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					Sockit Gear List
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
2:26 PM                             Floating Gear                                   Studio A Mastering

                                    Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3                            3.00 GHz Pent 4 Windows Xp Pro, 1 gig ram, Raptor HD's, Plextor PX-716
                                    Akai MPD24                                      RME DIGI 9636
Mics                                Evolution MK-449C Keyboard Contoller            Wavelab 6.0
                                    Little Labs Multi Z DI                          Waves Diamond Bundle
2x AKG 414 B-XlS Matched Pair                                                       Sonar 5 Producers Edition
1x Audio Technica 4060 (Studio B)                                                   Cubase SX
2x Audio Technica 4041              Studio A
1x Beyerdynamic m160
1x Electro voice pl20               Mac Pro Quad 2.66
1x Heil PR 30                       Digidesign Pro Tools 8.01 HD2 Accel             Studio B
1x Heil PR 40                       Digidesign Pro Tools PCIe expansion Chassis
1x Neumann u87 Ai (Studio A)        Logic Pro
1x Senhesier 421                    SSL Duende PCIe Card                            G4 Mac Dual 1.42. Dual Boot Setup
1x Senhesier e609                   UAD-2 Solo PCIe Card                            Waves Platinum native bundle
6x Shure sm57                       ATTO UL5D Ultra SCSI Card                       Sound Ideas XV Series
4x Shure sm 58                      Glyph Ultra SCSI Trip Rack                      Antares Auto-Tune
1x Shure sm91                       Lynx Aurora 16 w/LT-HD Card                     ATTO ExpressPCI DC Ultra SCSI Card
                                    Digidesign Sync                                 Glyph Ultra SCSI Trip Bay
                                                                                    M-Audio UNO
                                    Wave Diamond TDM Bundle                         Current System Setup
Transfer Capabilities               SSL Duende Software Bundle                      OS 10.5.1 w/ Digidesign Pro Tools 8.0: 003 Rack
                                    Eventide Anthology II TDM Bundle
Software                            Melodyne Studio                                 Legacy System Setup
Pro Tools HD W/Digi Translator      BBE Sonic Maximizer                             OS 10.3.8 w/ Digidesign Pro Tools 6.4.1: Mix, D24, DSP Farm Cards
Logic Pro                           SPL Transient Designer                          Digidesign ADAT Bridge & 882
Sonar 5 Producers Edition           Roland Dimension D Chorus
Cubase SX                           EMT 250                                         Outboard Studio B
                                    Neve 33609                                      HHB-850 CDR
Hardware                            Antares Auto Tune                               T C Electronics M3000
Studer 827 Gold Edition             Native Instruments Guitar Rig                   Lexicon MPX-1
Panasonic SV-3800                   Drumagog Platinum                               TC Electronics M-One
Tascam DV-RA1000                    BFD 1.5                                         TC Electronics D-Two
                                    BFD Deluxe Collection                           DBX 120A
                                    Izotope Ozone 4                                 BBE 862
                                    Izotope Spectron                                Whilwind Multi-Director DI
                                    Sound Ideas XV Series sound efxs                Alesis AI3
                                                                                    Z-Systems z8.8 Detangler
                                    Studer 827 Gold Edition 24 Track 2"             Monitors
                                    Tascam DV-RA1000                                2x Yamaha NS-10m
                                    Panasonic SV-3800                                    Bryston 2B
                                                                                    Furman HDS-6
                                    Yamaha DM2000 V2 with Studio Manager Software   Console
                                    3x MY8AE96, 1xMY8AD96                           Yamaha O2R w/ 2x ADAT Cards
                                                                                    G3 Apple running Project Manager Pro Software
                                    2x Genelec 1032's
                                    1x Genelec 1094
                                    2x Genelec 1029's
                                    Furman HDS-6
                                    Fruman HR-6
                                    Sony 7506

                                    1x Avalon M5
                                    2x Chandler Germanium (API 500 Rack)
                                    1x DBX 386
                                    1x Aphex 107
                                    24x Yamaha DM2000

                                    Outboard efx
                                    TC Electronics M-One XL
                                    Ensoniq DP-4
                                    TC Helicon Voice Prism Plus
                                    2x Emprical Labs Distressors
                                    DBX 386
                                    Line 6 Pod Pro

                                    Distribution and conversion
                                    Radial JD-6 6 Channel Jensen Passive DI
                                    Radial J48 Active DI
                                    Radial SGI Studio Guitar Interface

                                    Switchcraft TT patchbays
                                    Mogami Digital wiring & Patch Cables
                                    Canare Star Quad Mic Cables
                                    Equi-Tech Power

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