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									We Congratulate Winners of

Environment Competition 2006
We are pleased to announce the winners of the Green Wave Environment Competition 2006. A total of 51 awards will be presented in today’s
award ceremony at the Mandarin Court, Meritus Mandarin Singapore.
In 2006, we received a total of 275 project entries and participation from 1,100 students from Primary, Secondary, Junior College / Institute of
Technical Education and Tertiary levels. This is indeed another record year for the competition since its launch in 2003.
We are grateful to Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources for gracing the award ceremony as our Guest-of-Honour.
Our special thanks and appreciation to the hardworking and dedicated panel of judges, the Ministry of Education, Singapore Environment Council,
NParks, National Environment Agency, Housing Development Board of Singapore, Senoko Power, National University of Singapore, National Institute
of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Principals and Head of Departments for their strong support. We also thank our alliance partners,
namely Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited and BP Shipping Limited, the co-sponsors of this competition for their continued
support. Special appreciation also goes to the Green Wave Advisory Board for their guidance and vision.
The Green Wave Environment Competition 2007 is now open for registration. We invite all students to put on their thinking caps, look around,
think green and create anything that can contribute to environmental conservation efforts locally and globally. You may walk away with attractive
cash prizes in the process! For details, visit

                         More youths are taking part in the Green Wave Environmental Care                                                        Now in its 4th year, we are pleased that our environmental outreach programme, Green
                         Project and I find this heartening.                                                                                      Wave, is now a key platform for our students to share their innovative green ideas on
                                                                                                                                                 sustainable environmental care and protection. This annual competition would not have
                         In engaging our young, we nurture and revitalise a sense of
                                                                                                                                                 been successful without the strong support and participation from all sectors of the
                         environmental responsibility in future generations.
                                                                                                                                                 community, in particular, our student population, their teachers, tertiary institutions,
                         I applaud Sembawang Shipyard, Shell and BP for helping to enhance                                                       governmental and environmental bodies. We congratulate all winners and thank all
                         environmental awareness and ownership in the community.                                                                 participants for making this a challenging and meaningful competition.
                         Dr Yaacob Ibrahim                                                                                                       Mr Ong Poh Kwee
                         Minister for the Environment and Water Resources                                                                        Managing Director, Sembawang Shipyard Pte Ltd

                                        PRIMARY LEVEL                                                                                                                      SECONDARY LEVEL
PRIZES             SCHOOL                    PARTICIPANTS                                         PROJECTS                          PRIZES                SCHOOL                      PARTICIPANTS                                      PROJECTS
1st Prize $4,000   Qihua Primary School      Ivy Yeo Sing Ming, Zoey Tay                          The water leaker                  1st Prize $6,000      Raffles Institution          Ong Wen Chong, Paul Ng Kwok Yang, Victor Lim      Revolutionising
                                                                                                  transformer                                                                         Jian Hong, Benjamin Wong Yong Quan                the thorny fruit
2nd Prize $2,000   Qihua Primary School      Jeslyn Tung Hwee Pin, Serene Wong Qiu Hua,           The sparkling shoppe              2nd Prize $4,000      Bukit Panjang               Low Hong Wei, Yen Jia Min                         Recycling Chemicals
                                             Celestine Khor                                                                                               Govt High School
3rd Prize $1,000   Ghim Moh                  Ni Yi, Cao Jing Ning                                 PLUSBG                            3rd Prize $2,000      Hwa Chong Institution Ng Mingwei, Chiang Cheng Hsien, Im Zhen Jie,            Biopapyrus
                   Primary School                                                                                                                                               Seah Yi Yuan
Merit Awards       St. Michael’s School      Darren Cheong Jin Yuen, Elvin Sim Jian Wen           A “Fine” city                     Merit Awards          Raffles Institution    Deshawn Tan Chong Xuan, Leong Wai Sum,                  enDANGERed by
$500               Temasek                   Donovan Kwok Ji Hao, Daryl Teo Hong Jie,             Saving our green spaces           $1,000                                      Li Yuanwei, Andy Neo Jun Xiang                          (Wildlife conservers)
                   Primary School            Kwan Jing Yi, Goh Jia Ying, Pang Zhuo Wei                                                                    Raffles Girls’ School  Os Agarwal, Indera Arun, S. Bhuvaneswari,               Reducing air pollution
                   Damai Primary School      Sim Jin Leong, Heng Xiang Fei, Neoh Jia En,          Freezer Perfume                                                               Sorna Rosalind Graetz                                   / impurities with our
                                             Tan Ming Hua                                                                                                                                                                               organic air purifier
                   Hong Kah                  Gunjal Dilip Warade, Viren Nandakumar Rao,           Bottles HEART & Fun                                     Raffles Institution          Koh Wei Chee, Sia Bing Xi, Lucas Lee Zhi Hao,     The harnessing of
                   Primary School            Ishraq Bin Haider, Illarionov Vladislav,             with recycling                                                                      Yeong Chee Cheen                                  energy in monsoon
                                             Pai Abhijit Kottachery                                                                                                                                                                     drains
                   Hougang                   Joni Lim Xin Yi, Goh Wei Ning,                       Life science website                                    Hougang Secondary     Chong Ren Yi, Bryan Tan Si Yuan,                        An alternative to
                   Primary School            Brandon Tan Zhiming                                                                                          School                Ong Zheng Jie, Ang Xiao Li, Tan Wei Ren,                paper and softboard
                   Nanyang                   Justin Liu Shuang                                    The ten commendments                                                          Tan Yu Chuan
                   Primary School                                                                 of the Environment                Commendation          Hwa Chong Institution Alexander Chan Ho-Young, Desmond Chong                  new AGE
Encouragement      Anglo-Chinese             Walter Diong Jia Sheng,                              Water saver                       Awards $500                                 Sheng Liang, Cai Yong, Lim Jiawei
Awards $200        School (Junior)           Scott Darren Khoo Shen Wei,                          and electricity                                         Raffles Institution    Li Kexin, Soh Ming Quan, Mark Cheok Jia Rui,            The making of a beach
                                             Cavell Lim Shi Xian, Sean Thian Yoon Chang,          producer                                                                      Yeo Wee Jin                                             survey handbook and
                                             Andre Wee Rui Ying, Timothy Lim Jun Xiong                                                                                                                                                  planning an ecological
                   CHIJ - Our Lady of        Choo Jia, Lee Qin Zhen,                              Play more, splash less                                                                                                                tour to Labrador Park
                   Good Counsel              Tiffany Gwee, Caroline Quek                                                                                  Raffles Institution    Yeong Li Qian, Marcus Tan Zi Liang,                     Environment:
                   Kuo Chuan                 Maanasa Sri Ganesh                                   Colours in covers!!                                                           Samuel Tho Jun Wei, Dominic Seet Ming Wei,              An interactive
                   Presbyterian                                                                                                                                                 Remus Whang Yi Xiang                                    role-playing game
                   Primary School                                                                                                                         Hwa Chong Institution Teo Chao Tong, Ang Jia Jun, Tay Kai-Xian,               Biodiesel as a viable
                   Keming Primary            Nur Hasinah Bte Handongfiah,                          Water saver                                                                   Sim Shi Xian                                            alternative fuel
                   School                    Chelsea Lin Si Hui, Yeo Wei Song                                                       Encouragement         Xinmin Secondary      Song Keang, Seng Sykeath, Tech Chanphearum              RV battery (recycled
                   Punggol                   Matthew Eng, Tan Kai Yang, Gregory Ler Jun Kai,      Tinted bottles: Go Green          Awards $200           School                                                                        vinegar battery)
                   Primary School            Samuel See Jia Le, Khoo Xin Hui,                     Punggolite Project                                      Woodgrove Secondary Angeline Kuan Yiwei, Brenda Ang Xiang Mei,                Increasing vitamin C
                                             Justyn Phoa Zairen, Iryanti Rasman,                  (Primary 1s & 2s)                                       School                Toh Cheng Sian, Nur Hidayah Bte Ariffin,                 content in Bayam
                                             Elizer Ong De Zhi, Zhao Hong Xun,                                                                                                  Sharon Wong Hui Sian, Ivan Lim Zheng Yan                plants by using
                                             M. Kaartigha, Mohd Aizam, Evan Quek,                                                                                                                                                       discarded
                                             Gene Leck, Ho Yong Le, Darryl Goh Chin Han,                                                                                                                                                fruits and vegetables
                                             Gabriel Ho, Koh Tian Seng,                                                                                   Raffles Institution          Khoo Seng Teck, Chew Guan Yu, See Yong Feng,      Restyle your life:
                                             Tan Xuan Yun, Fong Kei Sen, Goh Jun Xian,                                                                                                Loh Zhi Wen, Benedict Tay Yuan Hong               Recycle
                                             Ong Zheng Jie, Manoj Kumar,                                                                                  Raffles Institution          Men Yi Fei, Gerald Koh Gao Han, Goh Shih Ee,      Weaving on
                                             Sharnitha Arumugam, Mohamed Hisyam B                                                                                                     Tan Weiren, Jasper Wong Chun Yin                  two wheels -
                                             Ismail, Noah Lee Yong Ler, Quek Yan Hui,                                                                                                                                                   Experience
                                             Dylan Scott Low Yan Jun, Gerald Ng Xian Wei,                                                                                                                                               a brand-new feel
                                             Koh Toon Hock, Ng Wen Qi                                                                                     Yishun Town                 Chan Hin Hiang, Wang Yanni, Ng Ai Zhi, Lim Liyi   Aquarium water
                                                                                                                                                          Secondary School                                                              self-renewal system

                   JUNIOR COLLEGE AND ITE LEVEL                                                                                                                                 TERTIARY LEVEL
PRIZES             SCHOOL                       PARTICIPANTS                                      PROJECTS                            PRIZES                 SCHOOL                        PARTICIPANTS                                 PROJECTS
2nd Prize $5,000   ITE College West Dover       Fong Tat Choy, Kew Kian Chong                     Solar Powered Car Air-Con           1st Prize $10,000      Ngee Ann Polytechnic          Goo Chee Tiong, Nguyen Son Tung              Water management
3rd Prize $3,000   ITE College West Dover       Lew Kee Wan, Li Jun Hao, Lee Tian Xi              Water monitoring device                                                                                                               system
Merit Awards       ITE College West Dover       Wilson Widjijanto, Stuart Tan Tian Phong,         Aquaponics System                   2nd Prize $6,000       Singapore Polytechnic         Augustine Ashley Santhanam,                  Maintenance free
$1,000                                          Ding Jun Hong                                                                                                                              Thong Jie Ying, Ho Chia Yen                  solar irrigation
                   ITE College                  Ng Kian Wei, Neo Jinhui, May Tay Hui Fang         Self-maintained Eco Garden                                                                                                            system for gardens
                   West Bukit Batok                                                                                                   3rd Prize $4,000       National University of        Anbarasi Boopal                              Conserving banded
                   ITE College                  Yang Wei Hao, Alan Loh Kok Loong                  Recycling spent cooking oils                               Singapore                                                                  leaf monkeys in Singapore:
                   West Bukit Batok                                                                                                                                                                                                     Exploring possibilities
Commendation       ITE College West Dover       Yoong Jian Ru, Chua Zong Yi,                      Solar Powered                       Merit Awards           Ngee Ann Polytechnic          Marhayah Binte Jamaluddin,                   Enhanced water broom
Awards $500                                     Soh Chen Yen, Lu MinQuan                          Advertising Board                   $1,000                                               Desmond Choo Zhi Yuan
                   ITE College East             Muhammad Shauqi Bin Ibrahim,                      Fish tank auto/                                            Singapore Polytechnic         Ang Kay Khim, Lim Boon Teck,                 Mosquito free roof gutter
                                                Muhammad Fathi Bin Kasmadi,                       recycle changing system                                                                  Ivan Tay Chin Boon
                                                Joshua Ching Puay Guan,                                                               Commendation           Nanyang Technological         Vu Thu Trang, Huang He                       Conversion of food
                                                Muhd Samsul Ariffin Ismail,                                                            Awards $500            University                                                                 waste to energy
                                                Tong Jingkai, Navin Joelle                                                                                   Temasek Polytechnic           Aldwin Su Duwen, Yip Yong Seng,              Paper Multiplier
                   Victoria Junior College      Marianne Chin Yu Jie, Samuel Ng Tianci,           Clean air on the go                                                                      Lina Hee Zhen Zhen
                                                Nicole Lee Xun Qi                                                                     Encouragement          Temasek Polytechnic           Varinder Singh Bal, Toh Yi Da                Recycling of used
Encouragement      Serangoon                    Jasper Tan Jie Peng                               Overhaul of Singapore’s             Awards $200                                                                                       cooking oil to make soap
Awards $200        Junior College                                                                 recycling industry                                         Ngee Ann Polytechnic          Benedict Quah Chin Teck,                     Carbon dioxide removals
                   Nanyang                      Lit Pei Wen, Nurashyura Bte Ishak                 Trace elemental analyses                                                                 Keith Fong Ri Sheng,                         from car exhaust gas
                   Junior College                                                                 of water spinach                                                                         Eugene Ng Pei Yong,
                                                                                                  (Ipomoea aquatica)                                                                       Lim Wei Jin
                   Nanyang                      Ang Xiang Ling, Chai Chia Leng                    Trace elemental analyses                                   Ngee Ann Polytechnic          Shafiq Bin Sanip, Soe Min Htet,               Fuel cell powered
                   Junior College                                                                 of local watercress                                                                      Brian Seah Chin Leong                        grass cutter
                                                                                                  (Nasturtium Officinale)

                                             T h e r e i s n o 1 s t P r i z e f o r J u n i o r C o l l e g e a n d I T E l e v e l . I n s t e a d , M e r i t , C o mmendation and Encouragement prizes are awarded.
                            T h e 1 s t p r i z e i n t h e Te r t i a r y c a t e g o r y i s j o i n t l y s p o n s o r e d b y S h e l l I n t e r n a t i o n a l Tr a ding and Shipping Company Limited and Sembawang Shipyard,
                                                                                               a n d i n c l u d e s a o n e - m o n t h a t t a c h m e n t t o a Shell affiliate company.

                                                                              Sembawang Shipyard Pte Ltd (A Subsidiary of SembCorp Marine Ltd) Regn. No. 199606058N
                                                                                  Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759956 | Tel: (65) 6752 2222 Fax: (65) 6758 1025
                                                                                          Email: | Website:

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