (for example: to find a workroom with more computers or to split
Circumstances. These are:
                                                                            the group) and, if necessary, to take this problem into account as part
                                                                            of the assessment of the module.
•	 Holidays.
•	 Lateness	due	to	traffic	problems.                                        2. Cases where Information Technology failure stops you from showing
•	 Money	problems.                                                          us what you have learned.
•	 Claims	that	you	did	not	know	hand-in	or	exam	dates	or	times.             •	 If	a	large	number	of	University	systems	fail	at	assignment	
•	 Personal	computer	and	printer	problems.	(See	below).                     deadline time:
•	 Handing	work	in	late	on	the	due	date.                                    If a lot of University computers fail for several hours, this might be
•	 Cases	where	your	medical	evidence	is	about	a	different	period	           a good reason for giving you a short extension to the assignment
   of time.                                                                 deadline. We would usually expect you to hand in the latest draft of
•	 Cases	where	you	do	not	give	us	any	evidence	(medical	or	otherwise).      your work from a few days before the deadline if you ask for this sort of
•	 If	you	could	have	foreseen,	avoided	or	prevented	the	problem.            short extension. Information Services can tell Faculties/Schools when
•	 Minor	illness	or	accident.	                                              this sort of computer failure happens in support of the claim. This
•	 Late	submission	if	the	work	is	more	than	ten	Working	Days	late	(this	    information could be sent by email and attached to your Extenuating
   would be “Non-submission”).                                              Circumstance claim.
•	 Poor	time	planning	or	poor	time	management.                              •	 If	your	home	computer	fails:
•	 Poor	or	careless	practice	(e.g.	no	computer	back-ups).                   You must make sure your own computer is in good working order,
                                                                            has good and up-to-date anti-virus software, and is serviced regularly.
Note:	Claims	from	students	on	Distance	Learning	Awards	which	               You must back up your work regularly using whatever method is most
are based on IT or computer problems, will be considered by the             reliable (e.g. CD-Rom, USB Flash Drive etc.) and the backup should be
Extenuating Circumstances Panels case by case. We know that IT issues       stored separately from the computer. If the reason you cannot hand in
are	different	for	Distance	Learners	who	cannot	usually	use	equipment	       your work on time is a problem with your own computer equipment, an
owned by the University.                                                    Extenuating Circumstances claim will not succeed.
                                                                            •	 If	University	equipment	fails:
Disabled	Students:                                                          If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the University’s own computer
If	your	assessment	from	the	University’s	Disabled	Students	                 equipment is unavailable for use you can ask for written proof of this
Centre has already told us we need to do something non-                     from Information Services. The proof should say when, and for how
standard to support you, you do not need to fill in this form to            long, the University’s equipment was unavailable. The Extenuating
make	your	individual	arrangement	happen.	However,	if	something	             Circumstances Panel that considers your claim will take into account
unexpected	or	unforeseen	affects	your	work	it	will	not	be	covered	          how soon before the dates for submission of your work this problem
by	what	we	have	already	been	told.	If	something	like	that	happens,	         happened when it makes its decision.
you will need to complete this form so we can take the new issue            •	 If	your	home	computer	is	stolen:
into account.                                                               You must back up your work regularly using whatever method is most
                                                                            reliable (e.g. CD-Rom, USB Flash Drive etc.) and the backup should be
Q2	What	happens	when	Information	Technology	equipment	fails?                stored separately from the computer. If the reason you cannot hand
                                                                            in your work on time is the theft of your computer, an Extenuating
These are some examples of the sort of application we see a lot. After      Circumstances claim will not succeed.
each example, we have written the right advice. Use these examples          •	 If	we	do	not	have	enough	computers	or	printers	for	you	to	do	
to help you decide how your case might be treated. If you are not sure      the work:
when you have read the examples, see contact details under question 9.      We know we do not have enough computers to allow everyone to print
                                                                            out their work at once. We expect you to finish and print your work
Note: when your claim is because of Information Technology                  before the deadline. You must not wait until the last moment to finish
equipment	failure,	you	will	ALWAYS	be	expected	to	submit	the	latest	        and print your work. A claim based on the University not having enough
draft of your work that you still have. If you do not do so, you will       computers or printers would fail because it would show you had not
receive a zero grade for that piece of work.                                planned your work timetable well.
                                                                            •	 If	the	University’s	computer	systems	are	not	compatible	with	
1. Cases where Information Technology failure got in the way of your        your home computer:
learning on the module:
 If you are doing any University work on your own computer, we expect                                     always submit within a maximum of 5 Working Days or make a claim for
 you to check whether you can print it here well before the assessment                                    “Non-submission”.
 deadline. A claim based on this sort of problem would fail.                                              For other students:
 •	 If	computer	failure	(of	any	computer	including	home)	stops	you	                                       -	 If	you	are	claiming	“Mitigation”	you	should	hand	in	your	work	by	the	
 saving	your	work:                                                                                           original deadline.
 If you make a claim based on this sort of problem, you should always                                     -	 If	you	are	claiming	for	“Late	Submission”	you	should	hand	in	your	
 also hand in the latest draft of your work.                                                                 work as soon as you can but within 10 Working Days of the original
 •	 If	the	computer	rooms	close	earlier	than	you	expected:                                                   deadline. So: you can hand in up to ten working days late.
 We expect you to finish and print your work before the deadline. You                                     - If you do not submit the work, your claim would be for “Non-
 must not wait until the last moment to finish and print your work. A claim                                  submission”.
 based on computer rooms closing early would fail because it would                                        A	“Working	Day”	is	classed	as	Monday	to	Friday	(except	public	
 show you had not planned your work timetable well.                                                       holidays). The Extenuating Circumstances Panel will make a decision
 •	 If	an	electronic	storage	device	(e.g.	USB	Flash	Drive)	fails:                                         based on when your extenuating circumstances happened and the date
 A lot of Extenuating circumstances claims are based on this sort of                                      when you submitted your work.
 event. These claims usually fail.
 We expect you to know how to use computers and we expect you to                                          Q6	Who	will	make	the	decision	about	my	claim?
 have a safe backup of your work. So, we do not expect one device failing
 to be a serious problem for you. If you do have a problem of this sort,                                  Each Faculty or School has at least one person who can make decisions
 you must hand in the latest draft of your work that you still have by the                                on simple claims. Each Faculty or School takes complicated claims to its
 normal hand-in date.                                                                                     Extenuating Circumstances Panel. Each case is considered individually
 Ask Information Services to look at the device that failed. If they can get                              and anonymously (the panel will not know who you are). When the
 access to the work, or even repair the device, their evidence might help                                 Faculty or School has made a decision on your claim, it will write to you
 your claim.                                                                                              to let you know the decision. If the Faculty or School cannot make a
 If you are a final year computing student, a claim based on this sort of                                 decision without getting more information from you, it might ask you
 problem will fail. We expect final year computing students to know more                                  for more details and wait for these to arrive before dealing with your
 than any other student about how to back up work safely and to use                                       case. However, the University does not usually do this because it is your
 what they know.                                                                                          responsibility to give us all the information we need when you make your
 •	If	your	main	and	back	up	electronic	storage	devices	both	fail:                                         Extenuating Circumstances claim.
 We know that system problems can sometimes cause the corruption
 (failure) of all of your storage devices. If this happens to you, ask                                    Q7	How	often	do	the	Panels	meet?
 Information Services to look at the failed equipment. They might be able
 to confirm that this has happened to you. If you do have a problem of                                    Simple claims will be dealt with as soon as possible. Formal
 this sort, you must hand in the latest draft of your work that you still have                            Extenuating Circumstances Panels normally meet at least two or three
 by the normal hand-in date.                                                                              times during the year. You can ask your Faculty or School Office to tell
 •	If	University	printing	facilities	fail:                                                                you when the next meeting will take place.
 We expect you to finish and print your work before the deadline. You
 must not wait until the last moment to finish and print your work. A claim                               Q8	Who	will	know	about	my	circumstances?
 based on this sort of problem would fail because it would show you had
 not planned your work timetable well.                                                                    Only the Chair of the Panel and the administrator will be able to see
                                                                                                          your name and details of your circumstances. The other Panel
 Q3	How	do	I	make	a	claim?                                                                                members will not be told who you are. The form has a flap to cover your
                                                                                                          personal details to make sure no-one sees who you are by accident.
 Fill in the Extenuating Circumstances form. You can get this from your
 Faculty or School Office, the University Information Centres, Disabled                                   If your problem is very personal and it would upset or hurt you to tell
 Students Centre, Counselling Centre or the Students’ Union Student                                       anyone about it:
 Advice Centres. The form is also on the University’s web pages (Use the                                  - Please trust us with your information and fill in the Extenuating
 “Quick links” menu and click on “Policies and regulations”).                                                 Circumstances form if you can: we want to help and do not want the
 If you need the form in a different format because of disability, please                                     situation to harm your course.
 contact your Faculty or School Office.                                                                   - Please ask your Faculty Guidance Advisor, University Student
                                                                                                              Guidance Officer or the Students’ Union Student Advice Centre what
 Q4 What else do I need to do?                                                                                other personal support you can get.
                                                                                                          - If you want to, you can write, “Confidential” on the form and on each
 •	You	must	give	us	evidence	with	your	claim.	We	will	not	search	for	                                         piece of supporting evidence you give us. You can hand in the
 evidence – you must hand in whatever evidence you want us to look at.                                        evidence in a sealed envelope marked, “Confidential” if you want to.
 What is appropriate evidence is different in every case. If you need to                                      Our staff will respect your confidentiality.
 give us a full medical report or letter, you might have to pay your doctor
 to provide this.                                                                                         Note: Whatever your claim is about, please talk to your Personal Tutor,
 •	We	need	more	than	just	your	own	statement	of	your	circumstances	to	                                    Faculty Student Guidance Advisor, Student Guidance Officer or other
 prove you have been ill: you cannot “self-certificate” for late submission                               appropriate member of staff about your situation as well as putting in
 or non-submission of work. A full medical report from your Doctor will                                   an Extenuating Circumstances claim form. Your tutor might be able
 be needed.                                                                                               to arrange other sorts of extra support or guidance for you but will
 •	Do	not	use	the	Extenuating	Circumstances	form	if	you	have	missed	                                      not be able to influence or change the decision of the Extenuating
 a seminar, lecture or lab work because of illness but will be able to                                    Circumstances Panel. If you do not want to speak to any other members
 catch up on work and hand it in on time. You need to let us know if                                      of University staff, you could ask the Students’ Union Student Advice
 you cannot attend because of illness, but that is a different process (see                               Centre for advice on what extra support you could get.
 Section 3 of the “General Regulations for Students”).
 •	If	you	join	a	course	after	it	has	already	begun	(e.g.	part-way	through	                                Q9 The Claim Form
 the year), this will not be an extenuating circumstance.
                                                                                                          Don’t panic!
 Q5	If	I	submit	a	claim	for	extenuating	circumstances,	when	do	I	have	                                    If	you	have	any	questions	about	the	form,	or	need	more	advice	on	
 to hand in my work?                                                                                      how	to	fill	it	in,	you	can	contact	the	Students’	Union	Student	Advice	
                                                                                                          Centre	on	01782	-	294469	(Stoke)	or	01785	-	353425	(Stafford)	or
 Pre-registration nursing, and midwifery, students please note: you should                                Faculty	Student	Guidance	Advisor/Student	Guidance	Officer,	
*Submission is defined as the date at which the claim is received by the appropriate Faculty/School Office.
see                               In the case of a close family bereavement, you do not have to give us a
student_guidence/index.jsp for for contact details email                        copy of the death certificate unless you want to. A letter from a relative                                                  or Doctor or other appropriate person (like a minister of religion) will
                                                                                be accepted.
All forms look difficult when you first see them, but we have tried to make
our form as easy as we can. It has two sections:                                Q12	What	if	I	have	no	evidence?
- Everything labelled “A” is a section for you to fill in.
Part A: your details (staple the flap across it before you hand the form in)    A claim will usually fail if it has no appropriate supporting evidence.
Part A-1: this is where you tell us what happened                               Think about what happened and who knew about this: try to find an
Part A-2: tick “yes” or “no” to tell us if you are giving us supporting         independent person, organisation or support service that could write a
evidence documents. We need supporting evidence with your claim. If             letter (or fill in Part B of the form) and tell us what happened. A member
you have no evidence, ask someone suitable (e.g. a doctor if you have           of University staff may be able to do this if you spoke with them when
been ill) to fill in “Part B”.                                                  the problem was happening.
Part A-3: this is a chart for you to fill in to tell us which of your
assessments	were	affected	and	the	effect	of	the	circumstances	(e.g.	Late	       Q13 What happens next if my claim is upheld/supported?
submission, Non submission etc.)
- You should not write anything in Part “B”. If you have no evidence            You will not be given a higher grade as a result of a successful claim. It
   documents to prove what you have told us, ask someone else to fill           will allow late submission, or to give you another chance to do your best
   in this section. The best person to ask will be a professional who has       work, if your situation makes this the right thing to do.
   witnessed what happened.                                                     If a claim for Non-submission is upheld (succeeds), you will be allowed
                                                                                a new chance at that work as if the deadline you missed had never
Q10 What should I tell you when I explain what happened                         happened.
(in	Part	A-2)?                                                                  If	a	claim	for	Late	submission	is	upheld,	your	work	will	be	marked	and	
                                                                                counted as if you had handed it in on time.
Tell us when the circumstances happened. This must have been when               If	a	claim	for	Mitigation	is	upheld,	you	will	be	told	what	mark	the	work	
you were learning or being tested on the module. If you missed a                got. You can then choose whether to accept that mark or try again if you
deadline, assignment or test because of illness, the illness must have          feel you could improve the mark by doing the assessment again.
been at the time when you were preparing for the piece of work or the           If you want more detailed information, see Section 1.4.6 (Extenuating
time when you were writing it or the time you should have handed it in.         Circumstances)	of	the	Undergraduate	Modular	Framework	Regulations.	
If you study part-time and missed a deadline because something                  These can be found on the University’s website.
happened in your job (e.g. you had to work away from home for several
weeks around the time of the deadline), you must provide a letter from          Q14	What	happens	if	my	claim	is	rejected	(fails)?
your employer to back up your application. Please be clear when you tell
us	what	happened	but	write	as	short	a	statement	as	you	can.	Make	sure	          If you think the decision is wrong, you can appeal by writing to the Dean
you concentrate on both what happened and why it affected your work.            of Students and Academic Registrar. There is a time limit: you must write
Give us just the essential facts, including facts about how you felt if these   and appeal within seven working days of the day you were given the
will help us to see how the circumstances affected your studies, so we          decision.
can understand your circumstances.                                              For advice on this process please contact either the Students’
                                                                                Union Student Advice Centre on:
Q11	Supporting	Evidence                                                         (Stoke	-	t:	01782	294469)	(Stafford	-	t:	01785	353425)
                                                                                or your Faculty Student Guidance Advisor or University Student
Remember: a claim based on a minor illness (for example, a cold) will fail.     Guidance Officers.
Unless you see your Doctor or Counsellor when you are ill or having             The only grounds for an appeal against the decision of an Extenuating
a problem, your Extenuating Circumstances claim will probably fail.             Circumstances Panel are: that the Panel did not take proper account of
This is because the Doctor or Counsellor cannot see into the past and           the circumstances; or that new evidence which, for good reason, was
cannot provide evidence for something they did not see at the time.             not previously available for consideration by the Panel has now been
For example: a letter from your Doctor saying that you were seen on a           obtained.
particular date and told him/her that you had been ill will not normally be     If	your	Late	Submission	claim	is	rejected,	but	the	work	you	handed	
accepted by the Panel.                                                          in would have passed, we can accept it at grade 4R (7R if you are a
We need to be sure when things that affected your course happened.              Postgraduate). We do not have to do this – it is at the Board’s discretion.
The dates in your evidence should match the dates you are telling us            There is no right of appeal if a Board does not use this discretion in your
about. This means that the best person to ask for evidence is a person          favour.
who knew what was happening at the time. If you are not sure who would
be the best person to ask for evidence, ask for evidence from more than         Q15	What	if	I	miss	the	deadline	date	for	submission	of	my	
one person.                                                                     extenuating circumstances form?
We always need a supporting statement from someone as evidence for
what you are telling us. This can be a letter on headed paper or with an        You cannot claim for extenuating circumstances after the Panel has met.
official stamp on it. This can be a statement written in part B of the form
with an official stamp on it. Some doctors prefer to use the form and           If there is a good reason why you did not claim Extenuating
stamp it; others prefer to write letters.                                       Circumstances before the panel met, you can write a letter of appeal to:
Counsellors will only give you a supporting statement if you were getting
counselling at the time the problem was happening: they cannot provide          Francesca	Francis	(Dean	of	Students	and	Academic	Registrar)
evidence about a period when they were not in contact with you.                 3	Winton	Square
Your evidence should come from an independent person who is qualified           Station Road
to give us an opinion about what happened. What sort of evidence you            Stoke-on-Trent
should give us depends on what has happened. For example: an illness            ST4 2DE.
would need evidence from a Doctor, stress could be evidenced by a
Doctor or a Counsellor. The Students’ Union Student Advice Centre or            We strongly advise you to speak to the Students’ Union Student Advice
your tutor will be able to offer advice to you on what sort of evidence         Centre on: (Stoke	-	t:	01782	294469)	(Stafford	-	t:	01785	353425)
would be best in your individual case. It is important that you get advice      or your Faculty Student Guidance Advisor or University Student
on this if it is not practically or emotionally possible for you to get         Guidance Officers see
evidence straight away (for example: if a close family member has died or       services/student_guidence/index.jsp for for contact details email
you have been assaulted).                                              if you are thinking about appealing.
                                               Flowchart of Procedures

                                                           Collect Form

                                                        Complete form and
                                                     attach relevant evidence

                                               Hand in form to the Faculty/School
                                               Office in which your award is based                      DEADLINE DATES
                                               by deadline date. If applicable hand
                                                 in latest drafts of work as proof        You should hand in your form as soon as
                                                     of the work you’ve done              possible and by deadline dates as follows:

                                                                                          1) Pre-registration Nursing Students:

                                                       Get a receipt from                 Submit within five working days of the
                                                      Faculty/School Office               deadline for the piece of work, in respect
                                                                                          of which you are submitting this form.
          Simple claims will be dealt with
                                                                                          2) All Education Students:
          as soon as possible. Otherwise           Extenuating Circumstances
            they will be considered by a                  Panel Meet                      Submit within ten working days of the
                   formal panel.                                                          deadline for the piece of work, in respect
                                                                                          of which you are submitting this form.
                                                  Panel’s decision notified to you        3) For other Awards which operate outside
                                                                                          the standard Undergraduate term dates
                                                                                          e.g National Design Academy, please refer
                                                                                          to your Student Handbook for correct
                 Appeal UPHELD                                                            deadline dates for submission of your
                                                                                          extenuating circumstances form.

                                                                                          4) For everyone else:
       Decide to accept grade awarded or
         submit for further assessment                                                    The deadline for the submission of claims
                                                                                          for semester 1 will be Friday 22 January
                                                                                          2010. The deadline for the submission of
                                                                                          claims for Semester 2 will be Friday 21 May
                                                                                          2010. The deadline for the submission of
                                                                                          claims relating to the resit period will be
                                                                                          Friday 20 August 2010.
                                                                                          Exceptionally, and with the approval of the
                                                                                          Chair of the Extenuating Circumstances
                                                                                          Panel, claims submitted after these dates
                                                                                          but before the meeting of the panel may
                                                                                          be considered.

                                                                                               Appeal NOT UPHELD

                                                                                          Appeal against the decision by
                                                                                          writing to the Dean of Students
                                                                                              and Academic Registrar
                                                                                               within 7 working days
                                                                                           of receipt of Panel’s decision.

‘Staffordshire University’s commitment to equality and diversity means that this procedure has been screened in relation to the use of gender
neutral language, jargon free plain English, recognition of the needs of disabled people, promotion of the positive duty in relation to race and
disability and avoidance of stereotypes. This document is available in alternative formats on request.’
                         Claim Form | 2009/2010

                         EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES

                    Part A     You must fill in this part of the form. Cut along the line on the opposite page and staple the flap to the left of this page before you hand it in.

                               Name                                              Student Number                  Course title                      Faculty/School

                               Address (the Panel’s decision will be sent to the address you write here)
Staple flap here


                               Telephone Number                                                                       Email

                               I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the information given on this          Your Signature
                               form is a true and accurate statement of my personal circumstances.
                               I understand that details of this claim will remain confidential to the panel
                               except in certain circumstances detailed in the procedures.                       Date

                   Part A-1 - Use this box to tell us what happened and how it affected your work. Use this section only - do not continue on extra sheets.
         Please CUT along the dotted lines and fold over to conceal your personal details in Part A

                                                  CHECklIST	FOR	COmPlETION	BEFORE	HANDING	IN	THE	FORm

                                                Part A All your personal details completed fully

                                                                                                                                                                  Staple flap here
                                                Part A - 1 Details of circumstances included

                                                Part A - 3 All the boxes in the table completed

                                                Supporting	Evidence

                                                Relevant supporting Evidence attached
                                                Part B completed fully

                                                Latest	Drafts	of	work	attached	as	proof	of	work	completed	(if	required)

Part A-2 Do you have supporting letters or documents to prove         If you have ticked “No” and have no documents about what happened, a supporting
         what you are telling us?                                     statement needs to be written in Part B. Depending on what has happened, who
                                                                      witnessed it, and who is best professionally qualified to confirm it, Part B might be
         Yes                   No                                     completed by a tutor, a member of University support staff, a Counsellor, Faculty
                                                                      Student Guidance Advisor, University Student Guidance Officer or someone from the
         Note: Claims will not be successful without any supporting   Students’ Union Student Advice Centre. If your Extenuating Circumstances are about
         evidence. (See Q11 + Q12 for advice).                        illness, your evidence must be from a Doctor, Nurse, or Hospital. If you are not sure who
                                                                      to ask to complete Part B, get advice from the Students’ Union Advice Centre, Faculty
                                                                      Student Guidance Advisors or the University Student Guidance Officers.

Part B   If you have not included a doctor’s note a Statement must be completed by your General Practitioner (Doctor), Counsellor or other person
         suitably qualified such as your personal tutor to provide an opinion/supporting statement on your circumstances.

         Name                                                                    Position

         Contact Address

         Telephone No.                                            Signature                                                   Date

         If the circumstance covers more than one module/course component, part B need only be completed once.                Official Stamp

         Please provide a brief outline of the extent to which, in your professional judgement, the student was/will be
         affected by the circumstance and the dates to which his/her circumstances apply.

         Supporting Statement

         Once completed the claimant should return	this	form	to	the	appropriate	Faculty/School	Office.	
           Extenuating Circumstances Claim Form

           For	School/Faculty	Office	Use

           Date	Considered																	Late	Submission																																																																																upheld																rejected												deferred

                                               Non Submission of work/Non Attendance at assessment                                   upheld                rejected             deferred

           	 	          	             												Mitigating	Circumstances																																																																upheld																rejected												deferred

           Reasons for Decision

Part A-3    Please indicate AGAINST	EACH	mODUlE you listbelow the effect of the circumstance that you are claiming for by using one of the following

            “M” is for “Mitigation”. Use this code when you were able to hand your work in on time (or attend the exam) but its quality has been affected
            by your Extenuating Circumstances.
            “l” is for “late”. Use this code if you need up to 10 extra Working Days in order to hand in your best work because your Extenuating
            Circumstances have slowed your work down. If you need help in working out when your new submission date will be then please contact your
            Faculty	or	Faculty	Student	Guidance	Advisor.	Please	note:	pre-reg	Nursing	and	Midwifery	students	must	submit	within	5	Working	Days.
            “N” is for “Non-submission” of assignments or “Non-attendance” at assessments/exams. Use this code if you could not attend a test or
            could	not	hand	in	your	work	as	“Late”.

            Read the answer to Q13 to see what will happen if your claim is upheld.

            •	 Use	the	grid	below	to	list	every	assessment	your	circumstances	affected.	list	each	assessment	separately.
            •	 You can only use one code for each assignment.	So,	for	example,	you	cannot	claim	both	“Late	submission”	and	“Mitigation”	by	using		 	
            	 “L”	and	“M”	together	both	mitigation	and	non	submission	by	using	“M”	and	“N”	together.	This	is	because	“M”	would	mean	that	
            	 you	did	submit	the	work	on	time	(or	attend	an	exam),	“L”	would	mean	that	you	submitted	your	work	late	and	“N”	would	mean	that	you	did	
               not submit your work or attend the exam.
            •	 If	something	changes	after	you	hand	in	the	form	and	you	need	to	change	the	code	you	used,	contact	your	faculty	or	School	office	
            •	 Give	full	and	exact	details	of	the	assessment	you	are	claiming	for.	If	the	affected	assessment	is	one	small	component	of	the	whole	
               assignment (e.g. portfolio) please make this clear on the form.

           Module	Code                   Credits / 	Module	Title                           Assessment Type                    Original hand          Actual hand in            Type of
                                         CATS                                             (e.g. exam, project etc,            in date(s)             date (important           circumstance (You
                                         Points                                           state all assessments                                      if you are                mUST use only one
                                                                                          affected for each module)                                  claiming	‘L’	or	‘M’)      of the codes above)

                                                                                                                                                                                               M1941	RAL	0809