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									                                   GOVERNMENT OF RAJASTHAN
                              DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

                        List of Student Projects selected for funding 2009-10
S.No. Region          Name of the Project           Name of the Student(s)   Address of the Guide           Sanctioned
      Subject                                                                                               Amount
1.    Jodhpur         Agro Guru                     Mrinil Mathur,           Jodhpur Institute of           10000
      Agriculture                                   Mahipal Choudhary,       Engineering & Tech. (JIET),
                                                    Garima Kriplani,         N.H.- 65 Mogra Pali Raod,,
                                                    Lokesh Chablani          Jodhpur.

2.    Bikaner         Effect of vermicompost,       Bhag Chand Kansotia      College of Agriculture,        10000
      Agriculture     phosphorus and sulphur on                              Bikaner.
                      yield, quality and nutrient
                      uptake on mustard
3.    Bikaner         SSR Marker Analysis in        Rahul Kr. Meena          Deptt. of Biochemistry,,        10000
      Agricultue      Cucumis Spp.                                           College of Agriculture,
4.    Ajmer           Isolation, Identification     Shweta Gupta,            P.G., School of Life Sciences, 14000
      Biotechnology   and biochemical diversity                              Jaipur National University,,
                      of Keratinophilic fungi                                Jagatpura,,
                      from soils of Rajasthan                                Jaipur.
5.    Ajmer           To Determine the salt         Ms. Ankita Meena         S.P. Institute of Biotechnology 10000
      Biotechnology   resistance proteins in                                 Training and Research,,
                      plants of Sorghum Bicolor                              E-735, Nakul Path Lal Kothi,
                      with the help ofband                                   Scheme,,
                      pattern obtained by SDS                                Jaipur.
6.    Ajmer           Screening of Arid Zone        Virender Kaur, Bharat   Deptt. of Biotechnology,       10000
      Biotechnology   Plants for isolation of       Kumar Sharma            Mahatma Gandhi Institute of
                      bioactives and their                                  Applied Sciences,,
                      Anticancerous Potentials                              JECRC Campus,
7.    Kota            Correcterisation of           Harsheen chanda         Bio-Technology,                8800
      Biotechnology   bacterial species                                     Modi Institute of Management
                                                                            & Technology,
8.    Ajmer           Screening of various          Renu Kumari, Komal      Mahatma Gandhi Institute of    13000
      Biotechnology   Cynobacterial strains for     Jain                    Applied Sciences,,
                      Antioxidant Potentials                                JECRC Campus,
9.    Kota            Immobilized metal affinity    Zainal Abidin           Deptt. Of Biotechnology,       10000
      Biotechnology   electrophoresis (IMAEP)                               Modi Institute of Management
                      tecnique                                              & Technology,
10.   Kota            In vitro synthesis of         Purva Sanganeria        Banasthali University,         10000
      Biotechnology   nanoparticles through                                 Banashtali,
                      biological interventions                              Pilani.
11.   Ajmer           Isolation, Characterization   Abhishek Shrimali,      Deptt. of Biotechnology,       10000
      Biotechnology   of Bioactives from Arid       Rajkumar Mena           Mahatma Gandhi Institute of
                      Zone Plants and their                                 Applied Sciences,,
                      Therapeutic Potentials                                JECRC Campus,
12.   Kota            Noval drug design for         Lal Chand               Modi Institute of Management   10000
      Biotechnology   alzheimer                                             & Technology,
13.   Ajmer           Comparative analysis of       Kanika Mathur, Najif    Deptt. of Microbiology,         9000
      Biotechnology   plant growth promoting        Akram                   Mahatma Gandhi Institute of
                      activity of the                                       Applied Sciences,,
                      Rhizobacteria isolated                                JECRC Campus,
                      from different climatic                               Jaipur.
                      regions and their soil
14.   Jodhpur         Molecular Characterization    Gaurav Sablok, Amit     Biotechnology Centre,,          11000
      Biotechnology   and Prediction of             Kumar Gupta,            Jai Narain Vyas University,,,
                      Interspecies Diversity in     Priyanka Gahlot         Jodhpur.
                      Acacia's for Sustainable
                      Rehabilitation through
15.   Ajmer           To Investigate the            Ms. Jyotshana Sharma,   Mahatma Gandhi Institute of     13000
      Biotechnology   Insecticidal Effects of the   Ms. Ambica Singh        Applied Sciences,,
                      Extracts of Withania                                  JECRC Campus,
                      Somnifera Cultured in                                 Jaipur.
16.   Udaipur         Isolation of endophytic       Ms. Anuradha Gandhi,    Buddha Institute of             10000
      Biotechnology   strains from gum resin        Mr. Sher Singh Devra    Technology, Science &
                      producing medicinal plants                            Research,
                                                                            Savina Bypass Road, Near
                                                                            IOC Petrol Pump, Titardi,
17.   Ajmer           Phylogenetic profile of       Hamraj Jajoriya         S.P. Institute of Biotechnology 9000
      Biotechnology   Acetylcoenzyme A                                      Training and Research,,
                      carboxylase for biodiesel                             E-735, Nakul Path Lal Kothi,
                      production                                            Scheme,,
18.   Udaipur         Exploration of Biodiversity Mr. Sonu Kothari          M.L.V. Govt. College,,         11000
      Biotechnology   of an Aquatic Ecosystem                               Bhilwara-311001.
                      on Uranium Mineralization
                      Site of Jahazpur Basin
19.   Ajmer           Transgenic cotton resistant Abhinav Tyagi             Mody Institute of Technology   11000
      Biotechnology   to a Begomovirus, Cotton                              and Science,
                      leaf curl virus:efficacy and                          Lakshmangarh, Sikar.
20.   Ajmer           Tool developed for finding Brijesh Kumar              S.P. Institute of Biotechnology 9000
      Biotechnology   pattern repeats of the                                Training and Research,,
                      sequences                                             E-735, Nakul Path Lal Kothi,
21.   Jodhpur         Phytoremediation of           Ms. Sheetal Vyas, Ms.   Mahila P.G. Mahavidhyalaya, 10000
      Biotechnology   Organic Pollutants from       Raksha Singhvi, Ms.     Kamal Nehru Nagar,
                      Soil .                        Esha Awasthi, Ms.       Soorsagar Road ,Jodhpur.
                                                    Risha Kewaliya, Ms.
                                                    Anjali Joshi, Ms.
                                                    Bhanu Priya Sisodiya,
                                                    Ms. Radhika Joshi
22.   Kota            In silico evaluation of       Saroj Yadav             Banasthali University,         6500
      Biotechnology   heavy metal tolerance in                              Banashtali,
                      higher plants
23.   Udaipur         Isolation of polysaccharide   Mrs. Hema Chandran      University College of          10000
      Biotechnology   secreting bacteria from                               Science,,
                      effluents of domestic and                             M.L.S. University,,
                      commercial food and                                   Udaipur.
                      beverage manufacturing
24.   Udaipur         Optimization media from        Mr. Lalit Menaria, Ms.   Buddha Institute of            9000
      Biotechnology   low-cost nutrient sources      Arbuda Pandaya           Technology, Science &
                      for growing Spirulina                                   Research,
                      platensis and carotenoid                                Savina Bypass Road, Near
                      production                                              IOC Petrol Pump, Titardi,
25.   Ajmer           Isolation, Characterization    Harpreet Kaur, Kriti     Mahatma Gandhi Institute of    8500
      Biotechnology   and determination of           Shrinet, Payal Gupta,    Applied Sciences,,
                      biodegradation potential of                             JECRC Campus,
                      some indigenous bacterial                               Jaipur.
                      strains capable of utilizing
                      Nitrophenols as carbon and
                      energy source
26.   Ajmer           Evaluation of some baby        Suhani Arora             International College for Girls, 10000
      Biotechnology   care products as cancer                                 Jaipur.
                      causing agents
27.   Ajmer           Molecular docking and          Veena Rawat              S.P. Institute of Biotechnology 9000
      Biotechnology   virtual screening for                                   Training and Research,,
                      Glycogen Phosphorylase in                               E-735, Nakul Path Lal Kothi,
                      diabets                                                 Scheme,,
28.   Ajmer           Micropropagation and           Neha Grover              University of Rajasthan,        10000
      Botany          screenaing for bioactive                                Jaipur.
                      principles in Woodfordia
                      friticosa (Linn.) Kura.
29.   Ajmer           Studies on Entomogenous        Swati Joshi              University of Rajasthan,       10000
      Botany          Galls of Salvadora persica                              Jaipur.
30.   Ajmer       In vitro screening of plant   Mrs. Tahira Parveen    University College of      12000
      Botany      extract for antifungal                               Science,,
                  activity against Ginge rot                           M.L.S. University,,
                  causing fungus (Pythium)                             Udaipur.
31.   Bikaner     Development of                Sharvan Kumar          Raj. Agri. University,     9000
      Botany      commercial tissue culture                            Bikaner.
                  protocol for Gymnema
32.   Ajmer       In vitro propagation and      Raghunandan Singh      Deptt. of Botany,          10000
      Botany      phytochemical studies on      Nathawat               University of Rajasthan,
                  fracture healing plants:                             Jaipur.
                  Cisus quadrangularis L.
                  and Lepidium sativum L.
33.   Ajmer       In vitro propagation and      Alok Sharma            Deptt. of Botany,          10000
      Botany      biochemical studies on                               University of Rajasthan,
                  Cochlospermum                                        Jaipur.
                  religiosum (L.) Alston : An
                  endangered medicinal plan
34.   Bikaner     Identification of suitable    Kanti Lal Solanki      Raj. Agri. University,     10000
      Botany      genotype of Ashawgandha                              Bikaner.
                  for higher drug quantity
                  under arid condition of
                  North West Rajasthan
35.   Bikaner     Manufacturing of              Neera Singh & other    CET,                       10000
      Chemistry   ferrites(Magnets) & their                            Bikaner.
                  application on toys
36.   Kota        Removal of Dye solution       Satya Prakash, Kiran   University of Kota,        10000
      Chemistry                                                        Kota.
37.   Kota        Synthesis of an efficient    Reena Kashap, Arvind   University of Kota,              10000
      Chemistry   and recyclable solid based   Malav                  Kota.
                  catalyst from coal
                  generated fly ash for
                  organic transformations
38.   Ajmer       Effect of Marble lrry on     Asha Mena              R.R. College,                    12000
      Chemistry   Soil Fertility                                      Alwar.
39.   Ajmer       Catalysis and Nano-          Ms. Yogita Madan       Malaviya National Institute of   10000
      Chemistry   Catalysis for Green                                 Technology,,
                  Organic Transformations                             JLN Marg,,
40.   Kota        Phytochemical and            Harsha Madan           Govt. P.G. College,              10000
      Chemistry   pharmacological                                     Kota.
                  evaluation of parthenium
41.   Ajmer       "Click Chemistry and Its     Ms. Neha Agarwal       Malaviya National Institute of   10000
      Chemistry   Applications in Drug                                Technology,,
                  Discovery                                           JLN Marg,,
42.   Ajmer       Synthesis of Bioactive       Ms. Anshu Jain         Malaviya National Institute of   10000
      Chemistry   Compounds using Green                               Technology,,
                  ChemistryTechniques                                 JLN Marg,,
43.   Ajmer       Multi Touch Wall: Design     Yash Goswami,          Jaipur Engineering College &     10000
      Computer    and Applications             Vaibhav Vijay,         Research Centre,
                                               Rajendra Singh         Tonk Road,,
44.   Ajmer         Human Machine                Chandraprakash          Jaipur Engineering College &   10000
      Computer      Interactive Robotic          Sharma, Hardik          Research Centre,
                    Platform Using Voice         Sharma, Pulin Tewari,   Tonk Road,,
                    Recognition and Image        Abhinav Sharma          Jaipur.
45.   Kota          Blue Tooth Home              Neelam manglani         Computer Science,              10000
      Computer      automation                                           Modi Institute of Management
                                                                         & Technology,
46.   Bikaner       Intelligent Waste handling   Abhishek Lavania        Jodhpur Engineering College    10000
      Computer      & monitoring                                         & Research Centre,
47.   Ajmer         3-Axes Robotic Hand          Neeraj Gang, Rakesh     Jaipur Engineering College &   10000
      Electronics   Operation through Mems       Kr. Sharma, Leena       Research Centre,,
                    Technology                   Sharma                  JECRC Campus, Opp. EPIP
                                                                         Gate, Via-Sitapura, Tonk
48.   Udaipur       Automatic Water Flow         Pankaj Gupta, Saurabh   Shrinathji Institute of        10000
      Electronics   cum Motor Protector          Acharya                 Technology & Engineering,
                                                                         Upali-Oden, PO-Nathdwara,,
49.   Ajmer         Accidental Detection         Sachin Mittal, Rahul    Jaipur Engineering College &   10000
      Electronics   System                       Sharma, Abhinav         Research Centre,,
                                                 Sharma                  JECRC Campus, Opp. EPIP
                                                                         Gate, Via-Sitapura, Tonk
50.   Udaipur       Knowledge based              Mr. Prema Ram            Shrinathji Institute of           8000
      Electronics   Irrigation System for Low    Choudhary                Technology & Engineering,
                    Water Level Area                                      Upali-Oden, PO-Nathdwara,,
51.   Ajmer         Automatic Plant Irrigation   Mr. Nishant Kr.          Stani Memorial College of         10000
      Electronics                                Choudhary, Ms. Sachi     Engg. & Tech.,
52.   Bikaner       Robot Room Cleaner           Parth Raj Singh,         B.K .Birla Institute of Engg. &   10000
      Electronics                                Deepansu Shahara         Tech.,,
                                                                          Ceeri Road,,
53.   Jodhpur       Design and development       Bivor Kumar, Ashish      Jodhpur Institute of              10000
      Electronics   of Sensor based traffic      Sharma, Manish           Engineering & Tech.,
                    light System                 Sharma, Bhanu Pratap     N.H.- 65 Mogra Pali Raod,
                                                 singh                    Jodhpur,
54.   Jodhpur       Highway Alert Lamp           Abhishek Jain,           Marwar Eng college and            10000
      Electronics                                Rajendra Jain, Harshit   research Centre,
                                                 Deora, Trushant Desai,   PO Kharda Bhandu, Barmer
                                                 Mahendra Soni            Road, Jodhpur,
55.   Jodhpur       Micromouse                   Raunak Bhansali,         Jodhpur National University       10000
      Electronics                                Akash Goyal, Vikash      (JECRC),
                                                 Lohiya                   Jhanwar Raod, Narnadi
                                                                          Jodhpur, Rajasthan,
56.   Jodhpur       e-Nagri                    Udhave Jajoo, Yash       Jodhpur Institute of            10000
      Electronics                              Dave, Ojaswi Sharma,     Engineering & Tech.,
                                               Vikul Kumar Agarwal      N.H.- 65 Mogra Pali Raod,
57.   Ajmer         Belt System for Body       Ganesh Ram Jangir,       Jaipur Engineering College &    10000
      Electronics   Support                    Harsh Babel              ReserchCenter,,
                                                                        Opp. EPIP Gate, Ronk Road,
58.   Jodhpur       Design and                 Prashant Kumar Jha,      Jodhpur Institute of            10000
      Electronics   implementation of Solar    Palak Singhal,           Engineering & Tech.,
                    Car                        Priyanka Bajaj, Ritika   N.H.- 65 Mogra Pali Raod,
                                               Choudhary                Jodhpur,
59.   Jodhpur       e-COPS                     Ajay Dadheech, Anuj      Jodhpur Institute of            10000
      Electronics                              Agarwal, Amit Kumar,     Engineering & Tech. ¼JIET½,
                                               Ankur Verma              N.H.- 65 Mogra Pali Raod,
60.   Jodhpur       Automatic Pump             Apoorva Agarwal,         Jodhpur Institute of            11650
      Electronics   Controller & Indicator.    upama Bhardwaj,          Engineering & Tech.,
                                               Anubha Khichi            N.H.- 65 Mogra Pali Raod,
                                                                        Jodhpur Phone 0291-2868152,
61.   Jodhpur       Study and Development of   Mr. Rahul Dadhich,       Vyas Institute of Engineering   10000
      Electronics   Self Powered Water Level   Mr, Rakesh Kumar         & Technology,
                    Indicator                                           Near Kuri Haud, NH-65, Pali
62.   Bikaner       Traffic Control           Shashank Gaur            B.K. Birla Institute of Engg. &   10000
      Electronics                                                      Technology,
                                                                       L. Solanki, BKBIET, CEERI
63.   Bikaner       Clouds for Mankind        Sameer Kumar Gogoi,      B.K .Birla Institute of Engg. &   10000
      Electronics                             Rahul Tiwari, Aditya     Tech.,,
                                              Bhatnagar,               Ceeri Road,,
64.   Jodhpur       Biomedical Monitoring     Shashikant Sharma,       Marwar Eng college and            10000
      Electronics   System (ATMEGA16 +        Shijo R. Nair, Swapnil   research Centre,
                    TX/RX)                    Jain, Vibhakar Jha,      PO Kharda Bhandu, Barmer
                                              Vashistha Bhati          Road, Jodhpur,
65.   Jodhpur       Zero waste road maintainer Mr. Anuj Popli, Mr.     Marwar Eng college and            10000
      Electronics                              Anwar Khan Mehar,       research Centre,
                                               Mr. Arjun Ram, Mr.      PO Kharda Bhandu, Barmer
                                               Harpreet Singh, Mr.     Road,,
                                               Hemant Jangid           Jodhpur.
66.   Jodhpur       Monitor and Control of     Gurudutt Charan,        Electronics and Comm              10000
      Electronics   Green House Environment Jitendra Soni, Janpriya    Engineering,
                                               Malviya, Akshay Seth

67.   Jodhpur       Substitute Planet         Mohit Ostwal, Amit       Marwar Eng college and            10000
      Electronics   Residence (SPR)           Kumar Singh, Vikrant     research Centre,
                                              Singh, Salman Khan,      PO Kharda Bhandu, Barmer
                                              Vishal Kumar Verma       Road,,
68.   Udaipur        Development of               Kannor Dinesh Babaji   College of Technology &      10000
      Environment    prefabricated biogas plant                          Engineering,
                     for the biomethanation of                           M.P. University of Agri. &
                     organic matrials and                                Technology,
                     ;mitigation of Greenhouse                           Udaipur.
69.   Udaipur        Design and Development       Miss Gayatri Dilip     M.P. University of Agri. &   10000
      Environment    of a Paraboloid Solar        Lalage                 Technology,
                     Concentrator for Ginger                             Udaipur.
70.   Udaipur        Evaluation of Mid-day        Missl Tulika Acharya   College of Home Science,     13000
      Home Science   Meal Programme for                                  MPUAT,,
                     School Children in Udaipu                           Udaipur.
                     ditrict of Rajasthan
71.   Udaipur        Development of Extruded      Dheera Patni           College of Home Science,     10000
      Home Science   Product with "Udaipur                               MPUAT,,
                     AICRP Mix" and Its                                  Udaipur.
                     Quality Evaluation
72.   Udaipur        Formulation of               Ms. Prachi Avinash     College of Home Science,     10000
      Home Science   Antioxidant Rich Mixes                              MPUAT,,
                     from Nuts and Spices                                Udaipur.
73.   Bikaner        Lifestyle Intervention       Kamna Bhati            College of Home Science,     10000
      Home Science   Programme for Type 2                                Rajasthan Agricultural
                     Diabetes Patients at                                University,,
                     Increased Risk of                                   Bikaner.
                     Cardiovascular Disease
74.   Kota           Use of zizyphus mauritiana    Nidhi Somani     Banasthali University,   9000
      Home science   (ber) and yoghurt for                          Banashtali,
                     health and nourishment
                     through product
                     development and
                     evaluation endeavor
75.   Kota           Exploration of                Kumari Archana   Banasthali University,   9000
      Home science   neutraceutical and product                     Banashtali,
                     development potentail of
                     macrotyloma uniflorum
76.   Kota           Home made extruded            Luxmi Gautam     Banasthali University,   8500
      Home science   products with processed                        Banashtali,
                     foxtail millet, chickpea an
                     wheat: proximate
                     composition and sensory
77.   Kota           OAT (Avena sativa)            Kalpana Shukla   Banasthali University,   8000
      Home science   Nutritional Changes during                     Banashtali,
                     different processing
                     methods and extruded
                     products blended with
                     potato and GLV (Green
                     Leafy Vegetable) powder
78.   Kota           Nutritional evaluation and    Richa Singh      Banasthali University,   8000
      Home science   utilisation of fruit pulp                      Banashtali,
                     waste to enhance the fiber
                     content of bakery products
                     and acceptability
                     evaluation studies
79.   Kota           Enhancement of nutritional    Nidhi Parashar        Banasthali University,           8000
      Home science   potential of traditional                            Banashtali,
                     recipe "RABADI" through
                     soya blended buttermilk
                     and cowpea blended
                     buttermilk with
                     fermentation process at
                     household level
80.   Kota           Nutritional evaluation and    Harsh Bala            Banasthali University,           8000
      Home science   utilisation of fruit pulp                           Banashtali,
                     waste to enhance the fiber
                     content of bakery products
81.   Bikaner        Making an all terrain         Ghanshyam Dhakar,     Engineering College,,            10000
      Mechanical     vehicle for surveillance in   Yash Sharma, Sudhir   Bikaner.
                     border region (for BSF)       Mehria
                     using infrared camera
                     (day/night vision) mounted
                     on six wheeled robot
                     controlled by Wi-Fi and
                     powered by Solar Energy.
82.   Bikaner        Motorized Handheld Grass      Mr. Navneet Khanna,   Birla Institute of Technology    10000
      Mechanical     Cutter for Rural Selp         Mr. Rajesh Kumar      and Science,
                     Employment                                          Vidya Vihar,
83.   Ajmer          Rapid Diagnosis of            Jabbar Khan           Dr. B. Lal Institute of          12000
      Medical        Urinary Tract Infection by                          Biotechnology,
                     Evaluating Different                                6-E Malaviya Industrial Area,,
                     Prteins Prsent &                                    Malaviya Nagar,,
                     Estimating Their Quantity                           Jaipur.
                     in Infected urine
84.   Jodhpur        Pharmacological               Parul Raj Sharma      Jodhpur National University    9000
      Medical        evaluation of stem bark of                          Jhanwar Raod, Narnadi
                     aegle marmelos as a potent                          ,
                     hypoglycaemic agent                                 Jodhpur.
85.   Jodhpur        Evaluation of the anti-       Mr. Mangilal          Jodhpur National University    10400
      Medical        inflammatory potential of                           Jhanwar Raod, Narnadi
                     Cow urine on rat                                    ,
86.   Kota           Production of xanthan         Priyanka Biswas       Modi Institute of Management   10000
      Microbiology   gum- A Biogum from                                  & Technology,
                     Xanthamonas Compestris                              Kota.
87.   Kota           Acid Protease Production      Nida Asif             Modi Institute of Management   10000
      Microbiology   in a solid state culture of                         & Technology,
                     Aspergillus awamori                                 Kota.
88.   Udaipur        Formulation and               Abhishek Kumar Jain   M.LS.University,               8000
      Pharma         evaluation of colon-                                Udaipur.
                     targeted drug delivery
                     system for treatment of
                     inflammatory bowel
89.   Udaipur        Development of Cardia         Gaurav Kumar          Geetanjali Institute of        10000
      Pharma         tonic using Terminalia        Natvarlal Oza         Pharmacy,
                     Arjuna and Cow's Milk                               Airport Road, Dabok,,
90.   Kota           Creatiing new technique of    Alis                  Banasthali University,         6000
      Textile        designing felt products                             Banasthali University,
91.   Udaipur   An exploratory study on      Miss Rajeshwari Bhati   College of Home Science,   10000
      Textile   development of Bonded                                MPUAT,,
                fabric using Non-                                    Udaipur.
                Biodegradable waste for
                developing consumer
92.   Udaipur   Value addition of Khadi      Monika Kumawat          College of Home Science,   9000
      Textile   Material through                                     MPUAT,,
                Contempory designer bed                              Udaipur.
93.   Udaipur   Scope for Energy             Kapre Atul Shashikant   College of Technology &    9000
      Textile   Conservation in Textile                              Engineering,
                Industry : A Case Study                              MPUAT,,
94.   Bikaner   Ecology & ethology of        Jitender Solanki        Dungar College,            11000
      Zoology   saw-scaled Viper in Arid                             Bikaner.
                Zone of Rajasthan
95.   Udaipur   In vitro study of            Ms. Ayusi Jain          College of Science,        13000
      Zoology   neuroprotective properties                           Mohanlal Sukhadia
                of melatonin in kainate                              University,
                induced excitotoxicity                               Udaipur.

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