DiskGo_ USB Flash Drive by Levone


									DiskGo! USB Flash
   How-to-Use Guide
• The DiskGo! USB
  Flash Drive will
  hold 64MB of data.
• 64MB of
  information is
  equivalent to
  approximately 45
  floppy disks of
       • Versions of Windows
         2000 or higher should
         not have any
         compatibility issues
         with the DiskGo!
       • Windows 98 machines
         will require some
         additional steps for
         the device to work.
    Directions for Use
• Simply plug the device into any USB
  port on a computer.
• The extension cord can be used if
  the USB port is hard to reach.
• Give the device time to connect with
  the computer system.
     Directions for Use
• Plugging in the device will add two
  additional devices to your computer—one
  will probably be called 3 ½ Floppy (B); the
  other will probably be called Removable
  Disk (#).
• You will access the device by double-
  clicking on the My Computer icon.
• Information should be saved on the
  Removable Disk device.
     Directions for Use
• When saving a document, simply select the
  Removable Disk that corresponds to the
• Information should be saved on the
  Removable Disk device.
• The 3 ½ Floppy (B) option contains a user
  manual and a password setting program.
    Directions for Use
• Clicking on the user manual will
  provide you with valuable, detailed
  information regarding the DiskGo!.
• Clicking on the icon labeled
  UDPv243.exe will open a password
  setting program to protect the
  contents of your DiskGo!
     Directions for Use
• By following the prompts, you will be able
  to set up a password.
• Each time you plug in your DiskGo!, you will
  have to click on this same icon to enter
  your password.
• Then, you will be able to access the
  Removable Disk portion of your DiskGo!
       Things to Avoid
• Close all windows that are associated with the
• Never remove your DiskGo! when the red light is
• In Windows 2000 or higher, there should be an
  icon in the system tray called the Safe Removal
  icon. Double-click on this icon and follow the
  prompts each time you remove the DiskGo!
• If setting a password, please record your
  password in a safe place.
• Keep your DiskGo! secure at all times.
• Please have fun
  learning about your
• Once you master the
  art of using the
  device, you will see all
  of the great benefits.
• Please ask if you have
  any questions.

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